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Taurus Male

Taurus Male

The Taurus Male – What Do Peaceful Periods In Their Life Means ?
By nature Taurus love peace and avoid any sort of conflict and discord as far as possible. What does peace actually mean to this zodiac sign? This particular component is of vital importance to this genre of people. They ardently desire to maintain a degree of stability and at the same time maintain a physical balance in their lives too. Now, you might be asking – what exactly is ‘physical balance’ all about? It’s very simple really – all that it means is being in the best possible physical condition at all times. A lot of physical activity is extremely important and allows them to feel that sense of well-being. So, even if a Taurus hold a very high paying desk job – it is an actual need to get away from being ‘hemmed in’ every once in a while. That is a major factor in maintaining that sense of peace and contentment. If this can even be planned (the Taurus is incidentally a great planner and organizer)a beaming Taurus – spreading that aura of warm and sparkling contentment will prominently be visible. Their happiness at such times is so potent that it is almost a tactile feeling.

Their innate and inherent spiritual sense craves for an abundance of something that wholesome and of course is a contributory factor to earthly harmony. The members of this zodiac sign should be able to grasp this side of their nature by actively working to that end. Then there will be no need at all to blindly reassure themselves with an outward show and manifestation of expensive and luxurious material possessions or comforts. There has to be a gradual realization that the actual or ultimate goal is inner peace. What are the elements that will bring it about? All the positive dynamics that I have been putting across to you all, my friends will raze to the ground all negativity and bring about all the peace and happiness that you can possibly desire or manage! This will bring you total fulfilment.

A very strong and well developed will power draws the peaceful times and stabilizes them for the Taurus personality. The Taurean is patient not in bad times – but in good times as well. He is quite content to thoroughly enjoy the moments of peace without getting too enmeshed in the nitty gritties of the whys and wherefores.

Taurus comes under the sign of Venus and what adds charm to the periods of peace is the feminine touch of beauty – it is an integral quality and does not really make a difference whether the Taurean concerned is male or female. Strength comes to a Taurus personality and this is even more apparent during times of peace. The constructive and determined nature gives rise to feelings of security – which in turn creates an ambience that is peaceful and in harmony and concordance with all that is natural, right and good. Three cheers for Taureans – hip hip hurrah!

The Taurus Male – What Is Stress To Him And How Does He Handle It ?
Let’s have a little conversation before we begin on this. Each and every single one of us have to deal with stress at some point or at some phase in our life. We all have different ways of dealing with this – and the Taurus is certainly no exception. It might sound strange, but there are actually some who look out for stress as a challenge to meet and overcome. Each sun sign has varying levels of tolerance and means of dealing with stress. How to deal with it can be better learnt by replenishing our personal energy bank accounts- which falls within the purview of the 2nd House.

Taurus– how does he deal with it? What typifies them is storage and containment; what is meant by this is how pressures and emotions are handled. There could be an apparent smokescreen of placidity which is in reality pent up anxiety and stress very well disguised. If provoked beyond endurance – disaster and the bull going on a rampage is the one certain outcome.

Like Atlas the Taurean can handle unimaginably vast and heavy burdens of responsibility before just crumbling under pressure. The pressure is well within control for a prolonged period and though it might not show, the pressure continues to build. Well, not exactly, it does manifest itself – how? The Taurus tends to become somewhat accident prone as well as hyper critical of others, cantankerous and scathing – which is alien to their normally placid temperament. Members of this sign of the zodiac like their surroundings to be neat, tidy and in good order. In order for this some solitude and time to think is very much a necessity.

What are some sign that will clearly show that the Taurus is under pressure? He becomes prone to unwarranted accidents or if they constantly catch a cold and generally feel sluggish the better part of the day. Continuous pressure will definitely have the effect of making the Taurus under the weather and it won’t get any better till there is some of relief from the pressure. There is a stubborn resistance to change – but sometimes he should just grit his teeth and go with the tide, because ultimately it is beneficial.

