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Gemini Facts

Gemini Facts

Must Knowing Facts About Gemini
In Western astrology, Gemini is considered the third zodiac sign. The people, who were born in the period between 21st May to 21st June, carry the Gemini symbol. The specific characteristics that help recognize the Geminis are extreme curiosity, being best in social interactions, dedicated to brothers, friends, or lovers.
Gemini is such a zodiac sign, represented as twin goats in Egyptian astrology or twin peacock in Arabian astrology. 

Element & Mode of Geminies:
Element: Air
Gemini comes with unique characteristics, which are intensely influenced by air. As air coordinates all the senses, people who come under the Gemini sign often tend to think deeply or analytically. They are interested in reflecting the intense values in their character or love to be aware of surrounding circumstances.
The air element reflects the tone of freedom & ever-changing attitude in Gemini's character.
As air sign is directly connected with the mind, Geminis are flexible enough in puzzle solving, researching & networking. Moreover, Gemini's unique attribute is understanding the exact situation from a mile away. Geminis can think or act beyond the concept of right or wrong. They believe in the theory - 'Live & Let Live.'

Influence of Ruling Planet:
The ruling planet, Mercury, defines the personality traits of Jeminis. According to Greek mythology, Mercury is the messenger of gods. So, as Mercury is the planetary ruler of Geminis, they are always a good communicator. Geminis can consistently discuss different topics and thirst for innovative information and knowledge.

Geminis As Person:
Mixed Personality:
 Gemini people have versatile combinations of nature in their character. As per the situation, Geminis can adopt both introvert & extrovert attitudes. Geminis can easily hold the charm of togetherness at parties or celebrations as they can bring together different kinds of people with different mentalities.
Master in Multitasking:  
Moreover, the influence of the ruling planet Mercury makes Gemini people multi-talented with intellect & smartness. From their childhood, Geminis can manage multitasking in different circumstances. Gemini individuals prefer to move on to alternatives after finishing their work. Due to having maximum socialization power, Gemini people can easily take leadership responsibility.
What Makes Gemini People Unique?
Due to having excellent insights into communication, adaptability & outspoken mentality, Gemini people can be successful in different professions such as journalism, writing, and so much more. The innovative thinking of Gemini people pushes them to describe interesting facts to others.
Terrific Pioneer
Geminis are hyperactive individuals who can utilize their positive energy to drive innovative projects creatively. Geminis prefer to go ahead fluidly with their progressive visions to introduce something new & acceptable.
What Is The Strength of Gemini?
As Gemini individuals are full of wittiness, they love to act in inventive ways. They always prefer to take chances beyond all hesitations. The intuitive communication ability helps Gemini people to represent their emotional traits & views separately. So, if misconceptions arise in different circumstances, Gemini people can play the perfect roles of excellent negotiators.

Behavioral Patterns of Gemini:
In terms of commitment, Gemini individuals are low. Lack of commitment in Gemini does not mean they are careless & ungrateful. But, Gemini's analytical mindset forces them to rush only towards new or thrilling activities. So, if they find boring things or factors in your plan, they can cancel it with little irresponsibility. So, it's better to plan for a fun night out with Geminis than to plan for packing luggage or shifting with Geminis.
Dual Mood
Due to the tendency of impulsiveness, Gemini people can be the happiest in a single moment & very sad in the next moment. They often feel bored in a relationship until they love their partner from the depth of their hearts. 
Social Traits of Gemini
Gemini people are highly fun-loving and are considered social butterflies. Gemini, do not hesitate to talk about anything. They often convince the surrounding people to share their opinions and secrets with them. Family & friends matter a lot to the Gemini. But, they often choose happy hours such as dinner parties and dance floors rather than babysitting with cousins.

What Is The Weakness of Gemini?
Gemini people always have a problem making swift decisions. Due to a fluctuating mindset, Geminis face indecisiveness issues in relationships. Due to a lack of decisiveness, their personalities are tinted with messy attitudes. So, if your partner is a Gemini, you can go through insecurity as they have commitment problems. Geminis like to express their love to their partners through flirtation.

