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Libra Female

Libra Female

The smile and charm of a Libra female is absolutely captivating. They are charming and delightfully elegant. Her powers of debating logically is apparent in the convincing male logic that is very difficult to score over. She finds debates very attractive and both sides of any issue are weighed with equal veracity. Even in the course of an argument, a Libra female is more than likely to smile in a charming fashion.

A suspicious nature is not a predominant feature of the Libran female. There is complete trust and to her eyes opening the personal mail of anyone, especially her husband would be wrong and unethical. Whatever she feels is expressed without any constraint. There are never any complaints in this regard. The partner will be the recipient of covert and ‘come hither’ glances and plenty of loving. The household will run like clockwork and there will pristine cleanliness that is to be savoured.

There are very few things that a Libra female loves as much as talking. But she will also patiently listen attentively to all that you have to say too. So far as love and romance is concerned a Libra female is all charm. However, it is also just as true that when there is any crisis, her strength will equal that of any male. A Libran female will be right by your side to motivate and help in every way; your strength will be bolstered and there will be constant strength. A Libran female will be a loving mother and also disciplined as and when required. She might dote on the children, but they will never come before her male. He is her first love and she never forgets that.

A luxurious ambience appeals to the Libran female. If the surroundings are dirty, sloppy , she is bound to suffer from depression. A prolonged stay in such an ambience can actually make her physically ill. Most Libran female work after marriage and the reason is not always financial. They feel that marriage is a partnership and it is the responsibility of both the partnersto ensure that the partnership or marriage works smoothly and without any major glitches. A Libra female is not one to be dominating or assertive and the husband or partner is always shown due respect.

There is no doubt that the Libran female is more often than not beautiful, gentle and sophisticated. Elegance is high on the list of a Libra female. It might be that a Libra female is not dress in the height of fashion, but she is definitely a lady from top to bottom. Though it might appear that a Libran lady is only fashion conscious and focussed on looking pretty – that is actually far from the case. There is an extremely intelligent head on her shoulders and she has a lot of use for it too. The Libra female is also replete with an excellent logical system, she thinks rapidly; there is also an in-built ability to pick up information which might not seem very apparent during the curse of investigation. At social get-togethers, she can talk on a variety of subjects and definitely appears to be more than a social butterfly.

In the modern world where ideals are not really given all that much of importance, for both the Libran male and female strongly adhering to ideals does really make a world of difference. There is an inherent and deep-rooted belief in acting fairly, loving humanity in general and of course protecting the innocent too. However one has also to state that this could be regarded as one of the best and at the same time one of the worst characteristics of the Libran female. The reason for this is very simple – there arevery great potentials for plans backfiring and shaking the Libran female to the core.

Being troubled and full of problems and difficulties is normally not a problem that a Libran female has to contend with; they are usually in good spirits and trying to put others into the same frame of mind. However, like with anyone else in the world, there are always times when a little ‘pick me up’ is necessary and makes a world of difference. This is where some bouts of laughter or a good bundle of jokes can do the trick – or at least help in a major way. If there is someone who can temporarily take on the role of a clown and even does something silly, without bothering to think about one’s dignity, it goes a long way in bringing back the cheer. Another factor that might help is being around those kind of people who genuinely want to listen without pitching in with their own problems all the time. This helps in coming to some kind of resolution for the problems that the Libran female might be facing without feeling that they are about to face the gallows all the time.

The Scales are representative of Libra and one can automatically assume that synchronisation, stability and fairness will come naturally to them – and particularly so to the female. Since there is an inherent desire to see justice done, they make the perfect negotiators. Law is therefore a particularly good choice of career, though the limiting factors might be their ideals. There is great self-containment and a Libra female is very rarely seen to be making a fool of herself by untoward acts or statements. Librans and particularly Libran female have an uncanny ability to foresee the outcome of what they are saying. As a result they will re-configure all that has been said/done to mitigate what is potentially harmful before actually verbalizing them aloud.

The Libran female is very strongly against viciousness and rough and ready behaviour of any kind. A very positive quality that comes very naturally to them is acting as a cohesive agent in cementing and bonding positive relationships. They are always very happy if thanks to any action taken by them broken and badly injured relationships are mended.

Libran female generally make very loyal friends and will always be available if any friend or acquaintance needs any assistance or help from them. The advice that they give is sound and constructive, which is often a very tough job for any of the other zodiacsigns. A Leo female is certainly not the person who holds a grudge and generally prefers to forgive and forget. Of course it must also be remembered that betrayal is not one of negative qualities.

Keeping company with a Libra female is an amazing experience. They make extremely good conversationalists and have a very good sense of humour to boot. In all of this, it must also be pointed out that the Libra female is unfailingly polite and never fails to remember her p’s and q’s. A laid back ambience with everyone taking it easy is just as fine as is pushing and shoving through a crowd. The sheer magnetic charm of a Libran is so easy flowing as to be practically effortless and people find themselves drawn to them magnetically. A Libran will however under practically no circumstance stand for lies and mistruths. If there is rudeness involved or an over controlling behaviour, there one will suddenly find that the Libra has made her presence scarce from there. Further, never make the mistake of putting too much pressure on a Libra female to come to any decision – she will do so when she is good and ready.