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Aries Personality

Aries Personality

Aries -The Ram
( March 21 to April 19 )

Aries is a Fire Sign
The primary aspect of this zodiac is the sharp mental or intellectual aspect that characterizes almost every Aries. They can be designated as highly adaptive and are also extremely creative as well as adaptive. Unfortunately they are also headstrong and impulsive. It is the ruling planet Mars that makes this aspect even more pronounced. What is the result? By nature they are ambitious and hyper active – this is further accentuated. The primary effort for any work undertaken is very positive thanks to a continual forceful push, but then there is a tendency to lose focus and thus disseminate further efforts. Aries tend to flare up rather fast, but are just as quick to calm down...A sense of humour and sharp wit comes to them naturally.Music is another passion and soothes that fiery temperament. It is uncanny the manner in which they manage to speak what should be spoken at just the opportune moment. At the student stage their acumen is outstanding and are more than capable of the best application to make progress to the best effect. The new holds an abiding interest and somehow Aries have the ability to enthuse people into working alongside them. An over riding strong ego in the Aries nature pushed them into becoming visionary and idealistic, thereby rising to positions of importance and esteem.

Details :
Being the first sign of the zodiac , Aries - always coming first and being placed first in everything, including getting this done. It is a whether or not everything gets done is another matter altogether. Arians would much rather initiate than complete. If a project needs to be pushed through an Arian is the right person to call on. Innovative methods will be found and people will be garnered into doing the needful. There is also no question of being scared away by the unknown or the novel. Designated the pioneer of the Zodiac, a fearless foray into the unknown more often than not wins them the laurels. Arians are energetic and extremely dynamic and hyper active. . The Ram is symbolic of Aries, and that can be both good and bad sometimes 'force-feeding the name of the day and a lot wish then for a little more subtlety. The Cardinal Quality of Arians, FORCE, can achieve a lot. Cardinal Signs are characterized and this could well be a description of the typical Aries more than any other sign. Mars rules Aries and Mars are the God of War. There is no fear in battling as those under this zodiac sign are aggressive bold, and courageous. Arians are courageous, vital and last the longest. Further, Rams are for the most part, independent and can take care of themselves in any given situation. Once in a while the Arian approach could be regarded as arrogant and domineering. However the focus is undeniable. The Arian unfortunately rarely sees the end of a project as he has long since moved on to what has next captured his attention. Fire, the Element associated with Aries is responsible for a burning desire to play the game, action and enthusiasm and Arians are very physical people, and will not sit on the side-lines for long, if at all. They'll jump in with both feet and will contribute much in the process. Sometimes decisions are too hastily taken, but you'll never find an Arian who regretted taking a shot. Any challenge which is an integral part in taking on the unknown is heaven on Earth for Rams. Arrogance comes naturally to them and they tend to take it for granted that they will naturally be given the first position. It could be regarded as untrammelled The Ram is usually bound to have the last word, one might as well save one's breath. . Arians are as vigorous about work as play. They thoroughly enjoy a spirited game of soccer or the martial arts. Where love affairs are concerned the Ram's ardour is unquestioned. This sun sign can be playful and romantic. Aries dominates over the head, face and brain, and are prone to debilitating headaches. The Ram's colour is bright red, a sure sign of the fire that breathes within. Their greatest strength lies in their initiative, courage and determination. Their vibrant nature and competitive spirit contribute considerably to all projects they undertake.

Profile :
The Fire element of Aries is responsible for the assertive "I" energy. There is a continual tension and passion; the need for independence is characterized by this 'I'. Spring time and Aries are coincidental. There is a direct approach, spontaneity, instinctive identity, and early extroversion. Sometimes the "Fire" can rage out of control and the assertiveness can become far too wilful. This spontaneity can metamorphose into impulse. The balance can be brought about by adding gentleness to independence and by adjusting the Self with self-awareness.


The Positive Side of Aries:
The Arian has innumerable positive characteristics. Overall Arians look to the future, are not easily discouraged by temporary bottlenecks.. They are more than adept at chasing after what they want in life. Quite often Arians become sources of inspiration for others traversing the same path. Aries men and women have a contagious zest for life that is often contagious. Others look on them as knowing how to live life. The Aries is usually mentally quick and active. He is imaginative and inventive. The Aries lives for being busy and active. Generally Aries are popular since they are interested in mankind, as a whole. They are fond of challenges. Some have even remarked that opposition is what they thrive on, because it is when he is challenged that he often does his best. Getting over or around obstacles is a challenge he generally enjoys. A person under the zodiac sign of Aries likes to keep abreast of new things that are happening in the world Arians can sometimes over do the desire for speed and aggravate their slower colleagues and associates. The Aries man or woman always seems to remain youthful as their entire approach to life is youthful and optimistic. They never say die, no matter what the odds, the occasional setback temporarily slows them, but before too long they are back on their feet again.

The Negative Side of Aries:
Everyone is bound to have some negative qualities and Aries is no exception. They are usually not very tactful in communicating with others. In a hurry to get things done the Arian tends to be a little callous or inconsiderate. Sensitive people are likely to find them somewhat sharp-tongued on occasion. Often his over enthusiasm to achieve pushes him into missing the mark altogether .The Arian can at times be too obstinate and ignore reason. If things do not move quickly enough to suit the Aries man or woman, there is a tendency to become nervous or irritable. The uncultivated Arian is not unfamiliar regarding fear and doubt. Unfortunately the Aries can be destructive if he does not get his way. He can do away withsome of his emotional problems by gradually expressing himself as he really is- however, this will require whole-hearted effort.