Gemini Women Personality Traits:
What Makes Gemini Women Attractive?
In general, Gemini women are extroverts, impulsive, witty & creative. Gemini women love to indulge in creative activities. If you get the company of Gemini women at a party, there is no chance of boring, awkward, and silent moments.
What Are Hidden Facts of Gemini Women?
In open eyes, Gemini women are highly complex by nature. She changes her passion & interest within a fraction of a moment. In general, Gemini women love to interact with her or men. At the initial phases of the love sign, Gemini women enjoy getting importance & flirting as possible. And eventually, when they get married, they prioritize their choice out of the union of marriage.
What Qualities In Men Attract Gemini Women?
To get the attention of Gemini women, you have to avoid monotonous situations or boring conversations. You can easily attract a Gemini woman if you have an entertaining personality. You must be Pro-version in flirting with holding a Gemini woman in life. A few tricks, sharing exciting plans with your partner, giving enough space in her personal life, and representing yourself as a responsible individual, can help you win Gemini women's hearts.
How Gemini Women Play Their Roles As Wife?
In a nutshell, Gemini wives are affectionate and tend first-thinking. At the same time, she is calm also. The husbands of Gemini face few challenges as their women are too curious about little things & quite self-centered. Gemini wives prefer such husbands, who treat them in different ways. 
As a life partner, Gemini women are a good choice as they are tolerant & adaptable enough.

Gemini Men Personality Traits:
The Most Vivid Characteristics in Gemini Men-
Curiosity & versatility in Gemini men turn them into rational husbands. They are talkative enough and love to accompany their partner differently. The wives of Gemini men often have to face a few issues as their husbands become pushy & intolerant as per circumstances. Above all, Gemini men are good in social interactions and are easygoing.
Are Gemini Men Ideal Husband Material?
If you marry a Gemini man, you will never feel bored in a relationship. But, if you expect time from him at home, he must disappoint you. Gemini men do not like to spend routine indoor time. As well as he does not prefer to be involved in domestic matters deeply. Moreover, Gemini men do not entertain women's controlling mentality; they prefer spending time with friends regularly. But, he is such a person who can always cool down his partner's mood. 
How Gemini Men Treat Their Women?
If Gemini men become angry, they will make you feel worst with words. But, also, their anger passes away as fast as it aroused. Gemini men expect their women to be resourceful, intelligent & self-dependent but still appreciate their assistance.

Relationship Compatibility: Gemini Wife Vs. Gemini Husband:
General Lookouts of Gemini Partners In Relationship:
Gemini partners generally become fiery during disagreements due to their emotional traits. But, Gemini people do not hold grudges for a long-time. 
Moreover, they do not personally retain the effects of arguments in their mind. So, Gemini partners can play their roles with tolerance to make life stress-free. 
Though Gemini partners do not love to share their profound feelings & sentimental views, their empathy covers this gap in relationships.
How do Gemini Women Treat in Marital Life?
By heart, mind & soul, Gemini women are migrants who love to explore unfamiliar things & matters in life. For this personality trait, your Gemini woman can praise one of your habits or quality in a day, but on another day, she can criticize your same habit or quality. So, the husbands of Gemini women have to face multiple personalities in a single person.
If you are the husband of a Gemini woman, you will enjoy a well-organized household one day. But another day, you can feel irritated in your messy domestic sphere. If you expect conventionality & consistency in everyday life from your Gemini wife, she must disappoint you.
How Gemini Husband Treats in Marital Life?
In a general perspective, Gemini husbands carry extreme emotional, fiery attitudes in relationships. They have an intense passion for knowing their partners deeply. They look for compatibility in a relationship. And while Gemini's husbands find their expected qualities, they gladly commit to their life partner for the best bonding.
Gemini husbands become compatible with such women, who appreciate the entire worth of their qualities and give some space. So, in simple terms, Gemini husbands love freedom in particular ranges and admiration from their women, instigating their minds to be connected emotionally & physically with her.