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Libra Libra Compatibility

Libra and Libra Compatibility

Your sun sign is Libra
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Match Percentage  75%

Libra and Libra compatibility on the page should be extremely high. 

Both have unique personalities that only a person with similar headspace can truly appreciate. The wanting to be loved, spirituality, and symmetry they find should further strengthen the bond. However, while these pure emotions drive them, there are fears and Ego that sneak upon them. 

They can shut down in the face of indecisiveness, and the issues continue to linger between them. Libra's have to evolve, learn, grow and transform before they can be fully compatible. There's a lot of work to do before they can be compatible, only a  Libra can help them overcome. 

Compatibility between Libra and Libra is strong provided they commit themselves.

There is intellectual stimulation in logic and conversationally when two Libras get together. Since both are very fond of debating, there are constant arguments between the two – which energizes tem both. It is a continuous process of debating about all matters – major and minor, till the issue is resolved to the fullest of satisfaction of both. If any individual or group tries to push the Libra into making up their minds without due thought causes them a lot of stress; should matters be looked at in a broader perspective, mental and emotional damage might also be caused. Two Libras are more than comfortable with each other, because where others are concerned, they are often regarded as unreliable. It does not matter how much they argue with each other, they never hesitate to give each other due credit too.

As Libra belongs to the genre of Air signs, their cerebral capabilities are greatly treasured. Art films, culture, music and the arts itself greatly appeals to them. Libras can be regarded as impartial judges – they are both diplomatic and courteous. Both of them together as a pair utilize diplomacy to calm down turbulent waters or any personal conflict with diplomacy and tact and of course honour.

There is a lot of fun where two Libras are involved and at the same time plenty of confusion abounds as well. If their apparently boundless energy is smooth flowing they work hard towards the goal they have set themselves. If however the flow of energy is depleted, then to carry on even with the most minimal of tasks takes real effort. Their focused attention lapses into slothful indolence till the energy is replenished; then they are at the top once again. Guilt feelings are totally unnecessary at this juncture. If their impressive energy levels are not restores soon enough, then the Leo becomes a picture of misery, cranky and in general perfectly unpleasant to be around. Two Librans with low energy levels can be very supportive of each other. It might also happen that one Libra walk talk the other through the problems in such a manner that the vim and energy is restored very soon.

It is the Planet Venus that rules Libra. Both together share an extremely pleasurable relationship in every possible way. It is not only sensual, but very romantic too and their remaining together is no wonder. They are great at spoiling each other – even excessively so sometimes. However, there is a tendency to over rich food and being slothful – which is bad for their health. These are pleasures both find hard to resist.

The Libran has a charm and also learns to grow wiser with the passing of time. Theirs is a non-conventional beauty and a gorgeous voice and exquisite smile makes them quite entrancing. They hardly ever take anything for granted and neither do they come to any decision in a hurry. If any statement is made to them, they will ponder and think on it and do research on it before drawing any conclusions. They are so fussy about what they say and believe that what they say is very easily believed. Librans are tranquil and placid people who stand by what they believe in. This makes them very easy to love. Organization is the name of the game for them and should there be chaos and disorder all around, they get jittery and uncomfortable. If any problem arises due to a mistake that a Libran has made, every kind of effort will be made to rectify the glitch.

Perhaps a besetting fault of Libra is that they want everyone around to love them. Conflict is positively anathema to them and they might just back off - if only to maintain peace. The cause is not insincerity or being unfeeling -- it is just that raucous behavior of any kind almost brings out the hives in them. The Libra-Libra couple understands this trait about themselves perfectly and never push their partner too far. Being in a relationship helps to balance the Libra and both are absolutely thrilled with someone to fuss over and love. If there is somebody in their lives who has similar interests, they are the most happy.

Depending on what they are feeling at that particular moment, the relationship forged between two Librans can be eccentric or most appealing at the same time. Jealousy is not an emotion that troubles them – whether it be between siblings or professional colleagues, They have their own set of values and for them that is what comes first. In a marital relationship or even as lovers or live in partners the romance is strong and sweet. Whether as children or as parents, the relationship is just as appealing – the values and ethics remain strongly in place. Suppose a business relationship comes into the picture, it is far better that there is another level-headed person who can also participate. The reason for this is very simple – the Librans work very hard and there is no shirking. However, if they suddenly become exhausted, then their reflexes go to pieces and can not only make silly mistakes, but also wrong decisions. What remains their strength however is the fact that they trust and understand each other.

A Libra loves being in love and whenever two Librans get together, there is bound to be some sort of a relationship. If dating the couple end up spending most of their time seeing romantic movies and romantic spots. Even if they are just living together, their corner looks like an exquisite art gallery.

If two Libras happen to be feeling low at the same time, that can becomes a real problem – and this does happen fairly frequently. In contrast if their high energy levels happen at the same time, it is sheer and pure dynamism all around. Another possibility for problems to arise is when the situation calls for judging some issue or taking some serious decision. This is because Librans tend to be somewhat airy rather than consider the ground reality. The clashes that arise during such instances can cause serious problems in the relationship. In such an instance, the person who wields the greater authority needs to firmly take steps to resolve the issue.

Two Libras falling in love is truly a well-balanced and loving romance. There is harmony and aesthetics and the result is a touch of beauty in almost each and everything they do. Belonging to a cardinal sign, Libra not only abounds with the capacity of initiating new projects, but also strongly motivates others. There is a very good working relationship between two Libras working together on a project.

Between two Libras the relationship is very warm and cordial, except when they have to contend with disorder and chaos all around. What stimulates them emotionally and mentally is the excellent communication. This naturally follows a bonding and suppleness in maintaining these ties.

