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Aries Female

Aries Female

The Aries Female – What Do Peaceful Periods In Their Life Means
Not only for the most obvious reasons, but female are intrinsically different from the male species and the Aries female even more so! You want to pinpoint an Aries female? Just start at the head of the queue. An Aries female is charismatic, a natural leader and positively revels in challenges and situations that are not exactly the norm. She is usually an early riser for the simple reason that life is an exciting adventure – every bit of which must be savoured to the last drop.

Being a sign governed by fire, passion runs rife in an Aries female. She is ‘passionately passionate’. However her partner has to match her strength or else there is a likelihood of her losing interest. Like her male counterpart an Aries female also likes to get her own way. Even where a physical relationship is concerned, she will every once in a while instigate a fiery argument – which is typically her version of foreplay!

A tendency to being hyper active sometimes results in her taking on more tasks than she can handle or complete. Sheer lack of patience frequently prompts the female Aries to just move on before seeing a project to the end. Ego clashes can be the result in any kind of rivalry with a male colleague as a most pronounced independence does not gel with male pride. Another admirable characteristic is the ability to bounce back and still retain optimism even after the most grueling circumstances.

Flattery, the Aries female is most adept at seeing through and it is not a trait that she finds appealing in the least. The note of sincerity must ring loud and clear when a compliment is paid. In the 21st century this is most applicable – the Aries female will usually want to opt for a career even after marriage. At the same time she will remain staunch in her love for you and the loyalty which comes for a life time. As a mother she will be caring and will take pains to ensure that the imagination of the children is sparked with something that is striking and unique – be it an idea or a career.

It must always be kept in mind that the Aries female can never be tepid or lukewarm. Though there is always a constant need for love, no male can ever dominate her - they are equal partners. To describe the Aries in a nutshell – she is a fascinating female who is sensual, vivacious, sensual, active and mischievous with an impish sense of humour.

How Does The Aries Female Handle Stress And Strain In Life :

The average Aries female is undoubtedly a well of strength, but even she has her moments of weakness. If there is a prolonged period in which she has had to battle long and hard. She will hold on for as long as she possibly can and then break down and have sporadic bouts of weeping. This is not weakness – but it is just resurrecting her strength because an Aries female does not know how to give in. When a female Aries is feeling stressed out and with her back to the wall – first of all they will vehemently deny being stressed out. If you persist in trying to talk about their problems or try to bring the issue into the open, they will most likely snap and be tetchy and rude.

Aries are by nature hot tempered and she may give vent to the tension screaming and yelling at the least imagined provocation. However, at such times it would be best to keep in mind that YOU are actually not the focus of her bad mood. She is not angry with you in any way. She will react in this overheated manner a couple of times before she starts calming down. In this manner she will gradually find the well of strength in herself. The Aries female is a hallmark of survival and once she is all set – she will fight to rise once again – full force. There is also a genre of Aries female who tend to talk to as many people as they can to relieve the pressure. In turn they are also there for anybody who is in a spot of trouble and turns to them for comfort.

What do you actually mean when you say someone is ‘stressed out’? Isn’t there a kind of negative aura about it? It might come as a bit of surprise, but, stress can actually be good for you too. There are certain Aries female who positively prosper when there are challenges to be met and there is a certain degree of pressure. All Aries and even more so the female are very active and always on the go. Since they are always looking for something new to work on – they like to take the initiative and are born leaders. They have a true talent for pushing out of stagnancy and encouraging all those around them to work towards the fulfilment of the set goal.

I am talking to you, Aries female. There is no doubt that you will be proactive in getting out of any stressful situation. The sheer thrill and excitement of the situation hardly ever fails to work the magic charm. Confess please – won’t you feel even more stressed if there are prolonged periods in which you actually have nothing much to do? Let me continue my conversation with you Aries female; Tell me, how do you react when frazzled because of whatever reason? You find yourself even more short tempered than you normally are, especially when you are accused of snapping at and biting peoples’ heads off! This just means that you have to do something positive to get back on track.

One reason for any tension that you might be feeling is biting off more than you can chew. Learning to recognize your limitations will work like a magic charm. One way to do away with the tension is indulging in some strenuous outdoor activity. Some outdoor sport helps in getting rid of that pent up nervous energy. Coming into contact with a lot of new people might lead to fresh interests which acts as a positive stimulant. In short, the Aries female is greatly helped by exercise and sporting activities to cope when under extreme tension or great stress.

