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Taurus Sign

Taurus Sign

Taurus is an Earth Sign (April 20 – May 20)

Introduction and History of Zodiac Sign Taurus:
Taurus is the second of the 12 Zodiac signs, which is identified as the “symbol of bull worship”. In fact, it was the most powerful and first Zodiac sign established by the Mesopotamians from 4000 BC to 1700 BC. As per the history of the Zodiac sign Taurus, the Mesopotamian race called the bull as “Great Bull of Heaven” because of the constellation by the same name through which Sun used to rise. Being represented by the Bull, Taureans are stubborn in nature. This means that if they want anything, they will not rest or their mind won’t rest till they get it. Taureans get impatient on feeling threatened by their freedom. 

Besides this, the Zodiac sign Taurus is more of a relaxed person favoring soothing aromas, soft sounds, and rustic environs. Moreover, they are governed by the planet Venus which signifies love, money, and beauty. They get enchanted by the sense of comfort and luxury. Moreover, pleasure is essential for them as they feel elated after being pampered. Along with this, they are hard-working people and do not mind facing challenges at full throttle. For them, security is everything and a threat to it can make them anxious. To re-establish security in their life, Taureans can pull up their sleeves and do anything. 

Basic Personality of Zodiac Sign Taurus:
The personality traits of the Zodiac sign Taurus describe them as stubborn at one point and sensual at another. In fact, they know what is needed and can go to any extent to fulfill their needs. Be it hard-working or planning strategies, they are adept at handling things in life. Along with this, they are smart at managing a luxurious life. Be it planning a date night, vacation, or cooking dishes, Taureans are very at everything. They ensure to make their partner feel special with caresses. They prefer to spend their best time at home with popcorn and movies. 

The problem with Taureans is that once they get enraged, pacifying them is very difficult. But, this does not mean that they are not good at heart or cannot be nice to their partner. The Zodiac sign Taurus tends to dream big and make sure to achieve its goals with sheer hard work. They are adept at planning things and working for the benefit of their accomplishments. Apart from this, they are very determined in their opinions and ensure that everything goes properly. They will not jump into a relationship if Taureans do not feel safe. Despite this, they are very polite and trustworthy which makes them ideal friends or partners. 

Taurus Zodiac Sign Traits:
Being an Earth sign, the Taurus Zodiac sign traits highlight them as the most trustworthy people. Along with this, they have the traits of Bull indicating their stubbornness and determined nature. Not just this, they are smart planners and their friends or family members can trust them for organized tasks. Just make sure that they should not be angered as Taureans can turn out to be furious. Some of the common Zodiac sign Taurus traits are:
Luxury Seekers
Taureans are good enough to help everyone in need. They make sure that people feel safe around them and trust retains. But, one thing to be taken care of is that no one should break their trust. This will infuriate them and mad with anger. The Zodiac sign Taurus are perfect people to keep every around them happier. 

Love and Relationship of Zodiac Sign Taurus:
Taureans are very compassionate in nature and they can do anything to keep their partner happy. But, they should not be disrespected or enraged as it may make them furious. As they are ambitious, Taureans would like their partner to share financial goals. Indeed, the steady flow of money in the saving account makes them happy. Besides this, the Zodiac sign Taurus takes relationships seriously. The slightest of erratic planning can trouble them as they are very particular about their plans. The build-up of relationship with Taureans are slow; but, they turn out to be steady and lasting. 

Taureans are compassionate by nature with doing special things for their partners. In fact, they are adept at planning surprises and parties for their partner and giving them extravagant gifts. The love and relationship of the Zodiac sign Taurus state that Taureans are very nice and soft-hearted. They do not jump into a relationship soon. But, when they tend to become serious, Taureans will do everything to maintain the relations. 

Taurus Man:
Taurus man is slightly talkative and practical in nature. They are not dreamy at all. In fact, they believe in organizing things in a better way and ensuring to stay independent. On a personal note, Taureans obey their partners on one side and try to impose their partners. To them, it should be a two-way relationship and not a one-sided manner. In fact, they are independent to fulfill their dreams and do not like to depend on anyone. Besides this, the Zodiac sign Taurus is ambitious and committed to its goals. Not to forget that Taureans men are smart enough to befriend anyone as they are very helpful in nature. 

Taurus Woman:
Taurus woman is identified to be the most realistic of all zodiac signs. In fact, they are faithful enough to support their partner at all times. But, do not forget that the Zodiac sign Taurus woman will seek love, affection, and caress in the tough times. But, this does not mean that they are not strong enough to handle tough situations in life. Along with this, they are the most caring ones and tender. Make sure not to hurt them as it may infuriate them and they might get angry. Moreover, their tenderness should always be taken care. They like to be comfortable and believe in taking care of their loved ones for sure. Being ruled by Venus, Taurus woman are considered the epitome of love and care.  

