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Aries Facts

Aries Facts

Must-Knowing Facts About Aries
The individuals, who were born in the period between 21st March & 19th, belong Aries Zodiac sign. According to Vedic astrology, Aries can be easily recognized for specific personality traits such as self-driven, arrogant, motivated, independent, supportive.

Element & Mode of Aries:
The origin of Aries is connected with the fire element, which defines masculine power, action-driven personality, and extrovert nature in the character of Aries. The radiance of the fire sign brings specific values to Aries's character, such as being self-oriented, impulsive, having a freedom-centric mindset, and being optimistic.

Ruling Planet of Aries:
The ruling planet, Mars, controls the actions of the go-getter Zodiac sign Aries. Mars is the God of war. So, Aries people always represent strong point-of-view in front of others. And their in-born self-driven nature instigates them to prove their opinion as the best rather than others' opinions.

Aries As Person:

Action Oriented-Personality
Due to having an action-centric thought process, Aries have tons of energy to do something adventurous. The slow attitude of surrounding people who join Aries in any venture often irritates the Aries. Consistency or spontaneity is one of the major specialities in their character.
Acceptance Power 
The first Zodiac sign Aries is symbolized by Ram. With a couple of horns, Ram denotes both positive & negative forces of the universe. So, the Aries have a great passion for taking challenges, whatever their consequence is good or bad. They have a natural characteristic to accept both positive & negative aspects of any incidents or deals.
Straight-Forward Nature
Aries is relentlessly determined to try something new in life for positive changes or results. They can approach their proposals directly without any complications. Aries believe they can prove the speciality of their perspectives. So, with their ambitious & competitive nature, Aries love motivating the surrounding individuals. Aries always take responsibility.
Extrovert In Nature
Lack of patience can reflect the arrogant side of Aries characters. But they prefer to stay active at the workplace and feel impatient if anyone wastes their time. One of the major specialities of Aries is they are very open about their opinions & feelings. 
Aries carry a go-getter attitude, which comes from the secret insecurity in their mindset. So, Aries feel a huge wave of pressure to prove their ambitions. They need to learn how to be decent with themselves.
Behavioural Pattern Of Aries:
Leadership Quality
Aries have a special quality to implement proven concepts & ideas professionally. For having a high level of confidence, inspiration & passion, Aries reflect true leadership qualities in their character. They know how to coordinate & delegate everyone, along with a bossy attitude. 
Youthful Energy
The impulsive nature of Aries helps them to opt for quick decisions in any matter, following their instinct.
Temperament Issues
Aries persons depend on their self-instincts when they interact with others. Sometimes, they feel they have the best opinions than others about any matter. And this kind of mentality often reflects a rash temperament when Aries interacts with friends, teams and groups of people.
Weaknesses of Aries
A high level of confidence & strong willing power make Aries indomitable to do what they decide or think. So, sometimes, in the opposite circumstances, they become impulsive & reflect arrogance in behaviour. This weakness makes them regretful later.
Relationship Compatibility of Aries:

How do Aries Deal With Their Relationship?
The major characteristic of Aries is they love to take initiative in their relationship. Undoubtedly, the partners of Aries often face little dominating & aggressive nature. Both men & women, Aries like to cope with partners with strong personalities. Aries never appreciate weak personalities.
Moreover, due to a restless & spontaneous attitude, Aries loves doing something exciting to bring a thrill to a relationship. 
How Aries Make Bonding With Spouses After Marriage?
Aries prefer to do something new together with their spouses. Regardless of the household activity or trip planning, aries make enough effort to improve things. Generally, Aries play their roles in marital life as supportive partners, and they expect their spouses to support them in little things. But, on the other hand, Aries always need more time to be ready to compromise their freedom. So, it takes time for Aries to strengthen bonding with their partners.
Who Is The Most Compatible Partner of Aries?
In terms of compatibility, Aries should tie the knot with Libra. In some matters, Aries are self-focused and unknowingly dominate their partners. On the other hand, Libra always try to be understanding and prioritizes the other's comfort zone. Libra prefer to maintain a balance in the relationship. So, the partnership between Aries & Libra goes smoothly.

Special Characteristics of Aries Men:

What Type of Women Attract Aries Men?
In general, Aries men feel intense attraction towards self-dependant & self-sufficient women who are very focused on their career goals & can take care of themselves in their personal life.
Are Aries Men Romantic?
Off course, Aries men are in-born romantic guys. They are very passionate about making their women feel special with action-centric emotions.
Do Aries Men Appreciate Their Women?
Yes, when Aries men realize the speciality of their better half, they consider it an opportunity and become ready to do something new together in life.

Special Characteristics of Aries Women:

What Makes Aries Girls Unique?
Having a fire Zodiac sign, Aries girls do not accept anything, which is slightly less than the best. With natural leadership qualities, Aries girls are independent, intelligent & creative enough.
Moreover, Aries girls always take self-driven decisions to fulfil their ambitions. They leave no gap to complete their responsibilities at the right time for the ultimate satisfaction.
What Are The Charming Facts About Aries's Wife?
Aries women are always ready to avoid weakness or illness based on sheer willpower. They take instant action to ensure the well-being of their partners & families. Moreover, typical Aries women try their best to keep the marriage knot intact from their end. She can rekindle the feelings and passion which fade over time. Above all, Aries women reflect a child-like innocence in their character.
All the points discuss different sides of Aries's character. When you go through these points, you will be able to decide whether you will be able to adjust with an Aries partner.