There is also a tendency to deal with stress through comfort eating – and this ultimately has a negative effect on his health. Since the Taurus is basically gregarious by nature – it would be a very good idea to meet at some gathering and participate in animated conversation. That is a great stress buster for him. Talk and off-load is a very good idea at such times.

For you Taureans who are reading this right now. Let me assume that for whatever reason you find it impossible to confide your tensions or problems in anyone. Ami I right so far? There is almost as good an option. Keep a journal into which you can put down your thoughts just the way you want – give vent to all those pent up feelings. This will free up a lot of cluttered space and in the end you will feel much better for it. For you Taureans another quick ‘pick me up’ is physical activity and exercise no matter how hectic and killing your work schedule might be. If nothing else go for a walk whenever possible. That is another stress buster for all of you.

Being an earth sign, almost all Taureans feel a certain kind of empathy in the countryside or open air that loosens all the tight pent up feelings. If a camp site is chosen that is not very popular or frequented by too many people, it is a perfect place to recuperate. The other option closer home is gardening. It can certainly be a lot of hard work, but then then the benefit is that it certainly makes you feel very very good. Even under great stress, the Taurus needs oodles and oodles and peace and quiet. Those are very appropriate moments to touch base with one’s true feelings. This is rather like a detoxification, which comes highly recommended by doctors.

Shopping is yet another activity that never fails to cheer the intrepid Taurus. Buying something as simple as a more fashionable raincoat or even a spiffy latest short can sure bolster those feelings of cheer. However, if finances are a constraint – there is always the choice of going to a museum or a gallery and spending some time around objects that are previous and expensive. The Taurean can also read his newspaper sipping on a cup of coffee in a slightly upscale coffee house. That ambience of relaxation is a good way to make a kick-start to the day.

The Taurus Male - Love Life And Human Relationships
At times the Taurus appears to have almost a dual personality – in one – he can be imagined grazing peacefully in a field and in the other going on the rampage and moving fearfully towards whatever it is that has caught his eye and annoyed him immensely. Both these diametrically opposite qualities are inherent in the same person. However, it is also a fact that the enraged version rarely comes to the fore. Normally they are extremely patient and contented in every situation.

Taurus is an earth sign and like all earthy emotions, sex and physical relationships make a great deal of difference to them. When this element is nothing much to write home about, they are very stoical about it more often than not. They give their all in any relationship and expect the same degree of intensity in return. There will hardly ever be any reason to doubt his fidelity. Once a commitment has been made of any kind – it is for life; there is really no escape route. That more often than not becomes the biggest problem of all simply because your commitments are true and very intense. Yes, Taureans are also at fault – because sometimes they have a tendency to stifle their partners with their emotions. This could often have the effect of driving them away.

If the Taurean can somehow control his raging emotions and allow the person or person they care about to move about freely, there is a greater likelihood that they will remain in close tandem. The situation will become such that he will never want to leave.

In any kind of relationship the Taurean male does not believe in rushing things. There will be a very very long period of ‘testing the waters’ before he makes up his mind about the veracity of things. So far as a male-female relationship is concerned, it will take quite a while before the proposal of marriage comes through. There has to be some kind of assurance in his mind that there is a warrantee and value for money. If the Taurean idea about relationships is to be described, they are not impulsive or bold. On the contrary they are extremely predictable and very dependable at the same time. A Taurean does not go in for a thrills and spills relationship, though he is extremely macho and sexy without a shred of doubt. Food and physical wellbeing are his major weaknesses. If a female wants a Taurus male to notice her, a very good idea apart from being well heeled and of course punctual, candidly reveal your intellectual prowess and it does not harm at all if you exaggerate slightly.

There it is – all in a nutshell and especially for you, the reader who happens to be flicking through my pages. Just keep in mind my friend that it is always the exception that proves the rule. Let me not take up any more of your time now – go ahead and enjoy your reading. CHEERS!.