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Gemini Female

Gemini Female

The Gemini Female – What Do Peaceful Periods In Their Life Means :
We all know that many hands make light work – this is a quick short summary of the Gemini female. A peaceful time them means a period when they are at their hyper active best and are happiest handling a great number of issues altogether. Even during peace times a Gemini female can in no way be designated as weak, timid or timorous. They are an intriguing mingling of different and widely varying facets.

Particularly if there is nothing preying on their minds a Gemini female is far above average intelligent and can talk about anything at all – be it travel or politics or religion. Then of course there is the latest celebrity faux pas. Since they love delving into mysteries and hidden secrets, there is positively nothing that thrills them more. Curiosity is the other name of the game and she is thoroughly enjoys poking and prodding and the mind of the Gemini female flits from one subject to another at a speed faster than lightening. The Gemini female has an instinctive enjoyment of talking; but she does not talk for the mere sake of talking, and filling the empty spaces. She does so because of the element of enjoyment too. It is very easy for the Gemini female to adapt to any circumstance -- whether it be times of peace or the other way around. They have a calm and positive attitude which has a magnetic appeal when there is chaos all around and people are getting into a positive flap.

However, even in times of peace, the Gemini female finds sitting idle an impossibility. That would be totally inconsistent with her nature. There is no doubt that the feminine species of the Gemini is in control of her emotions, but she can change from hot and sensual to being cool, calm and collected in the blinking of an eye.

How Does The Gemini Female Handle Stress And Strain In Life :
The first point to be noted is that especially during times of stress a Gemini female tends to be become even more sharp tongued and sardonic. The basic reason is really very simple – she just cannot stand fools gladly. There will instances of when she will show up with impeccable manners and there could be no person more soft-spoken and gentle than her. The situation could change in a flash and you could find yourself contending with a shrill voiced harridan. You are absolutely right – that is the dual personality factor coming in with a vengeance.

Let me put a question to you . Most of you will have at least heard about if not seen the iconic film The Sound of Music. Trying to describe Maria, one of the nuns said How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? That is the situation as regards a Gemini female – especially during times of trouble or stress. Problems don’t make her feel threatened or overpowered. On the contrary, constant movement and any amount of challenges wake her up and put her in absolutely top form.

When the normally Gemini female finds that things are not going her way and she is not getting the attention she considers her rightful due, there can be a sudden and totally unexpected flash of temper. At heated moments like this when a member of the feminine gender is in a rage, there is absolutely no listening to logic or reason. At that point of time all that hold any meaning is somehow or the other and at any cost – having the last word. The arguments are extremely aggressive as well. Normally the Gemini female, even in times of stress has a cheerful demeanour – however the flip side of the coin is not particularly pleasant. There is almost a childish determination to get her own way and an equally childish reaction when that does not happen for whatever reason.

When a Gemini female is stressed out, what she dislikes becomes even more pronounced. Let me briefly run through what these factors are. Suppose a Gemini female is trying to de-stress and there are people around who are continuously complaining while everybody else is trying to have some fun. That definitely falls under the category of irritant. By nature the Gemini female (like her male counterpart) is endowed with a mercurial temperament. All those are critical about this and find faults i.e they are nit-picking are not people this genre are very fond of. As an astrologer let me, Deepak Chopra put a suggestion to you – these genre of people are ultra-sensitive and for the better part of the time cannot take a joke at their own expense. The Gemini female could run into a person or a group of people who try to control them by trying to pin them down to specifics. They are placing demands on to their time and promise. That is definitely not to be tolerated!

The Gemini Female - Love Life And Human Relationships :
There can be no doubt at all about the fact that the Gemini female has an extremely romantic nature. If she feels unsure because of whatever reason, a qucik about turn and she continues looking. Due to a constant quest for perfection, the Gemini female will delve into as many relationships as it takes till she finds what she is looking for.However, this does not mean that she is looking for an unrealistic utopia. NO! She also has a need for mental stimulation, fun and of course conversation too.

A Gemini female does not fall head over heels in love – she prefers to test what the relationship means to her first. If however it so happens that she finds her dream male, there will be no holds barred and she will open up completely. Thohg of course it must be kept in mind that there is no scope for complacency. Think of the phrase ‘Catching is not keeping'. That sums up the volatile and turbulent nature of the Gemini female. The Prince Charming whom a Gemini female is looking for does not really have to be conventionally handsome. Her core of requirement is someone who has a sharp and biting sense of humour and keep her laughing - there is to be nothing forced about it. It is in this way they think that the secrets of the heart are revealed.

If I were to ask you – O.K, now describe the Gemini female in a few words. Some of the words you are most likely to use are complicated, exasperating, enchanting and of course challenging too. Not just looking at it from the romantic angle, but in any relationship at all, there has to be nurturing and tending at the same; almost simultaneously she needs and demands movement and independence. If the relationship is good and positive Geminis can be loyal and dynamic.

In any relationship a Gemini remain logically grounded and is not swept off her feet. This will allow her to see the whole relationsip from every angle and not just one sided. It is difficult to maintain a balance because one never knows what to expect from a Gemini. Thus there is hardly ever any Gemini who can be called boring A marked quality of a Gemini is an innate quality which leads her to ask questions almost all the time, She just has to know what the friends are thinking.

There is a constant need to be on the move – she has to always be on the move – doing something or planning something. Communication comes very naturally to Geminis and they have no problem at all occupying centre stage. Since she has an instinctive understanding of the human intellect, they have a natural balance point amidst group of people.