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Libra Constellation

Libra Constellation

Libra Constellation:
Unlike other zodiac constellations, Libra Constellation does not personify any animal or character as a part of mythological tales. Instead, Libra Constellation manifests the positive phenomenon of Harmony, Balance & Justice in the universe. These triple concepts symbolize one of the brightest constellations - Libra.
In modern Science, Astronomers represent Libra Constellation as a collection of fascinating celestial objects. The core investigation by astronomers has proved how exoplanets are evolving the structure of the Libra Constellation. 
In the 2nd century, prominent Greek astronomer - Ptolemy announced the existence of Libra. The 'Weighing Scales' symbolizes the Libra Constellation. The Roman term - 'Libra' means the Scales of Justice.
In the Southern Hemisphere, Libra Constellation appears with the celestial pattern of 'Weighing Scales', which lies in the East of Scorpius and the West of Virgo.
Not only Romans but also Babylonians termed Libra Constellation as ZIB.BA.AN.NA, which personifies the concept- 'The Balance of Heaven'.

Significant Facts About Libra Constellation:
Deep-Sky Objects:
The prominent deep-sky object in Libra Constellation is NGC-5897, also called a Globular Cluster. The Globular Cluster's distinct structure can contain hundreds or thousands and millions of stars. The power of a high level of gravity, a galactic core & orbits hold all the stars in the Globular Cluster. The orbits of NGC-5897 pass through the core ground of the Milky Way, which lies almost 24000 light years away from the Earth. Astronomers' deep study of the Globular Cluster declares that the stars in this celestial collection lack metal content. So, the astronomers assumed that NGC-5897 was formed in such a period when any heavier elements than Helium & Hydrogen were not available.
Therefore, it is assumed that the Globular Cluster in the Libra Constellation is older than the galaxies in our solar system.
Other deep-sky celestial objects in the Libra Constellation are:
NGC 5792 - A spiral galaxy 83 million light years away from the Earth.
NGC 5890 - A prominent lenticular galaxy.
NGC 5917 - A famous spiral galaxy.
NGC 5728 - An active spiral-shaped galaxy located almost 146 million away from the Earth.
NGC 5793 - Another prominent spiral-patterned galaxy 150 million light-years away.
Types of Stars:
Red Dwarf Stars:
Most stars in the Libra Constellation are Red Dwarf Stars, which are formed with smaller mass sizes than the Sun. Naturally, the Red Dwarf Stars in the Libra Constellation are cooler than our Sun as per their luminosity & brightness. Moreover, they are predicted to live longer by renowned astronomers.
Brown Dwarf Stars:
Brown Dwarf Stars are termed failed stars as they can not form the standard heat and mass density quantity during nuclear fusion. 
Blue Giants:
The blue giant stars in the Libra Constellation are 10-100 times bigger than our Sun and 1000 times brighter also than the Sun. These biggest stars in the Libra Constellation are called hot Blue Hypergiants.
Yellow Dwarfs:
Yellow Dwarfs in the Libra constellation have significant sequence patterns, like the Sun. These are 80% of the Sun in size and are counted as bright stars.

Major Stars in Libra Constellation:
In 1922, the International Astronomical Union declared the name of four prime stars in the Libra Constellation:
The Brachium is also termed Sigma Librae. The range of apparent visual magnitude of Sigma Librae is 3.29. The traditional name of Sigma Librae is Brachium, which personifies the 'Arm'. Having the characteristics of a giant star, Sigma Librae belongs to spectral class M3. And it is located almost 288 light years away from the Earth. According to the estimated radius, Brachium is a giant star that is 49.47 times bigger than the Sun. 
Zubenelgenubi is another prominent star in the Libra Constellation. The traditional name of Zubenelgenubi is Zuben Elgenubi, which means 'The Southern Claw'. Another name of Zubenelgenubi is Alpha Librae. The colour of Alpha Librae varies from the range of pale yellow to light grey. In the Libra Constellation, Alpha Librae is a composition of double stars - Alpha 1 Librea & Alpha 2 Librea. 
The double star composition of Zubenelgenubi belongs to Spectral class - A3 & F4.
In the Libra Constellation, Zubenelhakrabi is considered a prominent binary star system. Zubenelhakrabi, also known as Gamma Librae, appears with a +3.91 visual magnitude. Gamma Librae is located almost 163 light years away from the Sun. Gamma Librae is a giant star multiple system in the Libra Constellation. Gamma Librae is situated in the nearest pathway to the celestial equator.
Zubeneschamali is another brightest star in the Libra Constellation. It is also familiar as Beta Librae. The calculated distance between the Sun & the Beta Librae is 185 light years. Beta Librae appears in the Libra Constellation with an apparent visual magnitude - 2.6. The Arabic term - Zubeneschamali means 'The Northern Claw'. The primary sequence of Zubeneschamali is based on Hydrogen fusion in its core ground. The dwarf star - Zubeneschamali belongs to the B8 category. The surface temperature of Beta Librae is 12,000 Kelvin.

How To Find Libra Constellation in The Night Sky?
Astronomers always mention the unique star pattern set to find the Libra Constellation in the night sky. Libra Constellation was founded in the night sky of ancient Egypt in the symbolic version of a boat. 
Besides, in ancient times, the Babylonians explained the celestial figure of the Libra Constellation as the pattern of scale to maintain the balance between virtues & justice with the power of truth. Among 88 recognized constellations in the night sky, Libra is the 48th Constellation.
The celestial shape of the quadrangle, formed by the four brightest stars, helps to locate the Libra Constellation quickly. As 7th biggest zodiacal Constellation, Libra exists throughout 538 square degrees. The suitable time to observe the stars & the deep sky objects in the Libra constellation is from April to June.  

What Does Libra Constellation Represent in Astrology?
The prominent star in the Libra Constellation, Zubenelgenubi, defines the principal traits in the character of the Libra people. Astrological recommendations explain that Zubenelgenubi manifests an unforgiving character, tendency to lie, criminal mentality, violence in nature, high level of disgrace, conditions of poverty, fewer friends etc. The symbolical significance of Zubenelgenubi defines the combined nature of Mars & Saturn in the character of Libra people. As Zubenelgenubi is a dual star system, it is believed that Mars & Saturn's attitudes simultaneously rule the Libra characters.
Astrology explains that the Libra people, born at night, come with critical health issues if the Sun & Moon lies in the conjunction line in the Southern Scales of Balance. 
In the definition of Libra traits, the harsh aspects of Mars, Moon & Saturn affect the symbolic value of justice in the Libra Constellation. In simple terms, the bad positions of Moon, Mars & Saturn during people's birth under the period of the Libra Constellation(23rd September to 22nd October) leads to different unfortunate circumstances and domestic turmoils. The lack of balance in the justice scale causes psychopathic dangers, which come in the disguise of love. 
According to the recommendations of classical astrologers, though Zubenelgenubi causes ill-fated conditions, it can be fluctuated based on the influences of Venus & Jupiters on the Libra Constellation. Besides, the modern astrologers hint at the opposing nature of Zubenelgenubi, which often causes disgrace and connections of violence in the Libra Constellation-defined characters.

All the discussed points on Libra Constellation recommend the prominent ways to glance at the influence of this Constellation on Astro Science and Hard Science with the mythological resemblance.