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Sagittarius Male

Sagittarius Male

The male Sagittarius is probably amongst the most popular of all. However, at the same time it must also be kept in mind that they are extremely blunt to say the least and only know how to say it like it is. So, if frankness and the truth is not what you are looking for, their company is to be avoided. Since in the modern 21 century fudging is the name of the game, a Sagittarian male makes a refreshing difference – if you are excelling in something, he will let you know and if you have managed to put your foot into it good and proper that will also be stated clearly and unequivocally. This is one of the primary reasons that they make very good friends. The intention is never to cause any emotional damage, but always to keep the picture clear and transparent. Common sense is the name of the game.

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac and in keeping with its’ half human –half animal image is a mixture of intense practicality and philosophy which is difficult to comprehend at best. The element of duality is always present So far as religion is concerned, Sagittarians can be tactless fanatics or even atheists. Freedom is of the essence and a lot of the inherent irritation and anger will come to the fore if they are restrained in any way or dictated about the course of action to take.

When a Sagittarius is at peace, he is in extremely high spirits and the life and spirit of any party. There is activity, particularly if they are outdoor ones that they are unwilling to participate in. When there is no tension to cause him worries, the Sagittarian is the epitome of self-confidence and he is firmly convinced that there is nothing in the world that he cannot achieve. By and large almost every single male Sagittarian is cheerful and giving. They do not like to see unhappiness around them and are quite happy to help out in any way that they can. Any new relationship makes them the happiest of all. A Sagittarius person who is peaceful and relaxed are generally have a tendency to turn philosophical with a very strong sense of the right and wrong. Their intelligence comes to the fore at such times and thanks to an eternal enthusiasm, a variety of subjects is always of interest to them and their acumen can always interest others.

Whenever any relationship with a Sagittarian male develops, initially the going is good and the going is all hunky-dory. However as time moves on, the sense of responsibility that comes alongside starts making the Archer feel confined. There is a feeling of confinement and claustrophobia. Though the male in question is well aware of the importance of such bonds, there will rarely be any effort to break the barricades. When the Sagittarius male is feeling tense and under pressure, there is a very strong tendency to becoming careless. They have a tendency to taking matters for granted and rushing headlong into taking unnecessary risks. Since they are stressed out, they are increasingly careless and this is a factor that causes all around to get irritated. They become impatient at the drop of a hat and should their energy not be channelized properly matters can be pushed too far. Superficiality can be fallout. The interest in matters at hand will be very short-lived and at the same time wavering as well. Performance that is stable and steady will be virtually impossible.

If there is ever a true romantic, it is the Sagittarian male and he is a master at the art of comprehending that angle of romantic love that is enmeshed in the pleasures of the sense of sensual enjoyment. If a female happens to get involved with a Sagittarian male and falls in love with him, should be well prepared to be thoroughly spoiled. The Sagittarian is widely regarded as one of the most rapt , attentive and totally skilled lovers of the zodiac. There are no sporadic efforts. Each and every single day is made most romantic by the most minute of actions. They only serve to highlight what a solicitous and considerate lover he can be. Every single thought and desire that his sweetheart can think of, the Sagittarian male will do his very best to fulfil.

Of course, being but a human, there are certain hopes and expectations that a Sagittarian male also expects. Among them are :

* The love and pampering that a Sagittarian showers on his lover, he will expect it reciprocated about a zillion times over.

* While making love or at any point in the course of the romance , the Sagittarian male wioll hope and expect that his partner will be adventurous and he wouldn’t mind even a little boldness.

* Of course all this begins with reciprocal of his romantic overtures.

Even where career is concerned, a Sagittarian believes in freedom , carried as far as possible. They have a certain chutzpah and eloquence that merges very well with advertising, marketing, politics and sales. Further, they have laudable powers of explanation and a firm grip on morals. This often draws them towards professions that have a distinct leaning towards teaching and philosophy. Alongside, the blend of ethics also leads to the possibility of a legal professions. They can be charm personified where public relations are concerned. This genre are very skilled at customer presentations, contract bidding, pre-sales, sales; then, there is the conversion of business leads or bids to the actual contract and then proceeding to market the products in their career or business. In Business, they are fairly successful as they imbued with the natural ability for sales and marketing. They have a n natural knack of knowing how to convince clients.

The bombastic and fiery Sagittarian are not the one who are very much into watching money – they would much rather spend time spending them. According to and in the opinion of most of their friends and acquaintances (even colleagues at work) there is a distinct over confidence in their ability to generate and attract money. However whether due to luck or do to their uncanny ability to do the right thing at the right time, they seem to manage to generate money at the right time to buy that palatial house they want, a country club membership and may be even the thoroughbred horse that they have been craving. No matter what steps they take, Jupiter is usually very firmly on their side and so far as finances are concerned, they manage to cover their backs pretty fine. It might as well be put this way – they are the natural money spinners of the zodiac signs!

The hips, thighs and liver are the arenas of the body ruled by Sagittarius. The legs of the natives belonging to this sign are usually well shaped and very well-toned. For the average Sagittarian, outside activity is absolutely essential, A favourite form relaxation and exercising is to take long and meandering walks. For them physical activity is so essential that they would truly fall ill if they did not get enough of it. In the early years the Sagittarius remains slender and proportionate. However, there is a tendency to put on weight as they grow older. It is the ruling planet Jupiter that rules the liver. Sagittarians tend to have a hyper active, sensitive liver. Should there be any abuse at all by way of excessive intake of alcohol, there is an immediate repercussion. Hepatitis is another dangerous ailment that they should take every care in the world to be careful about. Imbalance where minerals are concerned may result in lank hair, dull skin, and sores and problems with gums too. The best way for an intake of silicaneeded by Sagittarians are the skin of fruits and vegetables, raw salads, fig, strawberries, pears, apples, potatoes, oats, the husks of grains, whole-grain cereals, egg yolk. The kind of food that particularly does not suit or agree with Sagittarius are fats, cream, butter, candy, and chocolate.Sagittarians should eat a high protein diet, with lots of broiled poultry and fish, fresh vegetables and fruit It could be Brussel sprouts, , tomatoes, asparagus, plums, cherries, oranges, and lemons). There is also no garm in trying out eggs, skim milk, yogurt, brown rice, and whole wheat.The Sagittarian should drink lots of pure water, eat four mini-meals a day rather than three large ones.