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Libra Personality

Libra Personality

Libra -The Scales
( September 23 - October 22 )

Libra is an Air Sign
The 7th sign of the zodiac, Libra is , indicative of people who are well balanced in every sphere and also that of justice. There is marked shift at this juncture. Goodwill and friendship are promoted, sometimes even going to extremes to do so. Venus is the ruling planet and an innate love of harmony and beauty, is a natural reflection. The underdog always finds a champion in them and no matter who appeals, understanding and sympathy are most important for Venus subjects. This reaction basically stems from a desire to bring things to a balance and induce harmony. Again this seems due to their urge to equalize matters and produce harmony. Intuition is a leading beacon and is frequently a great aid in ferreting out deceit and insincerity, despite all efforts to gloss it over. They have original ideas and their intuition leads them to being far sighted.

Details :
It is the last 6 signs of the zodiac that hone in on the contact of the individual with others while the first six concentrate on the individual. While the first six Signs of the Zodiac focus on the individual, the last six focus on the individual's contact with others and with the world. The outside world and the relation with others are the primary focus of others. These individuals never like being alone and is known to be the sign of the individual. Pairing results in a balance more often than not and that is of great importance – as is fair play. Marriage is a favourite partnership. Just like the scale which is their symbol, there is an inherent desire to remain even and remain on an even keel. Likewise, Librans are absolutely neutral and only want what is good for all. The underlying factor though is an acute dislike of discord in any form. A constant analysis of what will bring about an aura of harmony unfortunately sometimes gives the appearance of being fickle and indecisive. That does not bother the Libran if it means avoiding a conflict. The Scales are born tacticians and are a dab hand at making order out of chaos and ensuring that the objective is achieved. . Venus which rules this sign makes them a gregarious lot. A seductive charmer according to early Roman mythology a plethora of every aspect of sensual pleasure characterized them. They are generally urbane, polished – with a love for all that is beautiful. Ballets, operas and even theatricals draw them – because in these spheres there is generally a plethora of beautiful people to be found there. Librans have a way with words and make excellent conversationalists. However, this tendency could also do a right about turn and become lazy droopy and sloth -- however the smile remains in place either way. Air which is their element is indicative of always reaching higher, especially cerebrally. Librans like getting to know people are generally fair in their judgement and are also the epitome of diplomacy. There could be a tendency to sweet talk if things aren’t working out, but very few people would call them manipulative. Generally a Libran would rather avoid unpleasantness and find a solution through dialogue. Being an Air Sign they can most of the time drive home the point and don’t let their opponents get agitated and upset. Work is far more an energizing element than taking it easy. The gym thus appeals. The outdoors are equally appealing and riding and biking is also thoroughly enjoyed by them. Soft pastel shades appeal to them. So far as the matters of the heart are concerned, Librans are die-hard romantics and extremely loyal. Their lower backs are a weak area. What is the core foundation of the Libran is their continual search for harmony, concord and peace.

Profile :
Librans are very active and by nature extroverts. Venus being the ruling planet there is a desire for balance in all things and a love of beauty too. As with their symbol, the scales, impartiality is also a hallmark, alongside a tendency to share. Despite an inherent active nature, Librans retain a still calmness internally. Though everything appears to be positive, every once in a while Librans tend to become over-dependent. There is too much of a craving for partnership. An overwhelming tendency to give all always and keep nothing for one’own self can sometimes be overdone. The result is a lack of control. Sometimes decision making becomes problematic thanks to this constant wavering about the right course of action to follow. They just do not want to upset anybody. However, if the energy is re-focussed internally, balance can be restores. If a Libran can somehow manage to permit himself to also give to himself – true happiness is theirs and they also prosper.


The Positive Side of Libra:
A love of harmony all around, maintaining a sense of balance and admiration of grace and elegance in people too are some of their most positive characteristics. Usually thoughtful and humane, they can empathise very easily with another’s problems. By and large they go out of their way to help and do their best not to hurt another emotionally. As a result they can be counted on as being good friends. It is easy for Librans to get along with people and enjoy company. Moderation is their middle name and most of the time they keep an open mind and ponder very carefully before coming to any decision. Most Librans are more intelligent than average and valiant fighters against any form of injustice and remain on the side of the under dog. There is always an attempt in most of their social dealings to be diplomatic and sympathetic. There is an acute dislike of any form of discord and harmony is always a goal to strive for. A sense of beauty must always be in sight for them and usually their taste is flawless. This is quite apparent in their choice of colour or home décor. Entertaining people is something they like doing and guests are always made to feel welcome and wanted.

The Negative Side of Libra:
Their extreme desire to maintain harmony leads some Librans to lie with impunity, which leads to insincerity. A sense of escapism makes them live in an utopian world rather than face any harsh truth. If a serious controversy develops, some Librans would rather give in – despite knowing that they are right. Standing up for something they believe in is too much if any unpleasantness is involved. There could also be a tendency for too much of attraction towards material luxuries. Sometimes Librans tend to be egoistic and even jealous and possessive.