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Taurus Aquarius Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility

Your sun sign is Taurus
Your partner sun sign is Aquarius
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Match Percentage  15%

Is it possible to have a strong love connection between a bull and a water-bearer? It's a saying that opposites attract each other, but you find conflicting consequences when it's about the Taurus and Aquarius relationship. 

Taurus and Aquarius hold different characteristics and traits that are not regarded as compatible matches. Both zodiacs have a number of seated differences that lower their love meter. The crux of Taurus-Aquarius incompatibility is that they both have different insights into the world and hold different perceptions. 

Taurus loves to follow a traditional love and is regarded as a steadfast zodiac; on the other hand, Aquarius is an inventive and visionary zodiac. It is pretty clear, Taureans and Aquarians do a lot to blend a love in their relationship, but having different traits doesn't allow them to create a good relationship bond. 

Taureans are very fond of harmony, the home, babies and of course money too! Stability turns them on and alongside there is decorum and propriety in everything that they do. Taureans are very earthed and maintain a calm equilibrium. If they are prodded or provoked to an extreme, only then do they display just how angry and agitated they can get. Another name for Taurus is creativity and this is a very good way of giving vent to any stress they might feel. By and large Taureans are stable and at the same time very stubborn; they are so practical that sometimes they can even appear to be pessimists. They are not at all fond of arguments and avoid them as far as they possibly can. When to escape an argument becomes impossible, it is easy to get a glimpse of the fury simmering inside.

Taurus and Aquarius are earth and Air signs respectively. The concentration of Aquarius is more on cerebral matters, while Taurus tends to focus more on the sensual and mundane aspects. If the Taurus has to put forward the question, In what manner will this assist me in achieving my objectives in life, Aquarius is more likely to ask, What else? If Taurus is too clinging or Aquarius too aloof, there can be trouble. If however there are efforts at mutual understanding, love can definitely grow and flower amongst these two.

Even while remaining aware of the present, Aquarians can also look into the future. They are intellectual, strong and love to make new discoveries about life and enjoy meeting various friends and savour new experiences, which is an uncommon quality, taking into account imagination, ability and instinct. Lunacy and genius go hand in hand more often than not. The Aquarian personality is ever changing and almost impossible to define. They are sensitive, attention-grabbing and move about a lot. On the other side, they can do a quick volte face and turn into an enigma, impossible to decode. It is difficult to comprehend the motivational force behind an Aquarian and their mode of behaviour is different from practically everybody else. They are usually an outgoing lot, clinging strongly to their freedom and keep pushing themselves to the limit till they have achieved what they have set out to do.

Taurus and Aquarius both fall under the category of Fixed Signs. Both are rigid about their point of view once they make up their minds – and this becomes a part and parcel of their personal life too. If Aquarius and Taurus decide that a relationship is on the cards, then there is practically nothing that can force them to call it quits. There is another aspect to consider. If the relationship is a positive one, then the refusal to let go is a good thing. However, if there is negativity and despite that no one lets go, the whole relationship starts floundering. It will be a positive and flourishing relationship once both these signs learn to accept that moving together will yield better results than rowing against each other. Taurus is somewhat more grounded. Hence, if they realize and accept that arguments are going nowhere, they are more likely to back out of an argument.

Taurus is neither strange nor eccentric, unlike Aquarius; on the contrary they are gentle and calm. However if their toes are stamped on too hard, they fly into a rage that is even more remarkable because it is extremely infrequent. Members of both these zodiac signs are very practical – and that is what makes them stable and lets them persevere. Except for these basic resemblances, they remain poles apart and yet basically holding on to the same basic principles. Taurus prefers to listen rather than talk and they keep retaining the knowledge in themselves. This makes the knowledge a hard-hitting took, which they use as and when required. The Aquarian seemingly gushes and talks a lot a lot, but at the same time they keep back more than they let on. In general they are believed to be cerebral people and if they agree to work together, then their knowledge is well used.

If there is proper co-ordination between Aquarius and Taurus, any difficulty can be dealt with without too many problems. Taurus is down to earth and pragmatic as compared to the eccentric approach Aquarius had to practically anything. Taurus is supremely reluctant to be any different while Aquarius is amongst the most progressive of all the signs. Though they are not all that similar, both want very strongly to succeed. Hence, rather than any romantic liaison, a commercial venture between the two offers better prospects.

It takes a lot of effort for a smooth flowing relationship between an Aquarius and a Taurus. The gap between a reticent Taurus and disinterested Aquarius must be bridged and only then is any relationship possible. If this bridging of the gap actually takes place, then it is highly likely that it will remain stable. The result is a future that is strong and imaginative and a present that remains focussed. Both enjoy such a period that is exciting and delightful time for both of them. Taurus desires to give vent to all the leashed passion; Aquarius continues to maintain an apparent detachment. This aloof attitude is likely to annoy Taurus and the smallest of excuses makes them opponents rather than friends.

