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Aries Sign

Aries Sign

Aries is a Fire Sign (March 21 – April 19)

Introduction and History of Zodiac Sign Aries :

Aries is the first Zodiac sign that got its name from the Aries Hamal constellation that shines the brightest. It is a fire sign and emits a lot of energy. Taking note of its historical significance, the zodiac sign Aries represents “Ram” from Greek mythology. The flying Ram was a goat that saved the children of Nephele and Boeotian King Athamas named Phrixus and Helle. He was born out of Sea-God Poseidon turned into Ram himself and a Nymph transformed into sheep by him. 

Indeed, the Ram that saved Phrixus and Helle had a Golden Fleece. Ram with Golden Fleece was taking the children to a safe destination and Helle fell off in the middle of Europe and Asia. On the other hand, Phrixus reached his destination safely and sacrificed the same Ram to the God Zeus as a sign of gratitude. Further, the history of the Zodiac Sign Aries states that Phrixus gave Ram’s golden fleece to his father-in-law. Then, a constellation was named after the goat because Aries is a Latin word for “Ram”. 

Basic Personality of Zodiac Sign Aries :
The basic personality traits of the zodiac sign Aries depict them to be fearless and strong enough to handle the challenges in life. These Aries people stick to their commitments and love to gain new experiences. Certainly, they are blunt in nature and do not sugar-coat their words. Besides this, the zodiac sign Aries has a positive approach to everything, which reflects their tremendous confidence. Another good thing about the Aries is that they do not get manipulated by anyone and stick to their decisions. In fact, they are well-organized, truthful, energetic, and creative. Aries do not like betrayals in a relationship as they are faithful and honest.

Being brave in nature, they do not fear anything and always go ahead in life with their instinct. Along with all the positive traits, the Zodiac sign Aries gets angry easily and are slightly aggressive in their tone. The reason is that Aries is ruled by Mars and this planet is known to be fierce. That’s not just all as Aries have a mentality to lead in everything they do. Their competitive nature makes them irritable with rivals. In fact, they are impatient in nature and do not stop until they achieve what has been planned by them. Moreover, they are attention-seekers and can turn out to be selfish at times. 

Aries Zodiac Sign Traits:
As a fire sign, Aries are known to be highly energetic that do not let them rest till they get what is needed in life. It is their zest to lead, which makes them plan every move to achieve results effectively. Their continuous need to achieve success in the smallest of things makes them fearless in taking decisions. Some of the Aries zodiac sign traits are:
With a perfect balance of excellent personality traits, the Zodiac sign Aries intend to work their way out of every difficult situation. They are well aware of everything they do and plan accordingly. Not to forget that Aries have a powerful mindset that makes them strong.

Love and Relationship of Zodiac Sign Aries:
The Zodiac sign Aries is very concerned and passionate about their feelings in a love relationship. They like to plan dates and make their partner feel special. But, the problem with Aries is that they cannot settle in a long-term relationship. In fact, they start yearning for the early-stage excitement of a new relationship as the matter grows older. As they are attention-seekers and like to experiment with new things in a relationship, the Zodiac sign Aries tends to get bored soon. 

When they find that the relationship is getting monotonous for them to handle, they create drama and try to distance themselves. In fact, they get bored from a committed relationship that goes a long way and starts missing the excitement. This may lead to fights between Aries and their partner. Moreover, they are very straightforward as to what Aries want from their partners in a relationship. 

Aries Man:
As Aries is the first sign of the 12 Zodiacs, Aries man likes to stay on top and lead their way. Indeed, they seek attention and work on their own terms. Being stubborn is the nature that enables them to do things in their way and not pay attention to others’ suggestions. Now that Aries Man is fearless and bold, they are powerful enough to handle every situation with ease. It is their high confidence level that keeps them going. Along with this, their competitive nature empowers them to plan their moves and be ready to face the challenges of life. Besides this, Aries man gets angry easily if things do not go their way. Also, they are self-centered and focus more on what they need. 

Aries Woman:
Aries Woman has an immaculate sense of style and can carry off anything. Along with this, they like to remain independent and value their man, who is self-made. Just like Aries Woman is ambitious, she likes her man to be determined too. In fact, an Aries woman will not prefer to be in a relationship with some sweet guy. Since she is dominating in the relationship, Aries Woman will give her man due space. The only criterion here has to be that the man should be successful and dynamic. Despite this, Aries woman can turn out to be slightly possessive about her man because she wishes to do everything to maintain a healthy relationship. 

Aries Friend and Family:
As the Zodiac sign Aries is courageous, they like to take their own stand in family matters. In fact, whatever they decide will always abide by it. Well, Aries will go to any extent to protect their family. But, they will not express their feelings directly to the members. No matter how much Aries love their family, their refrain from any specified interference by other family members. They do not get influenced by the decisions of their family, and like to keep their own decisions working. Though the family members of the Zodiac sign Aries may not be their best friends; there is an unshaken bond that Aries share with their family members. 

How to Recognize Aries?
Just like every other zodiac sign, Aries has certain distinctive qualities that make them easily recognizable in society. Some of the traits that help in identifying the Zodiac sign Aries are:
Slightly Impatient
Always seeking attention
Taking initiatives
Prefer to lead the situation
Staying active always
Talk to the point and direct
Ready to take the challenges
Jump into situations immediately 
Planning and organizing things and tasks
People tend to get recognized for their habits, personality traits, and actions. Likewise, anyone born in a specified zodiac sign will display relatable traits. The above-mentioned traits of the Zodiac sign Aries will enable you to recognize them quickly and understand their side of behavior as well. 

