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Taurus Personality

Taurus Personality

Taurus -The Bull
( April 20 to May 20 )

Taurus is an Earth Sign
This sign can be called the sign of strength. Alongside there is a deep-rooted stubborn nature which is practically impossible to change. Venus, the governing planet, is emotional and takes these Taurian trends rather than repressing them. This explains the sympathetic side of a nature that is very strong willed. The Taurean can be won over more by emotion than by reason. Taurus persons are opportunists but Taureans can accept what is in store for them rather than chasing after them – though some do call them opportunists. . Ideas are absorbed and retained by them. This is because of an outstanding memory usually associated with them. Taureans are foresighted – planning ahead and usually can successfully complete any project. Another facet is that they tend to look on any borrowed ideas as being their original. They are genuinely generous and if they happen to come into money, they are extremely generous with it, particularly friends.

Details :
Taurus, the second Sign of the Zodiac, centres on rewards. Unlike the Arian who loves the game, a Taurean much prefers the rewards of the game. This sign is indelibly associated with excesses and are tactile to say the least, enjoying tenderness and sensuality. Comfort and luxury are almost essential pleasures for the Taurean. A sumptuous meal and a good wine are all elements of a good life, highly appealing to a Taurean. The symbol of the sign of Taurus is the Bull and as a natural accompaniment is a bull-headed and stubborn nature. This is a Fixed sign. So every now and then things will come to a halt. However, Taureans don’t like idea of stagnating. Their desire to get things done at any cost – doggedly and persistently is ultimately viewed as stubbornness. Bulls are most practical and reliable.They do not mind in the least plodding along at a slow pace and thus achieve their ambitions. However, once a Bull achieves what he is pursuing, they will splurge and indulge in a lot of material comforts. This cannot really be considered self-indulgent in view of the very hard labour they put in.Venus, a rather self-indulgent beautiful lady, who did not deny herself much. In ancient Roman mythology, Venus was the Goddess of Love with all that it entailed. It can well be said thatTaureans have pretty much taken over from where she cried halt. Taureans are fond of an attractive and pretty ambience. Beauty to the Bull also could be a blockage in the path to a happy home life, one which could includea partner and a stable relationship. Harmony is of the essence in the life of a Taurean and they will ensure keeping their partner happy. His penchant for sensual pleasures is an added incentive! Members of this zodiac can be soppily sentimental. . Will all this overweening attention to their mate turn a Bull into a possessive mess? While not exactly possessive, they can certainly keep a close eye on their partner. However, in the long run they are the most loyal and romantic. Earth is their element and firm reality is always their first preference. Their conservatism is only too apparent. . Instead of rushing through, a steady and adamant movement towards their goals successfully is another hallmark of the Taurians. Patience and dependability is another favourable aspect. However, the flip side is that if pushed a tad more than usual they are prone to losing their cool. However once given time to cool down, they are quite amenable once more. The Earth element acts as a harmonizing factor and hence matters going out control are usually not an issue to worry about. The greater majority of people will speak for the Taurean – the basic tender nature having a strong appeal. Their physical strength and love of the outdoors makes them good sportsmen and they love the outdoors. Thus hiking is also a favourite sport alongside mountain climbing. A love of music explains a love for the opera. Members of the zodiac sign of Taurus are not only very loving and sensual, but also possessive. The throat and neck are ruled by this sign. As a result it is advisable to keep the throat covered – preferable with something in a soothing earth tone. The great strength of the Taurean-born is in their stability, loyalty and adogged determination coupled with loyalty and stability is their forte. It is the best means of reaching the riches that they positively crave a lot of the time.

Profile :
A major aspect is preservation. Being on terra firma is an over riding characteristic of those belonging to this sun sign. The primary motivation which is fixed, looks to stabilize, following production. There is great emotional depth as the ruling planet is Venus.  Friends and lovers rely on The warmth and emotional approachability appeals to all friends and acquaintances. The zodiac sign of Taurus is representative of patience, consistency and of course loyalty as well. An innate caution sometimes prevents them from taking risks which could turn out to be profitable. Sometimes the Bull tends to become stuck in the groove. Every single challenge might not be acceptable..The Yin energy can sometimes be carried too far. An overwhelming passivity and laziness can be their Achilles’ heel.


The Positive Side of Taurus:
The Taurus has the ability to focus and be extremely tenacious when required. These characterise him most strongly. Generally they get along with almost everybody and he is naturally inclined to be helpful to the needy, whether friends or acquaintances. Perseverance is what wins the game for him. He continues working unceasingly till the goal has been achieved. The Taurian takes the matter of keeping his word very seriously and is forthright and upfront. Experience is a good teacher so far as the Taurean is concerned.Shortcuts of any kind are not his ball game. As a result reliability never poses a problem. Most time Taureans are not demanding and get along with practically everybody. He is a tolerant person and enjoys peace and harmony-especially in his home life. Cautious by nature, the Taurean is not very happy about taking unnecessary risks. All pros and cons are analysed before any decision is reached. Once the Taurean has decided what he is going to do, he usually does not change his mind. They are generally good family people -reliable and loving.

The Negative Side of Taurus:
Unfortunately sometimes the Taurus woman or man can be too stubborn. No other point of view is acceptable once the Taurean has made up his mind, which can annoy others. Orders are not taken lightly by the Taurean. There is an acute dislike of being contradicted. Suspicious by nature – trust can be an issue – even with people who are close. There is a fear that it is difficult for the Taurean to forgive and forget. The one negative factor is that a love of the material goods sometimes turns him avaricious and petty.