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The numerology starts working a crucial role in our life right after our birth. It can be very helpful when you are willing to predict future incidents, your love life, family, career success, and many more.

You will also notice that numbers are always hidden in our name and each alphabet represents something. When you interpret and unlock the predictions hidden in the numbers with the help of numerology it will be very easy for you to make the correct decisions and get the success and unlock the potential.

What are numerology and its importance?

Always remember that there are certain divine numbers through which one can analyze many things when interpreted correctly. There are many types of numbers available in numerology like numbers through which you can come to know about many things. The number switch or hidden in the name and date of birth are going to represent a lot of things and it will be very easy for you to predict. You can also come to know about your basic personality traits and it will help you to know your behavior and attitude towards life and other people.

When you get a clear understanding of numerology you can easily understand the influence of things, conditions, and another person. Numerology is based on the science of astrology, Zodiac signs, planets, and many more. It is the ancient art through which many things were predicted by the kings to protect their Kingdom from enemies. And many other roles were also played. Therefore you should never ignore neurology and find out the bigger role of your life with its complete meaning.

Alphabet and their numbers


Always remember that certain numbers are attached to each alphabet as a standard chart. With the help of this format, you will be able to find out the number assigned to your name. It will fix the value of each alphabet in your name and you will be able to know the meaning of it easily. You will be able to unlock the value attached to each alphabet.

What is the importance of alphabet numbers?

Always remember that alphabet numerology numbers work like signals of vibrations. Every number has some vibrations and Signals and you need to understand the deeper meaning of it as per numerology. Therefore by using the chart, you will be able to unlock the deeper meaning hidden in your name which produces the vibration. These vibrations are going to have a significant impact on every incident and aspect of your life.

What is the working method of numerology?

You will find that our birthday contains numbers and numerology always considers it as one of the most basic information. Your date of birth is going to play a very important role when you are trying to find out the life part number.

Through the life path numbers, you can always find out your physical and mental characteristics and personality. You will be able to know why you are behaving in a particular way and why you are facing some problems. Based on the calculations of life path numbers you will be able to unlock all the answers about your life, career, marriage, love, and many more.

Numerology behind each alphabet

You should always know that all the alphabets have their meaning in neurology. And it is important to know each alphabet properly because every alphabet contains something for you. Each letter is going to express some significant information.

Numerology for Alphabet A
Individuals with the letter A are considered full of enthusiasm. They also have the excellent determination to achieve their target. They always select the positive approach in life to achieve what they want in their life. They are going to be very bold and courageous personalities. They are always ready to face any sort of challenge in their life. They will love to crack jokes with others and make them laugh because of their funny nature. However, you will find them flexible with every phase of life and they will love to gain knowledge.

Numerology for alphabet B
Individuals with the letter B are going to be very sentimental. They are a bit sensitive therefore they can easily feel things. However, some others might not be able to understand. They are good readers and Prophet to read lots of books and travel. You can consider them MB word. And sometimes they will prefer to enjoy their own company rather than having a party and going out. However, they are quite adaptable and efficient at work.

Numerology for alphabet C
Individuals who have the alphabet C are very open by nature. They have good humor which they love to spread wherever they go. By nature they are going to be very expressive and this is also a potential reason why most people love their company.

They can also get the trust of others because of being honest and open. However, they trust easily on others which make them suffer a lot in life later on. You can find them quite flexible and they love to help others by offering a wonderful solution. It means whenever they are near once are in need they will be ready with a creative solution.

Numerology for alphabet D
Individuals with the alphabet D are focused on their lives. They will love to listen to the problems of others and offer them excellent support. They have quite an authority rating nature which usually makes them part of unnecessary fights as well. They do not have flexible attitudes but they will prefer to influence others successfully. Work is the top not priority in every phase over people.

Numerology for alphabet E
Individuals with the alphabet E are considered pragmatic and achievers. They will make a strong belief about something and will successfully achieve it. They have all the patience which is required to get things done. You can also consider them as smart individuals. It is not easy to make them fool. However, in their personality life, they are rigid. Rigidity in their nature is going to create a lot of professional problems. They should learn to be flexible a bit.