The Aries Female - Love Life And Human Relationships :

The first factor in the scheme of love of the Aries female is her extremely passionate nature. Where the game of love is concerned, more often than not the Aries female is the seducer. The lover and partner she is looking has to be able to meet her head on – or there is a great likelihood of her losing interest. This would be the same – whether it be a simple meal or a romp between the sheets. For a female Aries the equivalent of foreplay is a strong and well matched argument!

Though Aries is undoubtedly sexy and sensitive, she takes being authoritative to new heights and always wants to be the one in charge. Thanks to a hyper active nature her attention span is not all that much and she can move on to a more exciting relationship at the drop of a hat. However, in a serious and committed relation she will remain loyal – as long as boredom does not set in. If the relationship is kept novel, challenging – that is certainly a cementing factor. Travelling is another great incentive. In case of any issue or glitch, the best option would be to deal with her directly instead of going about matters in a roundabout fashion. That only drives the nail further into the coffin.

In any kind of relationship with an Aries female – romantic or otherwise, there is never a lack of excitement. But in a male-female relationship the male partner has to be capable of a forceful and independent female. There is no lukewarm response and just a feather touch will send her up in flames. There is a tendency to be dominating – and she truly does not offer any choice. When you finally wake up out of that stupor, you will realize too late that the Aries lady in your life has moulded you to fit that the image that she wants. A male coming into close contact with her becomes more of a highly movable object.

Though the Aries lady gets all the love that she is seeking and more, there is absolutely no question of any male becoming her lord and master. Any relationship with her is based on equality and anything that is less than absolute honesty is repaid in kind! Fidelity is both given and expected as a reciprocal. A lover who has a variety of interests is not the male for her. She always looks for someone who has only her as the focal point. There is no question of a general insecurity being the root cause of jealousy – it’s just a fact that she has to be numero uno.

What brings true happiness to the Aries female is an abiding and longstanding relationship. Her partner – be it a lover, boy-friend or husband will be someone she would like to share everything with, combining feelings of affection and sentiment. As an ally she will remain staunchly by your side, trusting in you implicitly and encouraging you every step of the way. A male who is striving to reach the zenith can reach for that dose of strength and determination which she will provide him with in abundance.

Unfortunately there is also a fall-out. In any relationship if the Aries female feels any kind of neglect or gets the impression that she is not loved as she should be, she becomes even more shrilly demanding. An unhappy female Aries is a hellish proposition. There is a constant need to be appreciated for her unique qualities and to be admitted and feted. A tactful handling will result in the blossoming of a female who will go out of her way to fulfil any of your desires.

Have you heard of the adage ‘Opposites attract?’ This is not true for an Aries female in any way – particularly where strength of character is concerned. Whether it be a mother-daughter, sibling or any other relationship, there is virtually no likelihood that she will be conned into falling for a sob story. There is a lack of compassion and does not have much time to spend on a person who is constantly moaning about problems. Once could say that her motto is "Make the most of what comes, and the least of what goes".

Aries get a high on the all that goes with overcoming barriers, glitches and actually conquering the objective they have set for themselves. She is totally enmeshed in the throes of passion during each ‘adventure’ and to keep her interest alive in whomever she is in contact with at the moment – those essential elements of challenge and excitement will have to be there.

In all relationships Aries female are very straight-forward and a direct approach is what they prefer. If there is expression of interest in taking a friendship or romance forward, then it is because she genuinely wants to do so. There is implicit trust in the bonding that is taking place and the certainly that she herself can make a positive contribution to the relationship. So far as a romantic relationship is concerned, there is a kind of contradiction in what the Aries female is feeling. She does not feel the need for being wined and dined in style - however, dollops and dollops of attention is certainly amongst what she considers essential. At the same time if the person or persons are too readily accessible, the Aries female is bound to start feeling claustrophobic.

Aries believes very strongly in a give and take relationship and she does not worry at all about taking risks. Belonging to the fire sign genre, an Aries female needs a warm and healthy relationship. There are occasional outbursts of temper, but this is by and large for a very short time span and the process of reconciliation is enjoyed just as much. One of the displays she thoroughly enjoys is the juggling of knives and fire - and whatever else is not dull.