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Top 50 Most Popular Gemstones

Gemstones are rocks in the form of minerals used for various purposes, such as jewelry and healing properties. Gemstones gained prominence in recent times due to many studies highlighting the significance of gemstones in your life. We help you understand Gemstones' spiritual and emotional benefits and the things to keep in mind while purchasing a gemstone. Through our renowned astrologer, we discover different gemstones and help decide what is best for you.

What are Gemstones?

Gemstones are usually made from minerals that are deposited on the earth's surface for a long time. They are categorized based on the cut and clarity. In general, gemstones are hard to touch but can vary depending on the craftsmanship.

History of Gemstones

Gemstones have historically been used and possessed by humans. The earliest reference dates back to 4000 BC. It was a prominent part of different cultures, such as the Egyptian and Indian cultures. Diamond has been mentioned in ancient Indian texts. The Hindu tantric system said the chakra benefits from gemstones and has adopted it in various parts of Ayurvedic practices.


Gemstones are found in a variety of colours which makes them a popular choice amongst buyers. While rough gemstones look similar to rocks with a hard surface, once the gemstones are polished, they take on beautiful shapes, which are often worn as necklaces. The gemstones usually are found in primary colours, which gives great flexibility to the wearer.


The natural beauty of gemstones is enhanced with their cut. While raw, unpolished gemstones still possess healing abilities, they are not convenient to wear or carry around. With the advancement in cutting technologies, gemstones arrive in beautiful designs. There are two primary methods of cutting gemstones. The first is the cabochon cut.

The Cabochon cut is characterized by a flat base and a rounded top. Cabochon cut was the only type of cut available in the past and is still preferred by many connoisseurs of gemstones. The second and the modern way of cutting is the Faceting cut. A flat surface highlights the faceting cut throughout to emit more lights. Faceting cut offers more flexibility in designs and is preferred by most modern buyers.

Advantages of Gemstones

Gemstones are the most popular choice for consumers due to the wide range of benefits it offers. The benefits are not just the aesthetic benefits, but gemstones are frequently used for their spiritual and healing properties. History shows us the usage of gemstones by different cultures for the various benefits offered. The primary benefits offered by gemstones are:-

Calmness- Gemstones are renowned for their ability to calm the need. There is a lot of stress in daily life. You might be stressed about your job, your family, or your relationships. While gemstones do not solve all your problems, they give you the ability to stay calm. Being calm in stressful situations

Cleansing- Our minds often from bad situations in life lead to the accumulation of a lot of negativity. Negativity hampers every day of life and leads to anger issues, and creates rifts in your relationships. Gemstones' healing abilities cleanse your mind and rid your body of any toxins from the past, allowing you to have a fresh start.

Sustainability- Gemstones are incredibly durable and sustainable. Most gemstones are perfectly fine to last your whole lifetime. This makes for a great environmentally conscious choice that is sustainable.

Protection- Gemstones provide protective benefits. It helps the wearer stay away from negative energies and bad vibrations. The chakras inside gemstones grant the wearer a safety net against life's adversities.

Strength- One of the primary reasons gemstones are used is for their strength benefits. Gemstones provide the wearer with strength and courage. It helps boost your self-confidence, which allows you to handle dire situations in a better way.

Digestive- Gastrointestinal issues are becoming common these days with the changes in diet and lifestyle. Gemstones promote a healthy flow of nutrients inside the body. This helps in treating any digestive problems and making you and your stomach happy.

Emotional Well Being- Our emotions are affected due to a lot of reasons. Fights with our loved ones or stressful situations lead to difficulty in handling those situations. Gemstones provide the wearer with emotional stability to deal with various problems of life.

What to look for when buying gemstones?

With so many types and kinds of gemstones in the market, checking out the vital features becomes essential before purchasing your first gemstone. The gemstones are categorized on different criteria, including colour, size, treatment. Further, not every gemstone provides the same kind of healing benefits. It is essential to consult an astrologer specialist who can guide you on the correct type of gemstone to deal with your life's problems.

When it comes to buying a gemstone, you need to keep the following things in mind:-

Source- Gemstones are available widely in the market. It becomes essential to purchase gemstones from authentic sources to make your purchase valuable. When it comes to identifying a good source, you need to look for the reputation of the seller and the reviews given by other customers.

Color- Gemstones have many colours. However, original pure gemstones often are mixed with primary colours. The shadings inside the gemstone determine authentic craftsmanship. Thus, identifying and observing colours is essential to find good quality gemstones.

Treatment- Treatment is the process that a gemstone goes through. Heat treatment is a common form of treatment wherein the gemstone undergoes a different shape and is cut by applying heat. While heat-treated gemstones are cheaper, they do not provide the astrological benefits commonly sought from gemstones. Thus, look out for untreated gemstones if you want to benefit from the spiritual effects.

With all these things in mind, it becomes vital to consult an expert regarding purchasing your gemstone. An expert understands your needs and knows the astrological significance of each stone. Thus when the correct stone is matched based on your astrological stars, the stone's powers are enhanced, and it grants the wearer multiple benefits affecting every aspect of our life.

We provide astrological consultation services to help you decide on your perfect gemstone. Our astrologers are world-renowned experts whose services are sought after all over the world. With the astrologer, you can find a gemstone that is correct for you and see the benefits being brought into your life with the stone's healing power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gemstones are calibrated to match the standard size fittings. This is important for user convenience as the gemstone which has been calibrated can be equipped and used in most modern-sized homes and accessories.

The value of a gemstone is derived from its availability. While there are many gemstones available, the process of mining and finding suitable caves is long. It takes millions of years for a gemstone to be formed, making it a rare and sought-after stone.

While many gemstones have variations that are considered rare, the rarest would be the red diamond. With only limited numbers existing in the world, the value of red diamonds is sharply increasing, with bids going at an all-time high.

Contrary to popular belief, a diamond would not be the hardest gemstone. Durability is just one aspect of hardness. Gems like ruby and sapphire are considered more durable than diamonds. Gems like emeralds also contain properties that make them hard.

Blood diamonds are those gemstones that are mined illegally or in adverse conditions. Examples include mining in areas where child labor exploitation is rampant or in war zones. Blood diamonds become available at a cheaper rate due to the lack of labor restrictions present in the manufacturing process.

Gemstones get their colours for a variety of reasons. One reason is the ability of gemstones to absorb light. The gemstone absorbs different wavelengths of sunlight to give it a unique colour and texture. Another aspect is the colour through the process of treatment and cuts. This gives different shades to the gemstone on the inner layers, which combines with the outer layers to provide a different look.

There is not a fixed number that could be presented for this question. New gemstones are constantly being discovered, adding to the number of gemstones available in the market. However, in the latest study, over 300 different kinds of gemstones exist, each possessing a distinct quality that gives them the unique nature of that stone.