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Sagittarius Sagittarius Compatibility

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Compatibility

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Sagittarius men and women are passionate individuals, and their relationships are testament to their personalities. The dynamics between the Sagittarian partners are constantly evolving and ever-so-changing. Adaptive and flexible, the two individuals shall always be on tenterhooks with each other based on their moods and feelings. 

This may not always be good and may bring a lot of topsy-turvy range of roller-coaster emotions. However, if they go by their instincts and follow astrological advice, the Lord of Jupiter shall always entrust them with love and Happiness. Long story short - be serious about the relationship, and you shall reap the rewards! 

Sagittarians are a humorous and adventurous bunch of people, with no similarity between two of the same genre. One could be curious and amusing, while the other could be serious and eccentric at the same time. Life is one great adventure to them and they cannot resist the temptation of finding out about people and not asking innumerable questions. Independence however does make a great deal of difference to them along with good friends and enjoyable conversation. Sagittarians do not begin to know the meaning of tact and are not only brutally honest, but also extremely honest at the same time. There are no problems with relationships, but Sagittarians cannot bear to be tied down.

The Planet Jupiter rules Sagittarius and there is a thorough enjoyment in acquiring knowledge. However, care has to be taken about over indulgence as acts like gluttony will only serve as a distraction. They have an enigmatic charm which draws crowds and individuals to them. Sagittarians by and large are cheerful, joy and passionate. They might be easy-going in the extreme, but they are certainly not easy to take for a ride. Truth is what they chase after and they themselves can be brutally honest without a shred of compunction. This comes very naturally to them. One major point in their favour is that they can adapt to any situation without too many problems. Adventures and an adventurous style of living appeals strongly to them.Though the company of people appeal strongly to them, being tied down in relationships is positively anathema to them. Most Sagittarians are a power house of information and are masters at analysing people. For some strange reason people tend to be accepting of any caustic remark that they make. But yes, their remarks generally turn out to be favourable for the individual concerned.

Sagittarius is a fire sign and there can be quite a flame when two of them get together. They are always reaching out to each other and love travelling rather than read about travelling. However Sagittarians tend to put their foot in their mouth by speaking before thinking – despite being outgoing and friendly. This often results in them getting into an awkward social position. As Sagittarians new projects and ideas appeal very strongly to them, but remaining steadfast is another issue altogether. They would much rather move on to the next interesting thing.

When two Sagittarians get together, they are so similar that there can be severe scarring which is not very easily healed. All controversies should be avoided right from the start to avoid any kind of unpleasantness. If this is somehow made possible, then the relationship is beautiful and smooth sailing. Their own company is mutually thoroughly enjoyable and moving at break neck speed from one escapade to another is nothing short of bliss. Socially Sagittarians are extremely active and usually manage to have a crowd of pleasant people around them. Honesty is also one of their strong points. If problems happen to beset one Sagittarian, the other one is always there to help- the only difficulty is if both happen to take a fall together!

Where matters of personal interest are concerned, both share a very good understanding. Jealousy is not a problem that they have to worry about and if not obsessing with the other, they keep busy with the work at hand. However, when both are sharing moments of togetherness, there is complete concentration and focus on the other and ensuring the happiness of the partner. By and large Sagittarians are adjustable, however, sometimes they can fly off the handle. However, an outstanding quality of the Sagittarian is that they do not bear grudges for any length of time.

Change is the name of the game for the Sagittarian; but as a study in contrasts they can be serious or playful – depending on their innate nature. What is common about practically all Sagittarians is the fact that they are genuine optimists. They have however an extreme sense of difference and thus no two connections can be similar, with as widely varying outcomes. Sagittarians also like to reach out for the unreachable, make the impossible their goal and take chances where it is practically impossible for any positive outcome. They are more than happy to try out anything new and are never bored with what they happen to be doing at the moment. Of course ruthlessly cut each other down to size, but there are times when they, but that is more a habit than a desire to deliberately hurt.

In a romantic alliance two Sagittarians come as near to perfection as possible because they are as close to absolute honesty as possible. Both re usually educated and they also share for knowledge a common hunger for more knowledge. conversation with each other is such that it will tickle the senses for finding out and learning more and more. Of course there is also a possibility that there will be a blow-up of sorts when one Sagittarian partner carries out this thirst too far.

Any relationship without responsibility is the most enjoyable for a Sagittarian. As siblings they are joyful and adventurous, to colleagues they are helpful and to their children they are very straightforward parents. However, in mergers like business or even marriage, there could be a certain measure of unpleasantness because none of them are particularly responsible by nature. However, overall they are good friends in any of their relationships. As long as too many apologies are not involved, forgiving. They sense that their lover has been hurt and immediately want to rectify the situation. If there is a bit of pleasantness,some smiles and tenderness to follow, the matters are resolved very easily. This is particularly beneficial in a parent –child relationship. For them it is an art - knowing how to be critical and almost immediately after apologize.

Sagittarius is a mutable sign and usually very easy to get along with. Arguments are very rare and they are almost always keen on getting along with their partner. Though they can be stubborn at times, this is usually not the norm and matters are very easily resolved.

If there are two Sagittarians involved, there is always twice the excitement and good things involved. Life is that much more interesting thanks to all the interesting elements that they are involved in. Their outlook is positive coupled with a lovely sense of humour. But unfortunately stability and responsibility are not their strong points.

