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Sagittarius Personality

Sagittarius Personality

Sagittarius -The Archer
( November 22 to December 21 )

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign
Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and it is activity that characterizes them. However, this is no monotonous rush, but getting to the core of the truth by asking searching questions. This they do by interacting with others. Activity is what is crucial to members of this zodiac sign and they have great powers of concentration as well, especially on matters that need immediate attention. Fire is the element that rules them and Sagittarians tend to be just as volatile and move everywhere, on the rampage! Thanks to the ruling planet Jupiter, they are normally a cheerful lot. The fly in this particular ointment is that hyper activity in the course of achieving their goal can be a waste. Since Sagittarians tend to become somewhat frazzled at the edges during the course of any venture that they should remain focussed only on what is truly worthwhile. Not chasing after their tail and truly enjoying working, they are more than capable of achieving double of what others can. It is altruistic projects that greatly appeal to them.

Details :
Jupiter is the ruler of this sun sign and was considered the ruler of the planets by the ancient Romans. For a majority of Sagittarians what is the key is knowledge – because that is what allows them to be broadminded. What they are searching for internally can be found through religion and philosophy. While remaining unfettered, all they want is to is the true meaning of life. They still seem to retain that touch of royalty. The Centaur (half beast and half man), is the symbol of this zodiac sign. According to ancient Roman mythology these centaurs were the intellectuals. Sagittarians are the modern equivalents. Members of this genre have a unambiguous thought process and have the knack of looking at the larger picture. On the flip side the Sagittarian can turn belligerent and dig in their heels. They naturally prefer that others agree with them on all issues. It is not that a Sagittarian does not want to consider the points of view of others – they are more than happy to gather all the information available so the answers to what they seek are there. If Sagittarians are not given the space they crave, they start feeling claustrophobic. The unfortunate result is then they start playing up and become edgy and irritable. Like the nobility that is in their blood Sagittarians are very generous in all their dealings and broadminded to boot. The people belonging to this zodiac sign are excessively blunt at times and one reason for this could be their unwavering optimism. Taking a lot of chances Sags assume that they are both fortunate and lucky. Delving into the new and unknown might be a passion with these people, but side by side there is also a tendency to dither and delay. Since their charming and amicable nature is undoubted, sometimes a tendency to be self-indulgent develops. However, those that are truly canny stop themselves well in time to carry on with all the good work that characterizes them. Action and adventure are the names of the game for them. Physically the people are impressive and brimming with energy. A whole hearted interest in life means they gain a wide variety of experiences. Their somewhat bombastic bonhomie frequently leads to their putting their foot in the mouth. They interact at such speed that more often than not they do not have the time to even realize what they are saying – which in turn can result in hurt feelings. Usually they are inspirational and truly believe in themselves and what they are doing. They are high spirited no cause for surprise when others find them charming and attractive. A lack of confidence is certainly not one of their faults – socializing is another activity they enjoy, with as much as feasible. Sagittarians are athletic by nature and challenging sports are a part of that passionate interest. They are quite sure that they are more than up to any challenge. Games that require mental gymnastics like chess or debates instigate a Sagittarian. Their favourite colours usually turn out to be hues of maroon and navy blue. In matters of the heart members of this zodiac sign are cheerful flirts and a lot of fun to be with. What is most appealing about them is their broad-minded nature and their philosophical outlook on life. Sagittarians are as eager to share with others what they have discovered for themselves. They are giving and their positive attitude makes them a pleasure to be around.

Profile :
The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is volatile, outgoing and extremely active to say the least. They are ready to spring into action at the drop of a hat and remains enmeshed in idealistic goals. A motivation that is mutable results in the ‘come hither’ factor that is compelling. A Sagittarian will unhesitatingly push through changes required to keep the variety going. It would be best to keep in mind that if there is no balancing energy any kind of force can greatly influence the members of this zodiac sign or become hyper changeable. Positive energy can be wastefully diffused if there is ultra-activity. Periods of quiet can strengthen the intuitive powers. If there is receptivity, the lack of patience can be beautifully balanced.


The Positive Side of Sagittarius:
Blunt honest and not being devious in any manner is a characteristic of this zodiac sign. They are open and honest and hardly know what it is to scheme and plot and alongside are pretty generous too. The Sagittarian is what he seems to be – there is no pretension at being he is someone other than what he actually is. The Sagittarians maintain high standards and are almost always liked by the people whose company they keep. Just because he trusts, he expects to be trusted too. There is a general tendency to think well of others and his company is enjoyable because he is extremely amiable and easy to get along with. There is a somewhat raucous sense of humour – subtlety is not the name of their game. Dependability is not an issue with him. An outdoor sport is a thoroughly enjoyable past-time as is an in-depth conversation. All Sagittarians are usually very fond of animals and a pet can be found in a lot of households. There is no jealousy and if someone proposes a scheme that is superior to his, he will adopt it without too much fuss. Those belonging to this sign are neither egoistical nor ungenerous. It is a perfect combination of practicality and imagination. The Sagittarian does not hold on to grudges and is forgiving by nature. There is no question of sulking about what has not worked out in his favour. Hardly ever critical, the Sagittarian is by and large generous all the time.

The Negative Side of Sagittarius:
Some members of this seem to have roller coasters under their feet and rarely learn from past mistakes. Finances are not their forte and mismanagement is often the name of the game. A lot are prone to gambling and most are tactless in the extreme. A careless without any thought can cause deep emotional hurt to others. Promises made are sometimes not kept. Every once in a while it seems they are bent on moving from one failure to another. There is also sense waste of energy a lot of the time that happens simply happens because of a lack of discipline.