Venus signifying love and Saturn epitomizing Karma or work ethics rules Taurus and Aquarius respectively. The energy that Venus has is warm and feminine while Saturn has a cold and masculine energy. Everything that is out of the way and peculiar is the doing of Uranus; Venus concentrates more on sensual pleasures, romance and beauty. As a result of the influence of Saturn Aquarius concentrates on regimentation and hard labour in order to achieve their objectives. The revolutionary thought process is thanks to Venus. Taurus can reveal to Aquarius that life can be full of emotion and further beautified by comfort and beauty. On the other hand Aquarius teaches Taurus in what manner to keep doing better and also to reject something that has no future and is not working out.

Taurus and Aquarius find each other stimulating and are eager about the relationship they forge. As friends or relatives their bonds are exciting and full of joy, love and laughter. They are a perfect foil for each other in any business venture as different skills are needed. Initially any romantic relationship is patchy as Taurus wants plenty of dedication, while Aquarius tends to take things easy. Time is an essential factor if there is to be a successful relationship, and even then, it is not always successful. Parenthood is taken very seriously and both strive very hard to give the children every positive value during their childhood. Parents too form an important part of their childhood.

When there is some cause for tension, both react absolutely differently and so must be careful about to avoid any sort of arguments or confrontations. Taurus charges head on when he is angry and this makes Aquarius feel pressurised and hence they tend to pull away even further, distancing themselves by an aloof demeanour. The Taurus reacts to this by pushing even harder and the Aquarius moves ever further away. Their preference is for doing things in their own way and with as little fuss as possible. Aquarius is contemporary and liberal. Though Taurus finds Aquarius intriguing… it’s a little difficult for them to keep up. Though they are dissimilar, both can offer new experiences to the other. Aquarius finds it difficult to admit, but they do find Taurus comfortably supportive. Taurus in turn finds Aquarius stimulating, though perhaps not absolutely comfortable.

There are innumerable differences between Taurus and Aquarius – some of which can be positive, while others can cause harsh bickering. Sometimes however, they appear to be of the very same genre. Aquarius might appear to be too fond of avant-garde ideas and be totally put off. Taurus flourishes with tradition, while for Aquarius it is the future that beckons. Aquarius is cerebral, while Taurus is sensual and craves physical satiety. For the Aquarius money is pleasure, but Taurus tends to the worship at its altar. While Taurus works well with the day to day routine, while Aquarius is better at handling the bigger picture – thus both provide a good foil for each other. There is a natural lacuna between the two which is bridges can be an enthralling experience.

Taurus and Aquarius are both extremely self-determining and self-willed and can be at loggerheads with each other. Both look for solidity in every aspect; but Aquarius is happy to play the part of an explorer, while Taurus remains contented with the tested and proven. Some hard work and this relationship can work smoothly.

A vibrant and dynamic teamwork once they sort out the glitches in their path. Since both are authoritative, neither can dominate over the other no matter what effort is put in. It can be an extremely worthy and fulfilling relationship once the dynamics have been worked out.

Taurus and Aquarius Love Compatibility

Taurus and Aquarius have a range of dissimilarities because of opposite signs: a bull and a water-bearer. It makes their relationship weak, and their love compatibility seems to be filled with disputes and conflicts. The love match between Taurus and Aquarius is not good as they both have different sets of rules and perspectives in life. 

However, they both work in making their relationship a pleasant one and put various efforts into living a graceful love life. There are few things that help them to make a compatible love match and overcome the tension and conflicts from the relationship. 

Aquarius is regarded as a cerebral sign, and Taurus loves to be admired and steady. Whether they have opposite traits and personalities, but it's the thing that makes their communication interesting. They always love to be involved in a deep conversation with each other that may stimulate their love compatibility. 

Taurus and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

On the bed, Taureans and Aquarians struggle with several problems, and it's quite hard for them to maintain a good sex life. The bull is true and liable for their love, and sex is not just a way of enjoyment and fun for them; they are emotionally connected with it. On the other hand, Aquarius is not experimenting with sensual activities. They just enjoy sex as a body and living requirements. 

However, if the Taurus and Aquarius meet on the same ground in terms of intimacy with a deep communication, their sensual activity can be pleasant. Taurus loves to enjoy exploration in a physical relationship, and they have deep romantic ideas. They enjoy sensual touches, warm kisses and also want to explore the body of their partner. 

Plus, the environment also matters for them and tends to forge their seductive mood. Aquarius is an air sign that also enjoys sensual intimacy, but they are less tuned with the experiments while building a physical relationship. 

