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Taurus Facts

Taurus Facts

Must Knowing Facts About Taurus
Just after Aries, Taurus is the 2nd zodiac sign in Western Astrology. The people born between 20th April and 20th May, come under the second zodiac sign - Taurus. In general, venus-ruled Taurus people prefer to accomplish success in their comfort zone. In terms of personality, Taurus individuals are always easy-going & sensual. 

The Mythology Behind The Zodiac Sign of Taurus:
Sign: Bull
There is a charming love story in Greek Mythology behind the origin of the Taurus zodiac sign. Once Greek God Zeus became attracted to the prettiest princess of the Phoenicia kingdom-Europa. Then God Zeus approached his love for Europa, a white bull with double golden horns. Taurus, The white bull, carried Princess Europa away to the beautiful island of Crete, crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Minos, the son of Zeus & Europa, was the legendary empire of Crete island. 
So, in the Northern Celestial Hemisphere, while a group of stars creates a vivid figure resembling the bull, it is termed 'Taurus' as the next zodiac sign of Western astrology.

Element & Mode of Taurus:

Element: Fixed Earth
Each zodiac sign comes under four specific natural elements - Fire, Earth, Air & Water. All natural elements are categorized into three triple modalities - Fixed, Cardinal & Mutable. Taurus comes under the natural element - Earth. And Taurus is counted in the Fixed Earth modality as it represents the middle season of the year. 
Influence of Element Earth on Taurus
The association with natural elements - earth, Taurus people- is counted as reliable. Besides, well-balanced personality & mental stability make the Taurus men & women tolerant. On the other hand, as Taurus carries bull figure signs, while they work to acquire new goals, they pursue their own ways or methods, often influenced by stubbornness.
The elemental influence of earth reflects both positive & negative traits in the personality of Taurus. Taurus people can promote new changes in life. Alongside, any bad incident or happenings can make Taurus people so stubborn that they can create a high level of chaos, destroying life's harmony.
Above all, the elemental characteristics of Taurus keep them calm under challenging circumstances. 

Ruling Planet of Taurus
The ruling planet Venus provokes the luxurious inner soul in Taurus. So, they often have a strong desire for self-love. In terms of love relationships, Venus influences Taurus people to initiate the tone of sensuality along with romantic gestures & approaches. As Venus gifts Taurus people an attractive personality, they can easily convince surrounding people with a calm approach.
The ruling planet of Taurus instigates Taurus individuals to develop an urge for beauty, satisfaction, pleasure, romance, gratitude, and creativity as they can explore the natural charm of a harmonious relationship.

What Facts Help Taurus To Choose Ideal Career or Profession?
The bull figure represents the Zodiac sign Taurus. So, Taurus people have everything to overcome the hurdles. So, where talent becomes insufficient, Taurus people cover up it with the required focus, iron determination, and tenacity. The ruling planet Venus offers blessings of different skill sets in various sectors such as - Arts, Aestheticism, beautification, fashion, finance, hospitality, and entertainment. Due to the strong influence of the planetary ruler - Venus Taurus, people acquire expertise on how to make everything pretty, spread positivity, maintain integration between food & place, and utilize financial networks. 

Taurus As Person:

Iron Determination: 
At a glance, Taurus prefers to make decisions based on intellectual insights. They are known to reflect the ethical values in their daily life. As they have a sharp focus on hard work, they can achieve their goals faster. 
Adjustment Power: 
During social interactions, Taurus always tries to realize the other's point of view. So, adjusting to Taurus people for their understanding of nature is effortless. In any team or social group, people often like Taurus as they work in organized ways, which is very fruitful for any organization. Taurus wins the hearts of their surrounding people for kind-hearted opinions & decisions. Above all, people love reliability when they come close to any Taurus.
Practical Mindset:
The elemental power of the Taurus people makes them sensible with practical insights. When it comes to work-life & money, Taurus people take their own time to execute their methods in a balanced manner. This is the reason behind the success of Taurus people in their preferred sectors.
Professional Qualities:
Taurus people have excellent qualities as responsible employees. They are punctual & disciplined, but they are also scrupulous. They often set their mind to a single task as they can complete it without any lag at the right time. The productivity level of Taurus people could be higher, but while Taurus people take any responsibility, they complete it anyway in time. In general, the bulls are goal-oriented & the ruling planet of Taurus is Venus. So, Taurus people do their best to reach the ultimate objective of earning handsome amounts of money.
The specific personality traits of Taurus include trustworthiness, strong mentality, firm mindset, commitment to responsibilities & sensuality.

