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Sagittarius Facts

Sagittarius Facts

Must Knowing Facts About Sagittarius 
According to Western astrology, people born between 22nd November and 21st December, when the sun transits through the span of 240 to 270 degrees, come under the zodiac sign - Sagittarius. Sagittarius people are idealistic and behave with an attractive sense of humour.

Element By Origin:
Being influenced by the Fire sign, Sagittarius people carry passionate, impulsive, spontaneous & charismatic attitudes towards life. The consistency of the Fire sign makes Sagittarius individuals interested in adopting positive spirits.

Ruling Planet:
The ruling planet: Jupiter, always offers the zodiacs fortune & heavenly protections. If the placement of Jupiter in the birth chart is powerful, it drives Sagittarius people to weave their destinies in their ways. Jupiter always enriches Sagittarius men & women with a sense of self-respect and self-esteem.

Significant Sagittarius Personality Traits 
The profound sense of thrill pushes the Sagittarius people to do something adventurous beyond ordinary daily life. Sagittarius individuals can think to the highest level about any matter. So, their power of thinking & integrity makes them attractive to surrounding people. As Sagittarius people love to explore everything in depth, they are always interested in weird stuff, such as diving, bungee jumping, and trekking.
Eternal Optimist:
Archer or Sagittarius people tend to carry vast, better & brighter lookouts to make life more enjoyable. The Sagittarius people always try to find the minimum or maximum opportunities & possibilities in both the worst and best situations. They are prone to dig for wisdom from different aspects and criteria of life. The inner soul of Sagittarius people always drives them to follow the ideal opinions and positive vibes. The Sagittarius men & women consistently ask their inner minds to consider past, present & future viewpoints to live a carefree life.
What Are The Positive Facts of Sagittarius People?
Problem-solving Intuition:
The Sagittarius individuals can observe people within a few minutes of the meeting. So they can consider the circumstances or situations from every angle. Naturally, Sagittarius men & women can resolve the common problems in their environments.
Combinations of Positive Vibes:
Sagittarius people are blessed with a group of constructive values. They carry a high level of optimism to enjoy fun and freedom in everyday life. Besides, they prefer to look at life from different perspectives, which drive their mind to take fair decisions for all. A combination of positive values makes their characters spontaneous and very good in conversations.
The intelligence level of Sagittarius people always connects them to positive emotions. So, they often acquire a unique level of success based on their creative power. In particular cases, Sagittarius men & women never hesitate to walk alone through a new path if they find positive intuitions.

What Are The Negative Facts of Sagittarius People?
The intense tone of impulsiveness in Sagittarius's characters pushes them to take things or matters for granted. And while they frequently do the same, it reflects the impressions of carelessness or irresponsibility.
In terms of straightforwardness, Sagittarius people often damage others' feelings. They never look back to disclose the fact behind any problems. Sometimes, revealing the ugly truth, they turn others offensive in their surrounding environments. In simple terms, Sagittarius people do not like to disclose the truth with heavy sugar coating. 
The biggest drawback of Sagittarius's character is inconsistency. The unpredictable mindset of Sagittarius drives their characters always to find out memorable or special experiences. So, they fail to give sufficient time to their fixed profession. If they feel that particular things or matters are not working appealingly, they become ready to switch to another quickly. 
Therefore, the inconsistent nature is highly responsible for their frustrations as it hinders their characters from making genuine attempts.

Behaviour Patterns of Sagittarius People:
Impeccable Nature:
The winter-born Sagittarius are good friends with free-sprit. They are slightly reckless, which hinders them from fitting into conventional concepts or rituals. They often try to balance independence and 'go hand in hand' using their compassionate attitude. So, beyond their negative traits such as impulsiveness, self-centred & unpredictability, their impeccable attitude drives their characters to connect with surrounding people easily.
Sagittarius people are counted as honest characters. So, regarding reliability, you can depend on the Sagittarius people blindly. There is no doubt that Sagittarius men & women prefer to prioritize the matter of reliability not only for themselves but also for others.
Innocent Lookouts:
Sagittarius men & women carry child-like wonder. So, they are keenly interested in exploring the latest things and facts. The utmost level of curiosity and open-mindedness of Sagittarius people manifests in their innocent nature & behaviour with surrounding people.

