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Taurus Female

Taurus Female

The Taurus Female – What Do Peaceful Periods In Their Life Means :
A Taurus female who is at peace and in synch with her surroundings will stand out and draw attention to herself – despite being in a crowd. Always and especially during times of peace the Taurus lady does not show any signs of arrogance or hubris. She appears to retain innocence, which is quite remarkable. The Taurean female takes pride in her own self and retains a sense of reliability and loyalty. Though times are smooth flowing for her, there is absolutely no question of reneging on her promises and she keeps her word come what may. In a marital relationship too.

Particularly in times of peace, the Taurean female does not allow herself to be lulled into a false sense of security. She is immensely practical and believes in seeing the situation for what it is. There is an aversion for imaginary comforts or the comfort zone. Whether it is peace times or when the time is not so favourable, the Taurean lady feels immensely soothed living in hill stations or in any place which has an abundance of nature all around. The sight of a waterfall trickling down or gushing down in a torrent never fails to thrill her. The female Taurean is not particularly ambitious, but yes, she does love making money and for her affluent wealth is one of the most charming things ever.

Even more so in times of peace, a Taurus female is naturally polite and soft. As a mother she is ideal and she remains totally dedicated to her family and children. There is a very strong protective instinct. However, it is also wise to remember that a Taurean female likes plenty, absolutely plenty of attention. There is an immense amount of patience that she draws on which allows her to handle peace times and times of tension with the same equanimity.

Even in peace times, there is admittedly fallout. Yes, the Taurean female has a marked tendency towards laziness. It takes her a very long time to take a decision or beginning and continuing any course of action. Since she is basically an introvert, the Taurus female remains reticent and close mouthed – even though she might be feeling on cloud number 9 and very very happy. That is just the way she is – and it really would not be right to take umbrage about that.

A Taurean female is general far more at peace without jobs related to marketing and which require a lot of careful planning. She would much prefer activities related to embroidery, painting and the arts. It is no surprise to find that a lot of Taurus female choose ‘fashion designing’ as a career.

However a favourite career is being a home maker – and it is a job that she excels at! Crowded spaces tend to make her nervous and she always prefers an ambience that is quiet and peaceful. The female of this species derives a lot of joy staying in any place that is natural and serene. Just like her own innate nature, she prefers that the people around her are also neat and clean. A Taurus female does not like to see any kind of mess of ugliness.

How Does The Taurus Female Handle Stress And Strain In Life :
A Taurus female is very rarely seen to worry. There could be a tendency to put and brood if things do not move according to the way she wants – but she is definitely not prone to nervous twitches or spasms. The instinctive reaction during times of stress and strain is to take a natural leadership and basically this just not change. Take for example a high powered lady attorney I Deepak Chopra am acquainted with. There have been plenty of times when this particular lady has been asked to hurry up and complete some important deal. She usually listens very amiably and without the least sign of impatience. However, there is no question of putting a signature on the matter until she is good and ready.

There is also no doubting the fact that the Taurean lady becomes hyper and disturbed when she is feeling unwell. This usually stem from a sore throat or over eating, which in turn is because of a tendency to over eat and imbibe too freely. In general the Taurean is healthy most of the time – if a control can be exerted over the eating habits. This will ultimately stand her in good stead. Another cause for illness could possibly be a lack of exercise and country air. That is somehow necessary for her physical wellbeing.

Tension in the household is frequently the outcome a Taurean wife’s sheer obstinacy in refusing to fall in with what the husband wants or requests. Just as an example. The husband wants to visit a friend where the sitting room is rather formal and there are no comfortable chairs to lounge in. It is quite possible that a Tauris female will firmly dig in her heels and refuse to go – and there is absolutely no persuasion that will work.

To take a look at the positive factor – the more the troubles pile up the more the Taurean female finds patience to handle the stress. There is no quibbling or complaining. There is na true devotion and loyalty to family and friends – though sometimes no logical reason can be found for it. Continual blows of fate which would have stronger men knuckling down under pressure, leaves one wondering whether or not they have backbones of steel. There is no doubting the fortitude with which they handle misfortune and stress and strain.