Behavioral Patterns of Taurus:
Friendly Attitude:
Taurus is very genuine in friendship. They become close to surrounding people quickly. In some cases, they play the ideal roles as icebreakers. They never deny help to their friends. In their friend circle, Taurus often straightforwardly express their opinion, even when no one can expect the truth in such a manner. 
Strict To Ethical Values:
Taurus people prefer to maintain the values of honesty & transparency in their behavior. They also expect the same from their surroundings. So, any hostile attitude from the surrounding individuals makes Taurus people angry.
Do Not Ready To Follow Traditional Concepts:
Taurus people often tend to challenge the rigidity that lies in any system or authorized organization. They always carry a solid willpower to confront the odd or out-of-the-box traditions. For example, suppose there is one student in school or one employee in the office who expects a rational attitude instead of the conventional attitude in their surrounding system. In that case, it may be a Taurus.
Weakness of Taurus People:
The major weakness of the Taurus people is their stubborn nature. They often become jealous at the back of their known ones. They feel a very low urge to maintain consistency to acquire any objectives. Mental confusions & fluctuations create a lack of balance in their personality. In some circumstances, the possessiveness of Taurus people reaches a high level, affecting their relationships. For being perfectionist in any individual matter, they can chase too far. Sometimes, insights into perfection turn the Taurus character into frustrated and stressed. Rebellious nature is another weakness in Taurus people.

Relationship Compatibility of Taurus:
Who Is The Most Compatible Partner For Taurus People?
In general, Taurus men often prefer such women, who can make their moments pleasant with tenderness. Taurus men usually fall in love with a lady who speaks with a sweet voice. 
But, astrological calculation suggests Virgo is the ideal partner for Taurus people. On one side, Mercury-influenced Virgo plans & organizes; on the other side, Venus-influenced Taurus beautifies. Thus, together Taurus & Virgo can lead a stable, productive & sensual pair.
How Taurus Deal With Their Relationship?
The specialty of Taurus individuals is they are earnest about maintaining relationships. So, if they find compatibility factors within you, they will go ahead; if not, they will never be available for you. In simple terms, Taurus are selective enough to choose someone who wins their heart. So, you can expect an ongoing, steady & trustworthy relationship with your Taurus partner. Another specialty of Taurus is they prefer to go ahead slowly for further commitments in a relationship.
How Taurus Make Bonding With Spouses After Marriage?
Honesty, as well as loyalty, make Taurus people satisfied. A tone of possessiveness turns Taurus's partners into excellent lovers. Through subtle behavior, consistent care & gentle closeness, Taurus people make their partners feel safe & assured. In general, Taurus partners prefer to cook meals for their spouses.

Unique Characteristics of Taurus Men:

What Type of Women Attract Taurus Men easily?
Always a competent woman full of stamina attracts Taurus men. Taurus men greatly respect women who can please them with feminine charm and manage their careers, families & free time without struggle.
How Taurus Men Develop Bonding With Their Women?
Taurus men prefer to prove their caring nature instead only explaining their feelings. Sometimes, Taurus men are not interested in lengthy conversations about what he feels for you, but they can easily win their lady love with flowers or gifts. Moreover, sometimes Taurus men become stubborn with certain matters & never hesitate to show off their frustration in front of their women. 
Are Taurus Men Romantic?
Yes, Taurus men will be interested to know you in every way. He will want to know your childhood & objectives, what makes you the real you. Thus, Taurus men try to create a comfort zone to develop an intense bonding of love with their women.

Unique Characteristics Of Taurus Women:
What Makes Taurus Women Unique?
The integrated personality of Taurus women makes them responsible for saving money. So, the financial management power of the Taurus women can make the future prosperous. They never feel shy to toil to ensure a luxurious lifestyle.
What Are The Charming Facts About Taurus Wives?
Taurus women are loyal, as well as sensual, in their love life. She knows how to devote herself to his man. Generally, Taurus women can maintain steady & loyal relationships with great patience.

If you are considering tying the knot with a Taurus person, you can expect they will treat you with real insights and enough reliability. Taurus people love stable relationships, so they must be dependable partners.