Typical Traits of Sagittarius Men:
What Are The Common Traits of Sagittarius Men?
The strength of Sagittarius males lies in universal traits such as - optimism, interest in finding wisdom and deeper philosophy in life, heroic attitude to face troubles. Moreover, a high sense of humour keeps Sagittarius people happy and smiling. Sagittarius Men efficiently capture the minds with hilarious jokes and dramatic stories.
Are Sagittarius Men Perfect Husbands?
Sagittarius men carry extremely generous and romantic attitudes while caring for their wives. Sagittarius men prefer to make tons of effort to protect their committed relationship. Sagittarius men often like to marry according to their choices, as they can stand with their wives in any situation.
How Sagittarius Men Treat Their Partner?
Sagittarius men are always interested in engaging with their spouses in different matters. They prefer to create mysterious bonding with their life partners as they can feel the urge for a live relationship. 
What Qualities in Women Attract Sagittarius Men?
Independent women are the first choice of the Sagittarius men. They like to interact with women who can allow freedom & space to their partners. Sagittarius men are often attracted to women who are interested in romantic gestures.

Typical Traits of Sagittarius Women:
What Are The Common Traits of Sagittarius Women?
Sagittarius Women prefer to stay away from envious people or environments. They are opposite to the reserved people. So, they do not think twice about expressing their opinions at any place, with any people and in any situation. Sagittarius Women can not diplomatically treat people. As free-spirited humans, Sagittarius women always prefer to carry a fearless attitude and passion in their character. Their character seems to be full of life.
In general, Sagittarius women are honest, straightforward, generous and independent. Their energetic nature always pushes them to participate in adventurous deeds. Moreover, their curious nature drives their mind to grab unique facts about life & the world.
Are Sagittarius Women Perfect Wives?
Sagittarius women have such a zest for love life, which makes them different from common women. They try to strengthen their bond with their husbands based on tenderness & incredible kindness. Being devoted and trustworthy life-partner, Sagittarius women expect an honest relationship from their husbands. They become happy when their life partners appreciate their positive efforts; otherwise, Sagittarius women never compromise their independence for anyone. 
What Qualities in Men Attract Sagittarius Women?
Men who do not hesitate to offer absolute freedom can easily attract Sagittarius women. Besides, if you interact with a Sagittarius girl in a cheerful mood, she feels positive, and your rational interactions can easily impress the Sagittarius girl. Generally, men who never hesitate to express their thoughts, and share plans and state of mind, are the best choice for Sagittarius women.
How do Sagittarius Women Treat Their Partner?
As brutally honest female partners, Sagittarius women expect that their life partners spend quality time to ignite the zest for a healthy relationship. Sagittarius women are not going to face boredom or a normal lifestyle. They want to cherish humorous moments, reliable bonding, and spontaneous behaviour with partners. 

Relationship Compatibility: Sagittarius Men Vs Sagittarius Women:
How Sagittarius Men Manage Marital Relationships?
Sagittarius men prioritize the need for understanding in their marital life. This lookout helps Sagittarius men to develop strong bonding with their spouses. Sagittarius men are keen to maintain transparent relationships with their life partners. The best fact about Sagittarius men is that they take important initiatives to protect marriage from grudges. The witty Sagittarius men prefer to discuss their professional issues and finances with their life partner.
How Sagittarius Women Manage Marital Relationships?
Sagittarius women often feel happy when they find a comfortable space to share their thoughts. Sagittarius ladies sincerely play their roles in marital life and act like a faithful wives. In a nutshell, Sagittarius women are full of enthusiasm and can entertain their life partners with fun, laughter & romance. The level of fascination of Sagittarius wives often makes their husbands charmed. Above all, Sagittarius ladies require inspiration or mental stimulation from their life partners.