The best factor that is all about a Libra-Libra relationship is an overwhelming combination of mutual respect, tact and empathy too. However two Libras together have a love relationship that has a deep connection and understanding. The commitment is for keeps.

Libra and Libra Love Compatibility

Libra's are a zodiac sign that has a deep connection with love and longing for a partner. 

The planet Venus influences them to seek out relationships for soul nourishment and find spirituality in them. Sexual compatibility between them will be strong as they know the pleasure points of their partners. 

The commitment to the sexual gratification of each other is strong and noble. 

Love is further enhanced between them by the strong values they share. It makes Libra further inseparable and connects on a deeper level than other zodiac signs. 

No one understands a Libra better than a Libra. 

Given all these strong points, inexplicably, the love between Libra can get hampered by self-destructive qualities. 

They are too fearful, have low confidence, and at the same time have ego issues. A complex of not worthy of love emerges in them, and they can at times be cruel to their partner. Their brains have too much going on for them to follow their hearts and their desires. 

For love to follow fully and completely without any hesitation, they need to trust one another. Communication should be open with every issue resolved immediately without a rational mind coming in.

Love Compatibility between the Libra's can be high if they work on themselves and with their partner.

Libra and Libra Sexual Compatibility

Libra's being similar in their personality types makes them more compatible than any other zodiac sign. 

They are both moderate in their sexual expression and careful of the boundaries set in the relationship. Both are committed to satisfying one another but getting into the sexual act can be tough. One of them has to be dominant in the relationship and take charge of starting the activity.

The relationship between a Libra and Libra will positively grow through their sexual adventures. 

A good communication level between them will ensure every encounter will be more pleasurable than the next. When one Libra channels the masculine energy, their relationship will soar much higher than before.

Even with a great sense of understanding, there will be times where a sense of tension will emerge. One of the Libra's might want to veer away from their strict routine, which can lead to issues. While both have a similar trait of a severe lack of confidence, that won't stop them from judging each other. 

Their sex won't be as dynamite as other zodiac signs have but not as timid also. They enjoy being comfortable, in control and having a sense of symmetry in their relationship with one another. 

Libra and Libra Frienship Compatibility

Libra and Libra Trust and Communication Compatibility

Trust is something that Libra's don't realize the meaning of until they get along with other Libra partners. The issues between these zodiac signs will run amuck, and their indecisive nature will raise questions. Libra's are not good at seeing things in a clear manner which only builds the issues.

On top of that, they have a good ability to sense things which will only add to their misery. 

The low confidence introverted personalities will keep the issues close to their chest, leading to no resolution in sight. Libra is by far the most sensitive zodiac personality when it comes to trust. 

Misunderstandings between the Libra's are extremely common and normal.

When trust and respect are maintained between the Libras, communication will be open, free-flowing. Both will enjoy each other's company, and the talks could be endlessly riveting. The problem, however, might start to show up if they start taunting each other and their egos. They might act in the most toxic manner without even realizing the harm they are causing.

Both Libras need to gain a level of self-awareness of their behavior and need to show initiative. They both have to work towards building a solid foundation for their future relationship goals.

Libra and Libra Emotions Compatibility

They both share the same value system, experiences, and relationship ideals. The planet Venus weighs heavily in their personalities which is why their value system drives them. 

Both Libra's will find a sense of kinship and something that will bind them together. 

Libra's value system is built on complete devotion to their beliefs and a sense of spirituality in life. They like to live frugally, and materialism doesn't enchant them or motivate them. Libra's are naturally very protective of their value system and lose their temper when people question them. 

Emotionally there are two conflicting planetary energy that is guiding their behavioral states- 

Venus makes them gravitate towards and longing toward their partner. The love between the partners can be ethereal, and the emotional connection is potent. 

Saturn, however, also sits in their emotional house, which gives them a feeling of an emotional void. The planet causes icy emotions within them, which is a barrier to any form of intimate behavior.

They are the couple that people like to term as difficult and have too much drama to sort. Libra couples are constantly struggling to be real to their emotional selves and have intellectual ego problems. 

The only way for Libra to connect emotionally is to stop thinking and let their id let loose. 

Do not let the fears control your life's trajectory.

Libra and Libra Relationship Compatibility

Zodiac Signs Compatibility

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Initially, it might seem like Libra's personality is so set that one cannot change it. However, everyone has the potential for change, and Libra's can be slowly changed little by little.

Any drastic or sudden change might push them back, so you have to be gentle and caring. Provide an emotional and logical reason for the change; slowly, you'll see them evolve. 

It does not even have to be consciously, and just subconscious cues can have powerful effects.

Libra's emotional mood swings are just part of who they are, and they cannot help it. If your Libra partner is going through such a motion, don't try to solve it or fix them in any way. 

They will probably snap at you for making them feel small or getting them irritated. It is best to ask them for any help; if not, just leave them alone until they feel better. 

Be understanding of their problems and not mock them for them.

Ego issues have nothing to do with being nice and being kind as a person. 

The Ego is often just the part of the brain that tries to protect the self and conserve it. Some people have a more fixed idea of who they are, leading to anger when disturbed. 

Ego can be a positive reinforcement in life and negative if it leads to disruption or pettiness. It's best not to let your Ego in the driving seat when making long-term decisions. 

People with low confidence are often the cruelest to themselves and similar people. The self-hate can be a sense of therapeutic for many as they get to let out the feeling of helplessness. 

The problem with it is that in a Libra relationship, one becomes the target and causes issues. It's best not to let your Ego get hurt over it and come from a place of understanding. 

Stand up for yourself but do not add fuel to the fire. 

Masculine energy is often represented by the idea of taking charge and leading. When getting into a sexual encounter, one has to initiate and lead the way. If one doesn't adopt masculinity, then the relationship cannot move to the next stage.