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Gemini Personality

Gemini Personality

Gemini -The Twins
( May 21 to June 20 )

Gemini is an Air Sign
The third sign of the zodiac is Gemini and adaptability is what typifies them. Mercury the ruling planet has a strong bearing on their tendency to act now and think later. However the answers to questions usually crop up while the situation is still being handled. The have a penchant for talking nineteen to the dozen, but it is not just idle talk. Geminis are extremely flexible and at the same time quick to react to situations and might act impulsively but effectively. Dualism is typical of this sign and while it is rare to find cases of split personality, there are contradictions galore. While on the path to extremes, their decisions and policies should very feasible – at least it satisfies their own selves. extremes, they manage to make their policy sound plausible, at least to their own satisfaction. They are very giving and also show a great deal of affection – coupled with an over active imagination. However a constant desire for change results in a constant sense of dissatisfaction. A clever sense of wit makes it easy for them to gloss over their faults and yet harbouring no intention of rectifying themselves.

Details :
When Geminis jabber, there is some intellectual reasoning behind it. They are constantly in search.The driving force behind a Gemini's conversation is their mind. They are forever probing people and searching new places for information that stimulates. The more information they collect, the more fun it is -- sharing it with friends and loved ones. Geminis are almost always interested in furthering relationships and a dalliance with them is ever an enjoyable experience. This is simply because they are very quick witted and quickly become the life and soul of any party. Though rationality is their forte, so is an abundance of imagination. A Gemini can never be boring and are a perfect blending of the Ying and the yang, logically being represented by the twins. Geminis are adept at taking in both sides of an controversy – however, there is no certainty about which side will show up. They themselves are not always aware of this duality which sometimes seems to be presenting a dual side to people and getting called fickle as a result. Geminis can be quite whimsical and this can is typical of their mutable quality. They are lithe and easily flow with the tide.An added quality is the ability to multi-task and also the unique ability to tackle a number of chores together. However the negative angle to this is the fact that there is quite often an acute lack of following through to the end. There is after all a limit to anything that can be handled. Thanks to the influence of the planet Mercury, they are blessed with volatile energy and both think and act at super speed. At any social gathering their quick wit makes them the centre of attention. Along with talking a lot Geminis also have the ability to learn by listening. Unless the company is interesting, Geminis tend to get fidgety. Geminis could be regarded by some as scheming, but over all they are kind hearted. The flurry and activity might have some people calling them scatty, but beneath the surface all that is important remains undisturbed. This is a thinking sign and this sign believe it is the cornerstone to all success. Professionally, they are the clearest of thinkers and by analysing any problem from all angles they are only too capable about presenting well thought-out ideas. Geminis thus are invaluable assets, though they are disinclined to take on the leadership role. A literary bent of mind allows them a clear perspective on any issue. Personal relationships too are put under the scanner of logical reasoning. Though the external appearance unmoving and unfeeling, this is what comes naturally to them. They would like to connect, but on their own terms. Due to their ebullience and high cheer, they always appear to be young. Alongside being fast and nimble, there is a thorough enjoyment of short trips. It would appear almost impossible for all this energy to be handled by one person and hence it is the sign of twins or two people. So far as a sport is concerned, double tennis comes naturally to them. Team games are appealing because of the camaderie which comes along naturally. Games – they are always ready to participate and book clubs also act as a mental stimulant.As lovers Geminis thoroughly enjoy flirting and look on it as loads of fun. They rule the Nervous System so far as the physique is concerned and Yoga and deep breathing techniques would be greatly beneficial to them. Soft yellow and blue will also have calming effect. The Gemini can communicate effectively and at the same time think clearly. Mental adventures are the name of the game and they can be charming companions to their friends and acquaintances.

Profile :
Gemini is ruled by Air and highlights speed, intellect and communication.There is always a sense of expansion. Of a mutable drive Gemini is an inquisitive learner and has the ability to take in quickly. This suits a Gemini who is always on the look-out for change. Since they are flexible most of the time, connecting with others is not difficult at all. Unfortunately, excessive energy could result in not knowing in which direction to turn. A counter force of stable becomes absolutely essential for them. Members of this sign needs a countervailing force of stability. If there is receptivity, communication is quick and the benefits too are rapid. The desire to communicate quickly and rapidly benefits when tempered by receptivity. These twins can thus listen as well as speak. Balance comes about when the speed is somewhat less and there is also a follow-through. 


The Positive Side of Gemini:
People under this zodiac sign are intellectually sound. Some are endowed with the ability to multi-task. A Geminian more than frequently has multifarious interests and is always keen on learning something new. People belonging to this zodiac have a tendency to investigate, analyse and relishes putting his intellect to good use. It’s more intellect than emotions that that hold sway over a Geminian. People of this genre are not restricted to a single point of view and have the ability to look at both points of any issue. There is an innate ability to reason and also make quick-fire decisions if so required. Another commendable quality is his flexibility and adaptability to any new place or situation. A Gemini does not dither and is quite confident about any decision that he makes. Intellectual stimulation is very important to a Geminian. Inventive powers are very marked in him. If it comes to a question of life, a Geminian is futuristic and modern – which probably explains his youthful appearance and demeanour. A strong stimulant is creativity and the arts and literature hold a strong appeal. Being charming by nature and a good speaker, he is more often than not the centre of attention. Their easy going nature allows people to draw close and enjoy a good laugh.

The Negative Side of Gemini:
Once in a while the Geminian takes on too much and thus the end result is non-productive. There is a tendency to distraction and losing focus too easily. Minor factors distract them and taking any matter seriously is dull to say the least. A few members of this sun sign are fickle and don’t keep to their word when the push comes to the shove. The impression of being knowledgeable and erudite could frequently be nothing but a veneer. Despite a shallow knowledge, the ability of being a versatile speaker gives the impression of great scholarship. There are also a few Geminians who can be extremely caustic. It is only themselves and their needs and pleasures that hold centre stage.