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Aries Male

The Aries Male – What Do Peaceful Periods In Their Life Means ?

Peaceful periods, where everything is flowing in a streamlined fashion might sound extremely appealing and what we are all striving for – but NO, it most definitely is not for the Aries. The restless combatant spirit that is always striving for action seeks all the means at his disposal to set off small conflagrations, if not a blazing inferno! You do remember, don’t you that fire typifies him? They are not only action oriented, but self-motivated as well. Calm inaction is really not their cup of tea. Let us say that all is going well and there are no problems – that will make the Aries so very itchy that he will remain restless till he provokes a situation where either some kind of confrontation is imminent or urgent and hasty action is needed to resolve some issue. The Aries is basically a warm hearted and loving male. Though there is a virtual maelstrom of activity surrounding him, home is a haven of peace for the Aries and he most certainly does not appreciate any kind of discord there. However, as a profession of the astral sciences and as a neutral observer of all genres of male and female in general, let me just say this - If there is not harmony, peace and happiness in your home, Mr. Aries, there are very great chances that it is you who are at fault. If I could see my Aries reader, I am sure I would be asked very indignantly – But you are wrong! How can any kind of discord possibly be my fault when I am always actively on the lookout for peace for all, especially my family?The explanation is very simple – the average Aries male as Aries people often causes (albeit unintentionally) sadness by uncalled for jealousy, wearing blinkers on their eyes so far as the needs of others is concerned and totally unwarranted spurts of volcanic anger.How about a smile as we take a quick peek into a smiling and peaceful Aries and an Aries who is ready to set the earth on fire?

How Does The Aries Male Handle Stress And Strain In Life?

For a change, let us look at the negative first. The Aries is doggedly stubborn and determinedly unbending if any project or any matter interests him. Frequently he can have fiery outbursts of temper if he is passing through a turbulent phase. This can every once in a while turn out to have positive effects, but just as often an impulsive onslaught reminds one of the adage …………. Aries rush in where angels fear to tread!

It would be well to remember whether it is stress or strain or contending with any major problem – losing is positively anathema to an Aries. By nature they are dynamic and this ensures that they keep up the winning streak. One factor which is a great asset is that at times when everything seems to be going wrong is that the Aries male has an in-built ability to handle several issues at the same time – he is quite the juggler! However, if their personal equilibrium is challenged in any way, the fireworks begin in real earnest. There is no doubt about the fact that Aries have the vital energy to channelize a favourable ambience towards the goals they have set for themselves. However, he has to careful about hiding his vulnerability during periods of stress and strain.

When matters are not flowing quite so smoothly Aries tend to dig in their heels and draw on unknown wells of an extremely stubborn nature. This more often than not has a detrimental effect rather than solving the issue in any positive manner. There is nothing with turning on the charm just a tad. A moderated use of ‘quid pro quo’ would definitely help resolve any issue without too much wear and tear on the nerves. If unfavourable circumstances force the Aries into a brief hiatus from work, there is a marked tendency to restlessly frittering away energy. The surface exuberance just has to have an outlet.

During unfavourable periods or periods of stress and strain – all that pent up vitality should be directed towards constructive and positive pursuits. Instead of just pacing up and down and making life miserable for anyone who happens to be there at the time any type of physical activity can be of enormous help – it could be sports or even sexual activity. The sense of humour can also be an asset in diffusing a tense situation. In any situation which is not good and the Aries finds it difficult to put to use his basic and inherent talents, the Aries finds it almost impossible to function normally without losing his cool every other minute………. That only has the effect of setting off a vicious circle of negativity.

When the time is full of anxiety and hassles Aries have a tendency to shut off the doors of communication by being even more tactless than they usually are. In a rush to push through with his agenda he has a propensity towards being somewhat callous. Being a mite too hurried while sailing on choppy waters, inadvertently he becomes rather sharp tongued with the people he is in contact with at the time. Excessive eagerness to get out of a messy situation makes the Aries miss a target which he might not have otherwise. The disgruntled Aries is more than capable of being extremely destructive if he cannot drive home what he is trying to say or he cannot get his own way. To end this angle on a positive note, the Aries can surmount most obstacles by dint of sheer tenacity, but a great deal of effort needs to be put into it.

The Aries Male – What Is Stress To Him And How Does He Handle It ?

To put it in a nut shell, it is the chase and capture that an Aries truly challenge. The challenge of getting the female who has finally captured his attention adds the initial spice to the relationship. Once the trophy is hanging on the wall, Aries start losing interest. Unfortunately a lot of the time it is what or rather who the Aries cannot have that makes the lady maddeningly attractive. At the same time it is also true that a female who cannot be dominated is likely a challenging, loving and very interesting relationship with a Aries male. The Aries male can be extremely profound in his thinking process and oodles of tenderness, but the interest can start flickering without any warning whatsoever. In any relationship the Aries male is more than capable of utmost loyalty, but if at some point of time a routine pattern develops, that can start sending out danger signals. . The Ram is intensely sexual and sensual. He remains quite unmatched as a lover. There is an aura of power about the male members of this zodiac sign which emits magnetic signals of attraction for female by and large. He is an expert kisser and the female melt into puddles when he starts on the wooing process. Unpredictable is the other name of the Aries male. Another facet is that they are very spontaneous and tend to becoming satiated rather easily.

There is also a propensity to leaving matters incomplete. . Like Scorpio, this sign never fails to be riveted by their partner’s sexual organs; at the same time they are aroused to an even greater extent when they’re having their heads rubbed. Go figure. The Aries might desire intensely, but the intensity is not constant. What turns them on is innocence, virginity and purity. It is a constant source of titillation.

More than as a lover, the  Aries regards his partner as a conquest. They are by nature very practical and this is what makes it that much more difficult to love just for the sake of love. Love, for Arians, should be functional, utilitarian and have specific purposes in mind.

Even while falling in love, their thoughts are: “What can this person do for me?” “How can I benefit?” No, they are not superficial, they just know what they want and there is no way that they will let something which is for the empty-headed and dizzy to dominate over them. After all, they command and they are the leaders!

Aries absolutely HATE when anybody else refuses to see their point of view. They also refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer when they have decided that they have found what they are looking for in a relationship. No matter what turmoil reigns rife in their lives, they still remain the most loved, patient darlings…………The Aries might have an outward facade of die hard independence and worldly wise nature. However, at the core is the nesting instinct which draws them back to the home and hearth. In the midst of his own secure surroundings there is no brood on whether or not to sleep late, drink from a favourite chipped mug or just have a good time with the buddies.