Taurus Friend and Family:
As governed by Venus, the Taureans are emotional by nature. They will do anything to make a relationship work. Indeed, the Zodiac sign Taurus makes friends easily and is very faithful. They are very protective of their friends and will not leave them alone in problems. Similarly, Taureans are not very expressive in showing their love. But, this does not mean that they are cold. In fact, they are very protective of their family members and will not spare anyone troubling them. The Taureans are known for sincerity and devotion towards their friends and family members. They make sure to create a safe environment for the people linked to them. The Taurus friend and family relations are always harmonious and cordial. 

How to Recognize Taurus?
Taureans are easy-going people with compassion in every relationship. They will take time to enter a relationship. But, when they accept a relationship, Taureans will always remain faithful. The Taureans have a special aura, which makes their friends and family feel safe around them. There are certain traits that the Zodiac sign Taurus gets identified easily:
Very Independent
Slightly Stubborn
Smart and innocent looking
Sarcastic to the outsiders
Very protective of friends
Extremely loyal in relationships
Simple and elegant fashion sense
Always the center of attraction
Caring about their partner
People tend to get recognized for their personality traits. So, this is the case with Taureans as they are easily recognizable through the above-mentioned traits. If you are able to locate a Taurean, ensure to befriend them as they are the most loyal of all Zodiac signs. 

Taurus Strengths:
The Taureans are known to be hard-working people and they like to achieve big goals. Being energetic, they do not refrain from tedious tasks and do not rest until the task is done. Along with this, Taurus’ strengths include as slightly materialistic and preferring expensive stuff. Indeed, they work to achieve good status in life. The Zodiac sign Taurus is very calm, dependable, and stable at what they do. In fact, they can turn out to be your best friends. Along with this, they are protective of their friends and family. They are well aware of the finances and manage them well. 

Taurus Weaknesses:
Though Taureans are protective in nature, they might get slightly possessive. Besides this, the Zodiac sign Taurus is stubborn and does not change on making up their mind about something. Sometimes, they might turn out to be short-tempered upon being triggered. Taurus’ weaknesses highlight that they are hard to convince of anything. At times, they are easy-going and like to laze around. 

Taurus in Career and Money:
The Zodiac sign Taurus loves luxurious life. But, this does not mean that they are not concerned about money. In fact, saving funds is equally important for them. Being logical in nature, they are very well organized in managing money. Taking note of their career, Taureans are hard working and make sure to achieve their goals. They are not scared of working exceedingly to get luxuries. They are very focused on their career too. 

Taurus in Health:
Taureans have good taste buds which makes them a foodie. In fact, this could increase their weight at a later stage besides this, they are more vulnerable to colds, coughs, soar throats, and swollen glands. Not just limited to this, the Zodiac sign Taurus might have problems with headaches as Taureans do excessive hard work and take less rest to achieve their goals. 

Taurus Compatibility with Other Signs:
Taureans are known to be compatible with almost all, except Aquarians and Leos. Indeed, the Zodiac sign Taurus is most compatible with Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and fellow Taureans. As far as Taurus compatibility with other signs is concerned, they can gel well with anyone who can handle their stubborn nature. 

Taurus Symbol:
The Zodiac sign Taurus is represented by the symbol of the Bull. It represents toughness in life. Indeed, it is well-known that Bulls should not be enraged as it may make them furious and the other person might have to bear the consequences. Besides this, Bull is represented by the strength which can be seen in Taureans because they are very energetic. 

Taurus Ruling Planet:
The Taurus ruling planet is Venus, which represents care, love, and faith. Taureans are very caring about their family and friends. In fact, they are adept at making a safe environment around them. This planet represents beauty and money as well. So, Taureans are good-looking with intelligence to organize their funds. 

Taurus Ruling House:
The Taurus ruling house is the Second house, which represents stability and security in life. These factors are clearly seen in Taureans, who are very protective of their relationships and seek stability. Just like Taurus is ruled by Venus, its second house is ruled by Venus too. This helps Taureans to enjoy a luxurious life and organize their money essentially. 

Taurus Element:
The Zodiac sign Taurus is governed by the earth element. It is reflected in the Taureans as they are very down-to-earth and keep their partners or friends grounded as well. They make sure to maintain a harmonious relationship with everyone around them. 

Taurus Quality:
Taureans are highly energetic and do not shun away from doing hard work. Though they like luxurious lifestyles; but, the Zodiac sign Taurus is aware of managing their finances well. They have a calming nature until someone hurts them or their close ones. This can make them furious. The best Taurus quality is that they are compassionate and take care of their partner very well. 

Taurus Gemstone:
Taking note of the lucky stones for Taurus, sapphire is considered the best companion. The purpose of Sapphire is to curtail the ill effects of Saturn and make Taureans powerful enough to handle challenges in life. Along with this, emeralds and diamonds are other Taurus gemstones that will support them to achieve success in life. 

Taurus Color:
The most supportive and lucky color for Taureans is Green. Along with this earthy nature, it lends vivaciousness, liveliness, and freshness to the earthy sign Taureans.