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Sagittarius Female

Sagittarius Female

Liberty and freedom are all important requirements for the Sagittarius female, though it might sometimes be an irritant to her mate. However, this lady has oodles of charm, with a great of intellectual capabilities thrown in as well. This keen hankering after freedom and independence is applicable in every sphere of her life. If commands are issued, it will be inevitably happen that she will avoid the concerned person or group thereafter. Further, there is no doubt that the Sagittarian is a moody female and treasures her privacy. By nature a female of this sign is very generous and loves showering the people she is fond of with gifts and the like. She can display limitless emotion, but without making too many demands at the same time. Coupled with all her other physical traits a Sagittarian female is highly spiritual. There is an unshakeable belief in divine peace coupled with tremendous will power. Being very social by nature a female of this zodiac loves meeting people and generally getting to know them better. She is truthful, but negativity is very easily ignored. An unfortunate facet of her personality is that she has absolutely no sense of tact. A female Sagittarian female, rather believing in pleasing illusion prefers to believe in the reality of the world. Diplomacy is not for her and when she is angered, there is no doubt that everyone around her will know about it.

It is taken for granted that a Sagittarius female cherishes her personal freedom. However. When there happens to be a plethora of burdens and problems all around, there might sometimes be a volte face. There could be a feeling that there is less liberty with what can be done with the time available when there are so many expectations all around. That could lead to a feeling of being stressed out. The family is another point of strength and yet also something that stresses out the Sagittarian female. There could be a deep-rooted concern that if the family is let down or promises not kept in any way, there could be major negative repercussions. That's why a Sagittarian female hate feeling curbed and restricted and that's why, in times of stress, there is a feeling of being more stifled and angry. When due to whatever reason there is an extremely volatile ambience of tension everywhere around, the best option for a Sagittarian would be to get out into the open air. Time relaxing in wide open spaces would do a world of good. The tension generated will be amazingly eased the tension; activities like sport, walking and cycling will also be a big help. Constant work could lead to nervous exhaustion.

A Sagittarian female is very good at choosing any role she wishes to assume – if she is in love with a certain female , she could be the veritable picture of who he has been looking for all his wife. At the same time it is also true that is likely to happen only when she is at peace with herself and her surroundings. When there is nothing disturbing her, a Sagittarian female and there is no male pressurizing her into a marriage, she is quite likely to make a commitment. She might just catch her partner unawares by speaking of an open marriage. Though lying does not come naturally to her, in order to keep the surroundings peaceful and leave her partner not feeling on edge, she might take recourse to small white lies. She can be her partner’s best friend and passionate lover.

In the bedroom a Sagittarius female is all for big time adventure and while making love is not only an adroit lover, but quite adventurous too. There are very many thrilling new postures that she would be more than happy to try out and at the same time welcomes even the outlandish suggestions of her partner. If the potential partner and male is the kind of person who is content to stick with the usual pattern and mindless sexual gymnastics, the Sagittarius female is definitely not the one for you. It will not be very long before she is bored and seeking her pleasures elsewhere. But where the actual act of love-making is concerned, seductivity is much more her style. It gives her an absolute thrill to ensure the complete satiation of her partner. Being very thoughtful by nature, one of the things that she desires most is that her partner is too satisfied to even want to get out of bed. Honed skills are responsible for achieving this. When all the dreams and desires of the partner are being fulfilled, it is natural to expect a reciprocal. Due to her being sensual and amatory, she will enjoy cuddling, foreplay and experiencing sexuality with her loved one as partner. Being adventurous is part and parcel of the Sagittarian natire and hence not the widest of fancies can be too much for her.

One factor to always remember is that a Sagittarius female has a decided preference about taking all the time at her disposal and this is in direct opposition about d experiencing the thrills of the journey. As a matter of fact of having arrived at her destination. Therefore it would be most unwise to hike the momentum and time taken at leisure will be of the best. Patience is of the essence here. Love compatibility in relationships matters a lot to the Sagittarian female. Dates which are outside the norm and exciting adventures – these are ultimately the elements that will conquer her heart.

Managing money is definitely not one of the strong points of the Sagittarian female. At the same time she loves spending oodles of it. There is a very natural pull towards filthy lucre. Though the Sagittarian female possesses enough of talent and energy to make their own haven, the mere possession of wealth is really not enough for them. Luxury is just as necessary. Since luxuries are a passion, they show true and fervent dedication in earning money to fulfil their desires. The financial status of a Sagittarius female attainsan impressive stature only if they remain dedicated to their vision and work hard effectively and patiently. There could be setbacks at any point of time, but all female Sagittarians show a remarkable resilience in bouncing back to life and moving on with even more vim and energy. This is one of the luckiest signs, as they love to spend and generally have plenty of money to do so.A Sagittarius mind and the efforts that they are always enmeshed in are always observed as working towards new important deals. They like to be their own boss in no uncertain terms and manage things their own way. Speculation is not something they are very successful at and hence should maintain a distance. There is a marked preference to planning in advance.

Sagittarians are ultra-sensitive people. Hence, the smallest of tensions leave an extremely adverse effect on their health. If this genre of people are to keep well and happy and healthy, stress and anxiety should be avoided at all costs. They are most likely to be greatly troubled by rheumatic pain, lumbago and even gout. Saturn and Moon are likely to cause fractures. The stomach remains a weak point and there could be problems regarding a weak digestive and timely medication.

Sagittarius is believes in speaking the truth without any embellishments. Being far-sighted, they are open- minded. Like their male counterpart, female Sagittarians have a distinct dislike of working under pressure. If they are to undertake and execute any worthwhile task, freedom is the most important fact for them to excel.Female Sagittarius are very fond of gravelling & spending time in the outdoors.For them a travel agents job,or assignments in the tourist & field marketing profession are most suitable.

Female Sagittarians are people with an enormous ability to turn the things to their advantage. They are quite capable of ensuring that their subordinate execute the tasks set to them and leave an impact. Their strength, that does not know how to back away and the knowledge that they acquire in their trades are assets in staying ahead of everybody else.. They make outstanding teachers, public speakers, engineers and bank employees. In the role of a boss, they are optimistic, ethical, confident;they are not in the habit of ever letting down anybody and are honest with a pleasing personality.