It's challenging for Taurus and Aquarius to form a relationship that is filled with pleased sensual activities. They both have different perspectives related to life. Taurus wants to be in a relationship that is filled with security and stability, whereas Aquarius wants to be free and live a life free of boundaries. 

Taurus and Aquarius Frienship Compatibility

<p>ven the friendship compatibility level between these two individual native personalities is not good at all. Together, both of the individual characters in a friendship only share a 21% friendship compatibility level. Both of the partners have totally different types of characters and approaches in life, and for these things, they may have to face a lot of difficulties. Even the partners are also blessed with different types of personality traits, which make them totally opposite from each other. All of the native people of Taurus like to enjoy qualities like stability and security, and on the other hand, the native people of Aquarius enjoy freedom and independence.</p><p>The Taurus Aquarius Compatibility for friendship compatibility for these individual native people is not highly recommended at all. Sometimes, the native people also become a little bit over-possessive and overprotective; therefore, the miscommunications and misunderstandings increase. Even for the native people of Taurus, the native people of Aquarius become a little bit unpredictable. However, to enjoy a good friendship or a stable friendship, both of the partners will have to share their common interests and Need to have open conversations. Together, the partners will also have to respect each other&#39;s qualities and need to do a little bit of a compromise.</p>

Taurus and Aquarius Trust and Communication Compatibility

In the relationship between Taurus and Aquarius, it's difficult for them to trust each other. However, their communication is interesting at a certain level, but it doesn't mean that they have complete trust in each other. It's hard for Aquarius to understand the trait and behavior of Taurus as it has a different mindset than the bull sign. 

They find obstacles in sharing the feelings that tend to build trust issues in the Taurus-Aquarius relationship. Although earth and element are two banks of the river that have very few similar traits and characteristics and it's the reason that the Taurus-Aquarius relationship seems not a good match. 

Taurus and Aquarius Emotions Compatibility

Taurus natives stimulate the features of Venus, and Aquarius is rooted with the features of Saturn. Having different traits makes their relationship quite challenging as they are not completely recognized by the planet they have. They both share different emotions on different grounds. 

Taurus natives have warm and steady personalities; whereas, Aquarius are exploring beings and have up to the mark thoughts for their life and goals. 

Moreover, material things are more valuable for Taurus, but the Aquarius is the one that loves to be free in their life. Both zodiac signs have different insights and values in their life that lead to conflicts in the Taurus-Aquarius relationship.  

Taurus and Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

<p>The relationship compatibility level between the individual native people is again not compatible at all. Together, the partners or the individual characters share only 20% of the relationship compatibility level. In both love life and married life, both of the individual native people face a lot of struggles and misunderstandings in life. The native people of Taurus want to have a very secure and stable relationship. While on the other side, the native people of Aquarius want to enjoy full freedom and Independence life. The Taurus native people are very much committed to their partners in life. However, the Aquarius becomes a little bit of indifference in life.</p><p>The Taurus Aquarius Compatibility for relationship compatibility level is not recommended at all. It needs a lot of understanding and effort from both of the individual native people to improve their relationship or married life. To enjoy good times together and to improve their relationship or married life, the native people need to forget about their personal differences. The native people will also have to understand the other person&#39;s feelings and desires and need to listen to them very carefully. They need to have an open and intellectual conversation so that the native people can improve their lifestyle, whether it is for love or marriage.&nbsp;</p><h4><b><span style="font-family: Arial;">Conclusion</span></b></h4><p>All of the native people who are influenced by the zodiac signs of Taurus and Aquarius can find out the Taurus Aquarius Compatibility. We have covered up mostly the important compatibilities of life. People can find out the compatibility between love, friendship, communication, emotion, sexual compatibility, and many more things.</p>


Taurus is a bill sign, and Aquarius is a water-bearer sign, and they both have different personality traits that don't make them a good match. Their relationship is filled with tension and conflicts that tend to make an unpleasant relationship. 

When it's about friendship, not about the relationship, then it can be said that Taurus and Aquarius can be a compatible match. However, they both have different perspectives in life, but it can also be a good reason to start good communication. Their communication seems interesting, and that can help them to be a good friend only. 

A bull sign, Taurus has an earth element, and Aquarius has an air sign. 

Both the signs are fixed to their personalities, and their different mindset helps them to deal with any situation together. They both love to solve the problem at the initial stage with great communication and believe in making a crystal clear relationship. 

Taurus is rooted in traditional ideas and not in favor of allowing Aquarius to work outside as they love domestic ideas. Whereas Aquarius has a diverse personality, and they have different ideas for life than Taurus. So, in a way, they are not compatible zodiacs for marriage.