The best aspect shared by this couple is their undying thirst for knowledge. There is a perfect equilibrium between allowing each other space and also leaving lots of room for intensity. The massive outside world can be explored alongside the universe of the intellect.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Love Compatibility

Sagittarius lovers are seldom discussed as being 'deeply truly madly' in love. They are known to be more in the moment kind of people who don't foresee the future. It enables them to live in the present moment and prove to impede their future.

Their love stems from the casual, fun space they are in; it's not necessarily a bad thing, but this lack of seriousness or deep emotions for each other often steers them away from meaningful ideas of love, life and togetherness.  

This laissez-faire attitude will make them more unhappy and is a way to cope with commitment issues. They need to decide whether they want to chase immediate pleasure or future bliss with their partner.

Consistency is the key here - being comfortable under their skin and realising the true value of their relationship - will make sure that the love never ends between their crazy camaraderie.  

Ultimately, their love compatibility is low because they don't have the necessary drive or passion.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Sexual Compatibility

Platonic to the core, Sagittarian partners are crazy partners who intertwine love and sex with aplomb. They might seem quite casual and open about casual sex and one-night-stands. This leads to a sense of instant gratification being the foremost priority - lust takes over love, and it's all about having a connection on a peripheral level. This is a problem - there's no depth or seriousness in the relationship - a small miscommunication or difference of option, and it's over. They need to gain more grit and strength in their sexual compatibility. 

While the individuals don't display such feelings on their own, the explosive, reactionary nature of the interaction between lovers of the same zodiac sign- brings out such an extreme side of the partners. This affects their sexual intimacy - lovers may turn into strangers the next moment. Ultimately, it will always be about being comfortable with the idea of sex only if their minds allow it to be - after all, good sex begins inside the head first. 

Ultimately their sexual compatibility is fairly low because they do not seem to gel with one another. They need to start taking things seriously and be more committed to their sexual partner's needs.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Frienship Compatibility

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Trust and Communication Compatibility

If there is communication, there will be trust and vice-versa. Sagittarians are some of the most honest and trustworthy individuals among the lot. However, their sense of trust and ability to communicate is all flexible, convenient to the situation. One could say it is a transactional relationship, bearing fruit only if it suits one's interests. They will take advantage of one another's feelings and use their personalities against them. Any transactional relationship will struggle to be trustworthy, and they will suspect each other of foul play.

If honesty is the key, communication is the lock to accessing that trust. It means there should be an open attitude to discussing everything under the sun both ways. Unfortunately, Sagittarius is not particularly good and efficient at having strong communication abilities. Their nature is incredibly fickle, and the partners will have doubts, confusion and envy towards what the other person is thinking.  

It might be better for Sagittarius to open up maybe and be direct to each other about how they feel. If they do not break this vicious cycle of mistrust and communication, their relationship will take a beating. 

Ultimately the Sagittarius-Sagittarius partner's trust and communication compatibility are fairly weak. It will require a lot of work to gain confidence and be clear with one another.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Emotions Compatibility

Sagittarius individuals are not known to be highly emotional and serious about life itself. Thus, the relationship of Sagittarian couples is more about displaying a casual, fun and chirpy attitude. There might be disagreements and tiffs, but it is on the surface level - nothing serious. Thus, the emotion behind the relationship stays quite light and breezy. Sagittarius' core value is finding a perfect balance between the two mindsets and just enjoying their lives. There is a child-like innocence and fun-spirited banter amongst the couple that takes away the negativity and awkwardness out of the equation. 

Emotionally Sagittarius can be described as absent and not connected to extreme emotional moods. However, their ultimate emotional goal is to be peaceful and fairly unafraid to experience negative emotions. They don't want much except just a pure existence of bliss and security, with complete innocence being their motivation. The lack of any malign intent will make everyone attracted to them and respect them.

However, as a couple, their relationship will prove to be largely inconsistent and hard to feel connected. Their search for love and companionship can take them towards other people, leaving each other behind.

The values of the Sagittarius couple are fairly strong, but their emotional compatibility leaves a lot to be desired. They need to marry lightheartedness with a strong interpersonal connection with each other.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Relationship Compatibility


Meeting a special someone who is also a Sagittarian will excite the inner feeling in you. That's a special joy to cherish when you meet a similar-minded person in a perfectly set environment. The endless conversations over an exciting film, a perfect holiday destination to dream about, multiple anecdotes about a particular event, or just gossiping over a person - finding shared interests is the way to 'vibing' together. It's all about finding something special at the moment. 

The answer is yes. They are lazy when it comes to commitment, not because they don't want to. However, they don't want to be swept into love and the highs and lows emotionally. The zodiac sign is just looking for inner peace, and being loved is anything if peaceful; it is restlessness.

Sagittarius, like a yogic guru, searches for inner peace, and their mindset is similar. They are, however, not detached from the world and, in fact, like to revel in the pleasures that the universe has to provide. Sometimes, however, it might be healthier for them to care about the universe and connect with the world.

The answer is probably no because they are just too wandering like a soul to stay tethered. Their lack of seriousness will make them run towards other individuals without hesitation. The other Sagittarius will be too busy even to look that their partner has moved on to other people. Their casual mindsets will make them completely okay with whatever's happening in life.

Happiness and bliss depend on the individual's life situation. However, when they are at their happiest, nothing can disturb them. However, when they are disturbed, they can be completely dour and willing to go to any level to regain Happiness.