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Libra Capricorn Compatibility

Libra and Capricorn Compatibility

Your sun sign is Libra
Your partner sun sign is Capricorn
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Libra                 Capricorn

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On the surface, these two zodiacs make an extremely difficult pair. Capricorns are very reserved and unassuming. Whereas Libras are very friendly, and they love to spend their time with others. Capricorns believe in hard work, and they are also career-oriented. On the other hand, Libras are more concerned with beauty and art and balance their relationship. They can only find common ground if they build their relationship based on love and respect.

These can offer fulfilling results when they both come together for a project or solve a problem. But once they have defined their expectations, they can have very different approaches towards life. Libras are generally intellectual, and they sit back and analyze a situation. On the other hand, Capricorns work hard to succeed. Once they are accustomed to each other's styles, they can work together to achieve a particular goal. 

Capricorns are by and large conventional, extremely motivated with oodles of discipline at hand. Self-control is a by word for them. Endurance and will power go hand in hand so far as the Capricorn is concerned. Unemotional on the face of it, Capricorns in reality are very loving and caring about their family and the people they love. It is very rarely that Capricorns put things off and by and large they always see to the successful end of whatever they began. There are arguments only when there is no other choice – and they just have to achieve what they have set out to do. By nature Capricorns are old fashioned and Spartan in their habits – and generally do not have extravagant habits of any sort.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is somewhat arid and dry; Venus, symbolic of love is the ruler of Libra. Since there is not much common ground, what is important is that both learn to work through their differences. Libra is encouraged to take it a little easy by Venus and savour all the beauty that life has to offer. This might appear being sloth to the Capricorn – whose nature is dictated by Saturn who is the primal force behind Capricorns pushing ahead to reach their goals with dogged force. The negative result is working at cross purposes and creating unnecessary turbulence. This can of course be avoided if both the signs put in a real effort to understand and get along with each other. Capricorn should take extra care not to be a deterrent by curbing the Libran optimism and enthusiasm. In turn the Libra must put to good use their natural diplomacy so that a proper balance is maintained.

Basically Capricorns and Librans make a good working team and if moving towards the same goal, there is practically nothing that they cannot conquer. This success is not just personal, but also for the world at large. The competence coupled with the Libran charm has the Capricorn in a tizzy. The fact that they are happy to adjust to the modus operandi of the Capricorn also makes their relationship a lot stronger. In order to retain the peace and feeling of being grounded, the qualities and tendencies have to merge together.

Capricorn and Libra are Earth and Air signs respectively. A Libra is a cerebral being and there are always a lot of thoughts running through their minds. Capricorns are also intellectual in their own way, but they set about organizing matters in a much more pragmatic manner. For them time is to be used not for aesthetics, but for practicalities. If these two signs can learn to work together, they can make a complete whole very successfully.

Libra invests a lot of trusty and belief in Capricorn and that usually much more than compensates for all the remaining differences between them. Capricorns react by offering all the security that is in them and that imbues Libra with a reassuring sense of commitment and security. This connection remains eternally strong with the input that is put in. To this relationship, Libra brings a sense of compassion and tolerance and gentleness; Capricorn on the other hand imbues this bonding energy and determination. Their sense of ethics might appear different on the face of it, but in actuality they are very similar, just the depiction is different. There can be two diametrically different reactions - either there is a harmonious fusion and growing confidence in each other or complete loss of all connection and absolute separation. Their work ethics have to include cooperation and this will result in an incomparable harmony.

If the roles that they are to play are pre-decided, the working relationship of these two signs works best. If the goals are pre-set, the approach to resolving the matter is very different. Libra thinks and is cerebral; Capricorn on the other hands realises the worth of hard work if required. Once the two signs understand the basic differences in their style of working, there is greater compatibility and they work fine.

The aura around Libra is usually relaxed and laid back. The ambience is just as important to them as is the appearance. They are dreamy, charming and with a mystic aura at the same time. This is responsible to a large extent because they keeping and weighing and changing their options before drawing any conclusions. However, Libras are by nature very social being and intense dislike strife or discord in any form. They are prepared to do just about anything to avoid it. The Libran prefers to have his own close circle and thus keep all the interactions as amiable as possible. They can be so open-minded and laid-back that their habits might appear a bit extravagant at times. However, they are always ready to strive to reach their goals is always there. The imbalance of situations makes the Libra seem cranky and moody at times. But in reality they are gentle and considerate beings.