Numerology for alphabet F
Individuals with the alphabet f are cheerful individuals. They are also philanthropic and love to spend quality time with their family members. You can consider them smart people who value family relationships. Therefore, they are going to make a perfect balance in life. They are also good enough to keep their personal and professional life separate in a good manner.

Numerology for alphabet G
You can find the individuals with the alphabet G are quite sympathetic by nature. They are also kind-hearted and soft-spoken. They always have the creative mindset to handle things in the right manner. They have excellent and charming personalities to handle things in the right manner. They also have a good sense of humor which they are going to use wherever they go. They are also good writers and can create excellent content.

Numerology for alphabet H
Researching different things is always on the mind of individuals with H. They have a nature of indulging in various types of debates with others. They will express instantly when they don't feel good about something. You can consider them quite flexible by nature and they will be completely devoted to their friends and family.

Numerology for Alphabet I
Spirituality is the top priority for the individual with the alphabet I and they will keep their attitude positive. They are quite optimistic about every aspect. They know how to stay in harmony with others. The next thing is having a lot of patience in life. You will find them blessed with abundance and wealth as the successor.

Numerology for alphabet J
Individuals with the alphabet J are considered excellent counselors and they are also self-motivated personalities. However, falling into the trap is a very common issue with them. The reason behind falling into the trap of others trusts others easily. They earn fame by doing hard work in life and making regular efforts in life. Native can also earn good wealth through constant effort and hard work. They will be completely devoted to achieving success and achieving the target through hard work.

Numerology for alphabet K
Individual who have the alphabet K in their name are considered sweet and smart personalities. They know how to deal with others and keep other people happy. They have a positive attitude and they will use it to resolve any issue they may face in life. They can easily inspire other people. They will believe in their instinct to handle different situations in life rather than trusting someone blindfolded.

Numerology for alphabet L
Individuals who have the letter L in their name are blessed with the natural talent to do business in life. They also have magnetic vibrations which they are going to use to attract positive people in life. They are also called social birds because of their social skills. They will love to work in the financial sector where they can succeed easily.

Numerology for alphabet M
Individuals with the letter M are considered to have a self-governing attitude. They have special organizational skills which they will prefer to use. They are also perfect in the philosophy. Native will have an introverted nature.

Numerology for alphabet N
Individuals with the alphabet N are considered well-disciplined. They also have a bold personality and they are going to be very good in debate with others. They are always ready to fight for their rights. They are going to stand for their right even if they are alone. They will never be afraid of any sort of problem in life.

Numerology for alphabet O
Individuals with the alphabet O are considered to have excellent analytical skills in life. They also have good friends and are considered very lucky in this sense. However, over thinking is a big issue with them which can draw them deep into depression.

Numerology for alphabet P
Individuals with the alphabet P come with many sorts of creative ideas. The best part is that they can easily convert their ideas into reality. They are always ready to do the hard work and put the genuine efforts to ensure that success is always there.

Numerology for alphabet Q
Individuals who are blessed with the letter Q are good in mind power. They also keep a good opinion. They remain well-maintained and always consider themselves above everything in life. They never give up even after having failures. They are going to learn from their mistakes and will start working again until they succeed. You can find a positive attitude in every decision they make.

Numerology for alphabet R
Individuals with the letter R are going to be very lucky in life. They also have good spiritual power in their lives. They are going to get a good amount of wealth when they reach twenty years of age. They are going to remain focused during every phase of their life. They will never be distracted from the set targets.

Numerology for alphabet S
Individuals with the letter S have amazing personalities through which they can easily influence others. They are also born with the sweetness in their voice. There are some amazing personality traits due to which most of the time people are going to love them. They can also gain success in life. They are always going to enjoy the company of their loved ones. They will love to spend considerable time in conversation with their loved ones and they can also play different types of instruments.

