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Gemini Male

The Gemini Male – What Do Peaceful Periods In Their Life Means ?

For a Gemini a peaceful time means a time frame where he can go about flitting from one point to another without any compunction. He is the happiest when there is nothing to tie him down or bind him to a routine – particularly if it is one that he acutely dislikes.

Let us assume that the Gemini is going through a favourable period and all is going well for him. At moments like this he is the veritable picture of bonhomie and good will. He is vivacious, full of life and entertaining. If the craving for the new and the interesting is fulfilled, their enthusiasm can be extremely infectious.

If the Gemini is not festering and is at peace, there is no one more soft-spoken than him. They are positively brilliant at reaching people through their charm and wit. Their sheer verbal skills makes it very easy to sell any concept or idea to anyone – of course if they put their mind to it. When the Gemini is feeling physically at the peak of his form, he is more at peace than at other times. This is not a sign which handles physical infirmities very well.

A very good way to bring this about is to get plenty of sleep. This allows an escape route for the restless and nervous energy to find some kind of a release. The arms and shoulders are the inherent weak point – if this taken care of, the Gemini feels less inhibited and hence naturally more at peace. Instead of overworking them, just keeping them strong will do the trick. If the mind is to retain its sharp agility, then it is very important that the Gemini takes in periodic bouts of rest so that the mind is rested and recharges naturally. Yellow is a colour which is aid and natural healer.

When times are non-turbulent and the Gemini can allow his natural instincts to surface, he is not only rational, but also thinks at the speed of lightening. So far as matters of the heart and emotional matters are concerned, they are considerate and sound in their thinking. Geminis are always thrilled with mental gymnastics. Any news that comes to them needs a thorough research done – that is true knowledge for them.

It is especially during times of peace that the Gemini is not only smart, but adjustable too. They have a sharp sense of humour and a wit that will appeal to almost everybody. If there are celebrations going on, it can almost surely be taken for granted that it is the Gemini who will be the life and soul of the party. Unfortunately it is during times of peace that Geminis reveal their “Mr Know All” attitude even more than normal. It can have a galling effect on the people around them.

The Gemini Male – What Is Stress To Him And How Does He Handle It ?
During times of stress Gemini male make a relatively simple problem unnecessarily complicated. It is this very trait in their character that makes it completely unpredictable as to how they will react. Any stressful situation is made doubly complicated by a tendency to superficially look at matters. Being ruled by Air, this sign is in a constant state of flux. Since air is constantly changing directions, Gemini also constantly change the manner in which they assess how damage control is to be done. There is however a positive angle to this. You are surprised? Look at it in this manner – it allows the Gemini to approach any problem from different angles. Thus the most appropriate solution is easier to find. Unfortunately the focus tends to waver – which might have a detrimental effect.

During times of crisis a Gemini will tend to experiment with what solution works out for the best. This is not such a good idea as it might seem because the sense of continuity is lost and that might lead to a critical situation becoming even more complicated. Even at such a time they are willing to try whatever is new. While it certainly makes life a lot more interesting, it can ultimately end up having a detrimental effect.

To look at the other side of the coin –Geminis being multi-talented can very easily think of a great number of solutions without turning a hair. So even when there is chaos all around and problems galore, a Gemini is thrilled at the thought of all the different matters he has to handle and positively enjoys meeting the challenge. They are the best at keeping their cool when they have to do a balancing act and handle a great number of crisis altogether! No, they do not fall to pieces – it is the very breath of life to them.

Another factor which comes to the fore in a crisis is the adaptable nature of the Gemini. They are flexible to say the least and do not find it all that difficult to accept change – rather, they revel in it. Suppose there is an emotional crisis in the close confines of the immediate family. Thanks to Mercury which is the ruling planet they are very thoughtful and sound on how to handle the situation. They can delve deep into any emotional activity. It might even seem like a subject for research for them!

The Gemini Male – What Is Stress To Him And How Does He Handle It ?
One undeniable fact about the Gemini male is that he has an extremely charming personality. They are so very intelligent and can be extremely vocal and forthright about their point of view. This results in their almost always having a plethora of friends and admirers. Male of this zodiac song are extremely social. So, it is definitely no surprise that their love life is positively overflowing with female willing to be their partners. But yes, at the same time it has to be admitted that Geminis are just as well known for carrying flirtation to new heights. To the person involved it appears that the relationship is a well-orchestrated roller coaster ride.

What do you thing is the one single factor that a Gemini finds the most attractive in any kind of relationship? Yes, you have hit the nail right on the head – it is none other than intelligence. Despite any attraction they might feel, it still remains an undeniable fact that Geminis have flirting deeply ingrained in their psyche. It is not very difficult for them to forge a relationship without really taking it very seriously. Yes, male of this genre live life to the optimum. They are not at all adverse to taking a quick and sneaky step outside their commitments.

Despite their brilliance, the Gemini male is more than likely to find distinguishing between the important relationships and ones that aren’t a tough proposition.

This is an oft recurring situation (though the specifics might be different) – Geminis have a tendency to theorize, no matter what the relationship. It can so happen quite often that even the Gemini himself does not recognize an emotional response even when it is staring him in the face. Though they definitely have their share of emotions, more often than not they are disregarded for pursuits that are far more tangible and logical.

Let us assume that a Gemini is drawn into a relationship. Since they tend to be drawn more into what they should feel rather than what they actually feel, the resulting relationship is not quite what they are looking for. Thus it is an ill matched relationship at best. Since the Gemini is always chasing after someone just over the horizon, acceptance of commitment becomes that much more difficult. There is always a mirage they are chasing after and an eternal pursuit of the best of the best.

The Gemini is a razor sharp conversationalist and casual off the cuff answers are not for him. It is very easy for them to discuss a number of topics at the same time – and keep each one as interesting as all the others. Learning through conversation with others is not only a passion with Geminis, but they also like to share the knowledge with all and sundry. A member of this zodiac sign has no objection at all to being contradicted – after all, that does provide further fuel for conversation.This gives them a chance to deliver a verbal smasher and wry retorts. It is the perfect response which keeps makes the victim smart and they keep awake planning a response for many a night.Here is Gemini in a nutshell for you.