Aries Strengths:
Being the leader of the 12 Zodiac Signs, Aries has a natural leadership quality that makes them stand out. Also, they are excellent at organizing and planning tasks to achieve better results. It is their high confidence that sails them through difficult situations in life. This is the reason that no one can bring them down. Indeed, there are strong-willed people with a strategic mindset. Some of the other Aries strengths include optimistic nature, taking challenges in life, staying faithful in relationships, and remaining independent. 

Aries Weaknesses:
Despite having various strengths Aries have weaknesses too. Being impulsive and short-tempered is one of the biggest weaknesses leading to problems in life. Apart from this, Aries weaknesses include moody nature that may keep them away from good people. Besides this, their impatient attitude will enable them to lose opportunities. To achieve goals, they cannot wait and may take regrettable decisions in haste. Not just this, Aries turn out to be aggressive and short-tempered if things do not go as per their plan. 

Aries in Career and Money:
As Aries are energetic, they like to work hard and earn money. But, this does not mean that enjoying a lifestyle is not their cup of tea. In fact, they like to spend lavishly on a materialistic lifestyle and enjoy shopping. For them, their career is of utmost importance as they enjoy making as much money as possible in life. Apart from splurging on the good things in life, they save money for essential use too. Certainly, Aries in career and money are very lucky. The money comes to them without much difficulty and gets spent immediately. 

Everyone knows that Aries are adept at planning and organizing tasks in life. This trait helps them in achieving high-end goals in their career. For them, getting successful in a career is like attaining peace. Their fire instinct gives them enough energy to deal with every task that comes their way. Some of the careers suiting Aries are marketing manager, sportsperson, firefighter, fashion designer, doctor, or police officer. 

Aries in Health:
Though Aries are energetic and have a never-ending zest to handle every situation; but, their health issues may result from workload, and stressing out. As there are ambitious and impatient, the Zodiac sign Aries will go to any extent to achieve their goals. Whether working extra hours or putting in excessive hard work, they will not take care of its ill effects. This would make them sick and prone to health problems. Indeed, one can see migraines, headaches, and strokes being common with Aries. 

Aries Compatibility with Other Signs:
Aries are known to create communal vibes with any zodiac sign that shares their energy. In fact, any sign of understanding their needs and zest to develop harmony will work well with them. Still, the most compatible ones are Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Leo. Apart from this, the incompatible ones are Capricorn, Cancer, Taurus, and Virgo. The scenario is such that Aries cannot withstand Cancerians and Scorpions as they are their worst enemies. 

Aries Symbol:
As the fire sign, the Aries symbol represents “Ram” because of the Greek Mythological story behind it. There was a Ram that saved the children of Athamus and got sacrificed by the son of Athamus to Zeus. The sign embodies action, energy, anger, and compassion, which need to be controlled for better relationships. 

Aries Ruling Planet:
The ruling planet of the Zodiac sign Aries is Mars, which has been famous as an aggressive planet. In fact, Mars constitutes heat and energy that is reflected in the Aries person. The planet is always up to something because of restlessness and uncontrollable anger at times. Their anger is such that they may not take care of who is standing in front of them. They will make sure to defeat their opponent by any means. 

Aries Ruling House:
The ruling house of the Zodiac sign Aries is the first house in Moon Chart. This first house is called the house of self, which is ruled by Aries itself. Of course, the Aries ruling house will give you an insight into the futuristic developments of your personality. Besides this, it defines working towards self-development and improving your own energetic aura. It will also give you a sense of expression. 

Aries Element:
The Zodiac sign Aries is governed by the Fire element, which signifies tremendous energy, creativity, compassion, and restless to achieve goals in life. It is further recognized by spontaneity and courage that keeps them strong in the difficult situation. In fact, they are adept at handling tough situations and finding solutions without much problem. You cannot calm their energy and they do not get afraid of going beyond their limits to realize the big ideas because of the Aries element. Be it business or job or any aspect of life, they cannot rest till the task is completed by them. 

Aries Quality:
Aries are said to be bold in nature with high-level energy that cannot be subsided. Though they take a bit of time and motivation to succeed; but, when they do, these Aries people are unstoppable. As per the Aries quality, they will not sit ideal till the task is completed or they have achieved the success. To them, life full of vitality and fun is more important. But, make sure not to anger them as they can turn out to be furious. 

Aries Gemstone:
As per the astrology, Red Coral is the birthstone of Aries because it represents Mars and wearing Coral can control the anger of Aries person. The cosmic rays present in the coral gemstone is effective enough to enhance all the facets of an Aries inherent. It will assist them in overcoming the problems in their lives and attain success, wealth, and happiness.

Apart from this, Diamond is another lucky Aries gemstone as their creativity gets enhanced to the next level and empowers them with excessive energy to attain their goals. In fact, Diamond is meant to add four stars to their inherent qualities and keep them going in tough situations of life. 

Aries Color:
Going as per the ruling planet of Aries named Mars, the lucky Aries color is red. It is their intense nature and fiery aptitude that reds suits them the most. Indeed, wearing red on Tuesdays will benefit the most to then as Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars too.