Numerology for alphabet T
Individuals with the letter T are considered very confident because they never have any doubt in their minds about their personalities. Success comes to them naturally as they are always blessed with prosperity in life. You can always feel good vibrations when you are around them. They will also have a wide range of capabilities. Usually, natives with the letter T are full of unique talent and their imagination skills are very high. They are so good at imagination that they can easily write meaningful stories.

Numerology for alphabet U
Individuals with the Alphabet U are ambitious by nature. They are going to love their combination. Furthermore, they also have the unique ability to motivate others. For this, they are always ready with some unique examples which they are ready to give others. However, they will face consistency-related issues at the workplace because they hardly get any opportunities. This is the big reason why they often lose their essence at work.

Numerology for alphabet V
Individuals with the alphabet V are considered wise. They usually possess excellent personalities. Due to their wisdom and excellent personality, they can always justify many leadership roles in life. They are also very good at the management of the organization. You can also make them business managers and they are going to make a good profit from the business.

Numerology for alphabet W
People will often ask for some valuable advice from the natives with the W alphabet. It is so because they prefer to stay private and always have positive vibes. However, they are quite entertaining and it is the potential reason why most of the people will naturally come to them. The next thing is that they are also very good at technical things.

Numerology for alphabet X
Individuals with the letter X are good in the study. They also have strong instincts in which they are going to believe often. They prefer to remain punctual and put in special efforts to ensure that work is completed at the right time and with no delay should be there. Furthermore, they love to keep everything near perfect. Many people are going to like them because of their habits of putting the extra effort to complete things with great prefect without any delay. They are also independent in life and have the special skills of art.

Numerology for alphabet Y
Individuals with the letter Y in their name are said to be born commanders. They are always going to take the initiative to do things. They also have a hypercritical vision in life. Most of the time people will not like them because of their arrogant behavior. They can also become a good therapist when people feel very low.

Numerology for alphabet Z
Fogs with the letter Z have excellent artistic abilities. They also have a strong vision of life. They are well known for they are communication skills. They always keep their attitude positive about every aspect. However, you will find them Self-centered most of the time. They should work towards this particular weakness to lead further.

How can I calculate our alphabet according to numerology?

The first thing that you have to do is right down your name. After writing your name you have to assign numbers to each letter of your name. Now it is time to add all the numbers and make sure that you get a single-digit number. However, you should not add the master numbers further which are 11, 22, and 33.

Apart from these exception numbers, you should keep adding the numbers until you obtain a single-digit number. Alphabet values can be interpreted using the rules of numerology. Every alphabet is going to tell you something about your life and its different segments when you interpret them using the numerology.

Alphabet number numerology

We have already interpreted numerology hidden in the English alphabet. Now we are going to tell you the hidden interpretation of numbers. Even in the astrology, the numbers are going to play a crucial role. They are attached to every segment of our lives.

Numerology for numeric value 1
Individuals with the numeric number 1 are considered self-motivated personnel. They are also full of confidence and they are completely social. However, they can be arrogant sometimes which other people might not like about them.

They are ready to make the changes whenever it is needed and have excellent adaptability. They are open and ready to meet the new people. They are always ready to push the limits and test their abilities. Alphabets A, J, and S are going to have the numeric value of 1.

Numerology for numeric value 2
Folks with numeric value two have excellent leadership qualities in their life. However, they have the habit of over thinking due to which they are always in doubt when it comes to making decisions. They are going to be very homely kind of personality. They will love to spend considerable time with their families. They will also love to travel to different places. It gives them complete satisfaction philosophically.

They always see the attention of others because of their philosophical point of life view. They are going to acquire whatever they manifest in life. However, they are King Lovers of knowledge and prefer to acquire it. They are also good in the sector of spirituality. The numeric value 2 belongs to the letters B, K, and T.

Numerology for numeric value 3
Individuals with the numeric value three are appealing. However, they often don't have a depth of anything which is the great weak point in their personality. They are often blessed with strong physiques and have good minds to focus on things. They are going to be introvert. Despite being introverts, they possess excellent communication skills.

