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Libra Male

Libra Male


The primary strange feature about a Leo male is that the very positive qualities of charm can also be the main reason behind all the problems that they face. If we take into count the Libra male wooing a female who has caught his eyes – he will wheedle and persuade her in any way till she is ultimstely practically forced to give in. Once the main purpose is served, this male with the glad eye is likely to his eyes to all the other ladies around in close proximity. A Libran male is most definotely a womanizer, but there is nothing degrading or seamy about it.

It is the Scales of Justice that represent the Libra. By and large they love peace and synchronisation and peace are by and large what is characteristic of them. Though Libras are generally not prone to anger, they are more than happy to start and continue an argument. However, they are just as happy to restore harmony and are ready to compromise – as long as their order and harmony.

Even when at the peak of their anger, Librans will do a lot of thinking and probably show a bland face before the world. Their modus operandi is to remain silent but to take copious mental notes about all the weakness of the opponents. It is for sure that all these facts will be gathered and used against them as and when the occasion arises. When the final confrontation takes place, all the past misdemeanours will be reiterated and at length. One is never quite sire what will set off the anger time bomb in a Libra – it could be well meaning criticism, degrading abuse or almost anything petty and not really worthy of being taken notice. The anger grows to even greater heights if they are treated unfairly.

Even just taken at face value, a Libra male is very rarely restless or not at peace. Basically they are in the habit of getting along with everybody and by and large are very laidback in their attitude. Luckily, even when they appear to be passive, their instincts about earning enough money to lead the kind of life style that appeals to them is amply justified. Since hard work does not hold much appeal, usually Libras manage to come up with brilliant ideas that are almost sure to be a success. Libra lacks a certain confidence and in order to maintain that feeling of peace they are always on the lookout for someone who will make them feel complete. A Libran male is the happiest when there is an atmosphere of total love and acceptance around them. In order to derive this ambience of love and acceptance they will agree to virtually every favour and request and then have a tough time keeping to all that they had said they would. Their happiness also takes the form of a magnetic charm and exquisite taste. Especially when they are at peace and all is hunky-dory, they have a very tough time refusing any request that anyone makes. When the Libran male is happy and at peace, his innate creativity results in creative and artistic outbursts. They are most happy when they can spend a lot of money and have beautiful things around them.

By and large the Leo does well in the sphere of career and business. However, Libras should always be circumspect and careful where business and career issues come into the picture. The result will be an improved ability to handle whatever contingency might arise where work related issues are concerned. There is always a need to work hard and stay focussed. Job promotions come more easily to the Libra than to many of the other signs.. The upper echelons of the administration come forth more easily with offers that appear irresistible. Another factor to also keep in mind permanently is continuing to study the subjects of specialization and thus keep fresh and in the forefront.

Along with the soaring career of the Libra, the finances also start leaping forward. There is usually no dire financial emergency that the Libra will have to worry about. Safeguard must be taken because there will be plenty of people only too ready to syphon off this hard earbed money. Some good investments would also be highly advisable. A financial advisor should be consulted so that good returns can be expected.

When we think of a person as being lazy, the picture that comes to mind is usually that of a person who does not put in any effort at all. However, this is most definitely not the point here. Libras can be intensely hard working. This might appear to be a contradiction in terms of being lazy. The Librans can be very active while being lazy. There are two interwoven definitions to being lazy. If one has to grasp the innate and basic nature of the Libra male, one will have to look beyond the apparent meaning of the much maligned word ‘laziness’. The most obvious description is not wanting in any way to work as hard as required in order to reach the goal. However, what is the most troublesome glitch for the Libra male to overcome is the mental inertia – they are supremely reluctant to cross any borders or make any extra effort. They feel that it is too much of an effort to read between the lines or try and read the fine print. To put it in short, Libra men like to carry on in just the manner that they are. In continuing with such an attitude, they are denying living life in the fullest possible manner. There are many imperfections in life and an effort has to be made to adjust to all the bottlenecks and problems.

A very interesting question is – how are Libra men like in bed? Refinement is the name of the game. If the Libra male has to be wooed, a very good idea would be to make the ambience just right and take trouble that much more gorgeous. Enticing fragrance and provocative lingerie are always a hit. When the clothes are off, it might be titillating to leave the jewellery on – a Libra male is certainly one to appreciate the subtle.

A Libra male is sophisticated and he plans his seduction at a slow pace that is provocative and drives a female mad. The love making is both emotional and physical and stress is laid on quality over quantity. The Libra male regards foreplay as being very very important and they are masters at the game. There are very good chances that he is a brilliant kisser.

A question might arise at this juncture about whether or not the Libra men are kinky. Though this could be generalizing somewhat, the overall picture is that yes, the Libra men have very good possibilities about being kinky so far as sex is concerned.

It is very easy for a Libra male to make a very impressive outward show. Just how to put people at ease by a particular set of mannerisms comes very naturally to them. . They know just how to put people in a certain frame of mind. Looking at the scenario rationally, the Libra male is not only an eloquent speaker, but does so in an understated manner. This has even greater impact. There is one detrimental factor here- a feeling that the Libra male hides; he doesn’t feel that he deserves to be happy because he is feeling too lazy or not pushing himself enough. In such an instance the best way for this male is to just move with the flow.