Both Capricorn and Libra being Cardinal signs; their work ethics have such a wide range that though they work very hard, it works out much better if they have pre-set goals and pre-defined objectives.If there is a direct confrontation or conflict, it is the Libra who will back down; by that compromise both will work out a better deal for both themselves.– and that of course is a big appeasement to the Capricorn.. Both partners need to understand the need for importance.

However, in all the aspects of any kind of relationship that the Libra and the Capricorn share, there are bound to be differences because of their very differences and outlook. Libra likes to look at the overall picture, while Capricorn tries to throw in all the details and differences. At time the Capricorn is greatly annoyed by too much of Libran optimism and impressions of uncertainty. However, Libra only laughs at this reaction.

A strong desire of leadership is a sphere where a lot of adjustments will have to be made. Both when it comes to a matter of exerting authority both can lash strongly with each other for exerting the power. This can either result in a bond where authority is divided equally between them or one of them manages to exert authority over the other. If the person who has been subjugated accepts the defeat and continues to move on, eventually self-control is restored.

The match between Capricorn and Libra can be very good if the similarities that are tough to find are actually found – and this goes in their favour. Apparently they are absolutely dissimilar- Capricorn is reticent and retiring, while Libra tends to take a whole-hearted delight in social activities; Capricorn believes that hard work means moving a step forward in achieving their goals or objectives- Libra however is concerned with beauty, aesthetics and the arts.Of course there is some kind of meeting point between the two, especially if they are based on respect and love that is mutual. But they have to work at finding a common ground. There is a vast difference between both these signs except for the need for commitment, which makes a common ground for bonding. Libra is hyper and is on a constant restless mood, Capricorn on the other hand is down-to-earth and pragmatic.

In the genre of friends, relatives and acquaintances. Both these signs get along very well and as there is an abundance of tolerance and space, the ambience by and large is very positive. This provides an opportunity to give up grudges and follow the path of bliss. However, if the pair is Libra and Capricorn, then close friends, relatives and acquaintances have to face tough times , in case of a relationship between these signs. In a professional relationship, miraculous success can take place. Both as parents and children, their structure is strong and worthy. They are given a sense of stability and determination.

What is most outstanding about this relationship is that the unique qualities which each possesses is brought into the relationship. Once they agree to retain their own individuality, both bring the best into the bonding and the blending is excellent, If the effort can be maintained, the best is sure ton be brought into the relationship.

Libra and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Libras and Capricorns generally have a tough time finding a sense of grounding in their relationship. Venus rules Libras, and thus they are known to be the sign of partnership. Capricorns are a highly ambitious sign, and they are also very hardworking. Capricorns generally prioritize their careers, and they tend to overwork in every situation. 

They might have a strong attraction with each other, but it still might be hard for them to build a relationship with it. But there are certain areas which they can find common among each other. 

Planet Saturn rules Capricorns, and they believe in having rules and restrictions in life. On the other hand, the Libras ruled by Venus believe in having harmony and balance. Both of these zodiacs believe in having certain rules in life, but they have different ways. Capricorns believe in placing their point anyhow, and Libras want everyone to get along with one another. This couple generally has a battle of power, and they try to prove themselves right. 

Generally speaking, these Earth and Air signs do not make a great match as they are naturally opposed. Libras generally feel that Capricorns hold them back, whereas Capricorns find Libra indecisive. Even though both of them might have various conflicts, they can build a relationship that helps them grow. 

Libra and Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

For Libra and Capricorn to have a sexually compatible relationship, they must have the patience to wait for the right time. These two signs ruled by Venus and Saturn together form the tale of a soldier and his wife. Even though both these zodiacs feel that sex has immense importance in one's life, they are generally sexually inactive. 

In most cases, they do not feel any sexual attraction between them, and they start a relationship based on friendship. In most cases, they conclude that they don't have any chemistry between them. 