This is an anecdote I read about on the net and let me share this note about the Taurus female under stress. In some social gathering a girl once commented about her mother (a Taurean) – She was a tall lady! The person to whom she addressed this remark was a little surprised because speaking herself was of average height; she commented, "You must take after your father then," The answer was almost instantaneous and came with a smile, "I didn't mean in inches. Mother was shorter than I am. That was just soul talk." What she essentially meant to say was – the Taurus is a tall female spiritually and emotionally. She is a stalwart in times of stress and strain and usually helps to ease the situation for everybody who is involved.

As one who has studied and continues to study deeply the human psyche I, Deepak Chopra strongly assert that the Taurus female is the salt of the earth and one every male should be proud to have as his wife.

The Taurus Female - Love Life And Human Relationships :
Let me quite honest – the Taurus female has a violent temper and will have a weak male cowering and running for shelter to the nearest shelter that he can find. But it is also a fact that there is usually very good reason for a Taurean female to go on the rampage. However, to be absolutely fair, if she isn’t pushed beyond endurance she can normally retain a calm and smiling demeanour. There is an acute lack of the normal feminine trick that female more often than not take recourse to (No friends I am not being a male chauvinist – these are just facts which has taken me years to understand and fully digest). A lot of emotional and moral courage characterize this particular genre.

The average Taurean female has untapped depths of will – if she can only take recourse to it. There can also be the unfortunate bout of cruelty and emotional storms that can create havoc for all those who happen to be around at the time. But yes, this is rare and beneath that calm and placid exterior is a simmering hot sensual female. Just tap on that source and you just may be very very surprised!

Where human relationships are concerned, the Taurus female is gracious and takes everyone at face value. A nuclear scientist who is known for his intellectual prowess will get just as much attention from her as the clown in the local circus show. Friends who are close to her might be a trifle weird – but they are certainly not cardboard figures, but true people who have their own strong characteristics.

Now just suppose that the Taurus lady in question happens to regard you as an enemy – there will be no fireworks, but yes, you will treated to complete and frigid indifference. If you happen to be someone she considers a friend -- no matter what you do, there will always be some excuse she will find to justify your actions. There is just one minor fly in the ointment. You are looking worried? No, it’s nothing too demanding – but she does demand that degree of love, commitment and loyalty as well. If that is not forthcoming, she will metaphorically stand in a corner and sulk till the undivided attention is hers!

Looking at it from the romantic or the male-female relationship. She is surprisingly understanding and will take the take the natural male tendency of ‘bird watching’ in her stride! There will be no fireworks. She won’t turn a hair at any casual flirtation or even if you happen to kiss a girl on the cheek. But, and this is a very big but – if you happen to cross the boundaries of what she thinks is fair play, there is no female who can be more terrifying. A very good idea would be not to test her patience too far. Though it might appear that there are no limits to her patience, it would be best to leave well alone.

As an astrologer and permanent student of the occult let me make one fact clear – there is no doubt that is being expressed about the Taurean female’s intelligence or capabilities. It is rather her tastes and choices run in a completely direction. She is just not interested in or particularly impressed by university degrees or great business acumen. On the contrary she is a practical thinker and bases her almost every move on terra firma. They are usually not fidgety and restless and are well versed in keeping their balance.

Another marked feature about the Taurus female is that she is extremely physical in her approach to all matters. She is not the kind of person who is fond of stuffing false flowers – she would much prefer to go out and pick some wild flowers and fill her vases with them. When she is romancing her male, the perfume she uses is more often than not exotic and lingering at the same time. Freshly washed sheets that have the fragrance of sunlight in them or a freshly mowed lawn - all that turns her on big time! Once again, in a romantic relationship should you want her to clasp her arms around you in a passionate embrace, make sure that there is no loud and raucous music in the background. If you are fond of having food seasoned with a lot of garlic – ensure gargling properly so that even the lingering traces of the smell do not remain. Of course, when you go to woo your Taurus sweetheart do not dress in loud colours that clash and almost hurt the eyes. That will certainly not endear you to her.

Motherhood is yet another facet that suits her and she adores cuddling toddlers – but she that much more strict as the children grow up.