You can also be bodily kinesthetic which a plus point is again. They love to spend considerable time in meditation to keep their mindset positive and calm. It will also help them to be expressive in life. Individuals with the letters C, I, and U will have the numeric value 3.

Numerology for numeric value 4
Folks with the numeric value 4 are blessed with good imagination power. They also enjoy the abundance of everything in life. The only negative trait is that they are going to be too bossy which can make others feel bad. However, they are going to be very practical in life and have an excellent nature. They are considered high-spirited humanitarians.

They have excellent levels of emotions. They can easily get in touch with others and have the social skills to stay connected with them. There is a great chance of distraction in their life because of blaming destiny. Folks who have the alphabets D, M, and K are considered the numeric value of four.

Numerology for numeric value 5
Individuals with the numeric value five are considered extroverts. They possess a good sense of humor as well. It is the major reason they are loved a lot by people around them. They might have the issue of anxiety in life. However, they are going to remain grounded by nature which makes them the favorite of everyone. Along with this people also love them because of their supportive nature. Alphabets E, N, and W are considered to have the numeric value five.

Numerology for numeric value 6
Natives with the numeric value 6 are well known for their ability to offer counseling. They are good at giving emotional support to others who are in need. They love to give their valuable advice to help others. It also makes them feel better when they help someone by giving their valuable advice.

However, they also have the other side of the coin which means having a dominant personality. The dominance can make others feel weird. However, in most matters, they are going to be very sensible and optimistic in life. They also have genuine behavior. Letters F, O, and X are considered to be connected with the numeric value 6.

Numerology for numeric value 7
The natives with the number seven are considered very lucky and they are going to use the practical approach in life. However, the native will never hesitate to do the struggle in life and they are going to gain good experience from their surroundings.

The experience that they gain in life is going to make them unique personalities. They also love to do things in their own way and gain experience. They love to express their point of view and it is going to make them realistic people in life.

Folks with the numeric value eight are considered very well in writing-related tasks. They have expressive personalities which are going help them a lot and are famous among a wide range of people. They are very social and their social skills are God-given to them. They are always ready to scarify to bring a smile to the face of someone.

However, in most matters, they are going to be very kind-hearted and soft-hearted people. They can offer wonderful services in the sector of psychology. They have the unique talent of making other clams which make them excellent psychologists. Alphabets G, P, and Y are related to the number value seven.

Numerology for numeric value 8

They are also blessed with a good sense of humor. In the matter of good decision making you can always trust their skills. The best part is that they can use these skills in different sectors. It makes them good in business and research-based sectors. Alphabets H, Q, and Z are known to have the numeric value eight.

Numerology for numeric value 9
The natives with the numeric value number nine are considered to have excellent vision in life. They are going to be self centered which can be a problem for them. However, they can always share a good bond of love with others like colleagues. In the society, they are often considered as the most successful person. They also have a taste for art and have good creative skills. Alphabets I and R are considered to be attached with the numeric value nine.

Numerology for numeric value 11
The native with the numeric value number 11 usually holds the idealistic approach towards life. They are also idealistic in life and have low self-esteem. It can also be a reason that they will miss many opportunities in life.

Numerology for numeric value 22
Folks with the numeric value 22 are going to create something and work hard to gain perfection in it. They are going to do a deep analysis of everything. However, the habit of deep analysis of everything can also make them over thinker. They can also disturb their mental health because of the habit of over thinking.


Numerology is always going to play an important role in the sector of astrology as well. It is so because it can always help others to find their true characteristics right after birth. Numbers are always attached to us since our birth and in the universe; they are going to represent energies and vibes.

The good and positive signs can be attached to the type of vibrations released in the universe by the numbers. Through numerology, one can find the warnings and anticipate the new beginnings in life. Astrologers also prefer to use numbers so that they can make good predictions to handle things correctly. Through the numerology calculator, you can take the best advantages of it.