Various factors don't allow them to have a harmonious relationship together. So even if the lack of attraction doesn't drift them apart, various outer circumstances will. There might be situations out of their control that could make them feel pressurized and hurt their self-esteem. But even though they have various hardships on their path, they can form a sense of understanding. The main reason that they can communicate and form a sense of understanding is because of Saturn's exaltation in Libra. This is why they end up making mistakes and expect things that they shouldn't. In most cases, they can build a strong binding by overcoming all the obstacles via their natal positions. 

The only way these two zodiacs can enjoy a harmonious sexual relationship is to let go of their strict approaches. This can help them have a less conservative and systematic approach in their sex lives. 

Libra and Capricorn Frienship Compatibility

Libra and Capricorn Trust and Communication Compatibility

Libras and Capricorns generally have a very trusting relationship. Sometimes Libras may have questionable motives, and Capricorns may make them feel guilty. The main issues occur between a Libra and a Capricorn when Capricorns are too strict on their partners. In such cases, 

Libras tend to feel judged and have a sense of inadequacy. Due to this citation, Libras tend to become extremely scared of the consequences and take the aid of lies. So Libras generally show signs of dishonesty not because they want to hide something but because they feel the need to protect themselves. 

Libras, in most cases, are extremely stubborn, and especially when they come into a relationship with Capricorn, they become headstrong and impossible to talk to. Libras do feel a sense of love for Capricorns as they exalt Saturn. But they have the most unusual ways of showing their feelings to their partners. So in most cases, these two tend to build a wall between each other without any particular reason. 

The biggest constraints that they face in life are owed to their elements. Where one is an air sign, the other is a grounded earth sign. This makes them completely different from one another and makes them face several issues in life. But if they can build on their relationship, they can find enough depth and understanding to have the most interesting conversations. Rationalism helps them create mental relations with their partners and have a fun-loving relationship. 

They both have a knack for solving various issues that they face, and at some point in time, they might start finding solutions together. Libras are more vocal, whereas Capricorns are more action oriented. There is no other way to raise their egos rather than to resolve situations with shared efforts. 

Libra and Capricorn Emotions Compatibility

The main values that these two share includes the value of time and responsibility. They can get over any and every difference that they might have to create a deeper bond between them. They are both set in their ways being air and earth signs, and they both have great value for their words and deeds. Libras feel that their intellectual minds are their biggest asset, whereas Capricorne generally does not care about the materialistic world. This helps both find a great grounding, but this might not be pleasant to create a romantic relationship. 

One of the biggest issues that their couples face is based on their emotions. They do not understand how they can approach their feelings and find a way of reconciliation. Venus rules Libras, and thus they are naturally emotional. But in most cases, they hold back their feelings due to their seriousness of nature. 

On the other hand, Capricorns tend to accept all emotions, and they have a judgmental nature that is a turn-off for Libras. This entire situation also becomes a huge turn-off point for Libras. Additionally, the entire situation also feeds Capricorn's ego, leading them further from their focal point. 

These two generally form a couple that tries to find a shared language for showing their feelings and respecting one another. The emotional nature of Capricorn generally is unattractive to most zodiac signs. But it makes them completely  untouchable for Libras. They can only find a point of respect by accepting each other's emotions and manifesting them. They should offer each other the liberty to show their feelings in any way they feel comfortable. 

Libra and Capricorn Relationship Compatibility


Capricorns and Libras generally make an incompatible match, and they tend to have various conflicts in their relationship. They can make a relationship last as long as they are committed to working together. 

Libras and Capricorns can have a magical relationship if they can work together. They generally challenge each other in their communication and psychic levels. The main point of connection that they find is based on their need to stay home. 

Libras and Capricorns can build a strong physical bond. They have good sync in terms of the corporeal aspect. Even though they don't commonly engage in sex, they can meet each other's sexual needs. 

Libras are generally too free-spirited for the conservative Capricorns. This is the main reason why they face various issues. When these two are together, they can have a great deal of frustration. 

Both of the signs are domestic. Even though they might have certain issues in their relationship, they can form a harmonious balance. Capricorns help to create the infrastructure, and Libra helps to add the details.