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Scorpio Male

Scorpio Male

The first thought that comes to mind when one thinks of the Scorpio male is hard core passion and intensity. On the face of it , there is probably no more calm and collected person than the Scorpio male, but the feelings that he shelters might tell a different story altogether. If the Scorpio male is not deliberately provoked and rubbed the wrong way, they remain patiently suave. It would be advisable to maintain caution while dealing with them. Mist Scorpio male are self reliant and do not come even close to allowing anyone to take control at any point in their lives.

Basking in the limelight comes very naturally to them and they are well versed in the means to get just what they want. A positive trait in the Scorpio male is their focussed attention. If there is any particular objective that the Scorpio has fixed on as the goal – then there is virtually nothing that can divert them from their set path. Further, their innate confidence prevents them from ever brooding on times of disruption or the occasions when they have fallen flat on their face. They tend to take it well in their stride, no matter what difficulties the situation might come up with.

A Scorpio can be called cheerful and of course passionate, but they are not by any means careless or immature. There is a strong element of balance in them and if you are looking for something that is a little out of the way, then being in the company of the Scorpio is the best choice that you can make. Stringently loyal – that’s the Scorpio for you. If he should have promised to stand by you, you can take it for granted that he most definitely will.

So far as a Scorpio is concerned, healthy finances, a strong social foundation and power are the absolute necessities. They are extremely ambitious to say the least. Their goal is to reach the highest peak and they will not stop until they reach there. A big asset to the Scorpio is instinct that usually never lets them down. It is not at all a difficult proposition to read the minds of the people around them and gauge what their actual motives might be. This proves to be a hidden and useful weapon during controversial situations.

Also one of the most predominant traits of the Scorpio male, which happens to be negative is his extremely possessive nature and of jealousy. This is the negative quality that is mist responsible for disturbing any romantic alliance they might develop. To take it a step further, Scorpios by nature find it an extremely difficult proposition to trust anybody and therefore are naturally very secretive. People will find it very difficult to even gauge what Scorpios are thinking. If the Scorpio is made the butt end of negative comments and salacious remarks. They hurt easily. But, no worries, they are not the ones to take it lying down and sooner, rather than later they will get their own back.

The other name of the Male Scorpio is lust and he can manage to weave a magical aura around himself. He is not concerned with technical finesse and just wants to totally satisfy is irrepressible desires. For female who like to be dominated, the Scorpio male is just the person to approach. They are extremely possessive and aggressive. He does not like to be taught about anything in the art of love. If questions have to be asked, it would mean that the Scorpio male is ignorant or inferior and that is most certainly not a viable proposition. He is quite happy with a little experimentation and that can range from aphrodisiacs to sexy toys. That makes sex all the more fun to him. Basically a male born under the sign of Scorpio is ruled by his genitals.

There are some sun sign that are erratic and extremely impulsive so far as finances is concerned. Quite naturally there is a wide variety as to this tendency. So far as the Scorpio is concern, the building up of his financial empire depends to some extent on inheritance and other such bonanza. An innate shrewdness tends to lead the male Scorpio towards being rather aggressive and extremely competitive to say the least. However, there is nothing impulsive about the moves he makes. The male Scorpio has the patience to wait until the right moment to strike. The basic nature of being secretive makes it quite probable that the the male has oodles of cash lying around the house and savings accounts that are kept hidden even from the wife. Future planning almost always pays off and it highly unlikely that the Scorpio is caught unawares. If suddenly confronted by unfavourable circumstances, the male Scorpion is adept at turning the situation around because of an essential shrewdness and also because he is prepared for adversity.

It is impossible that the Scorpio will ever forget a kindness that has been done to him and at the same time neither will he matters be forgotten if he has been insulted in any way or given the run around. All the relationships that are engendered by him are a mingling of strife and discord; frequently this can turn into violence. It is all too easy for a Scorpio to make enemies but it is advisable guard their backs where he is concerned. Where any kind of confrontation is concerned, great care Has to be taken because he is good and crafty planner and generally is in the habit of thinking out all the pros and cons. The Scorpio is obstinate to say the least and nurtures resentment till the long desired vengeance can be extracted.

* Anybody who has any kind of a relationship with a Scorpio has to be aware that compromise and compassions are not words in the vocabulary of the Scorpio. Before challenging the Scorpio to any kind of confrontation, this had better be carefully thought out. For a member of this zodiac sign any face to face conflict means the direst of consequences – which could mean life or death and ensure that the loser not only is defeated but pays for it in hell.

* The inherent violence in a Scorpio can become quite unpleasant. If the native of this sign happens to feel rejected die to whatever reason, there is a marked tendency to become paranoid. An extremely undesirable trait is the tendency to inflict pain and that could quite easily lead to sadistic behaviour, which might lead to negative results in the long run. The Scorpio is quite alright with this, because for him the mingling of pleasure and pain is what makes life interesting and worth the while.

The motives of a Scorpio male are not only exceedingly complex, but always have an aura of mystery. The Scorpio personality has to it a hidden side that is hidden and extremely secretive to say the least. There is an inherent dynamism to him that can be a trifling overbearing to anyone who is not used to being in close proximity to such a firebrand personality. Although there is a tendency to being extremely emotional (sometimes even leading to weakness), there is nothing that he despises more in any other individual. Every individual has a fault and for a male Scorpio it is being a bit of a libertine – sometimes resulting in an addiction to alcohol or even drugs. It is an awe inspiring will power and diehard determination that can however pull him out of this morass of negativity into which he has managed to sink. The work factor is very important to a Scorpio and thorough physical activity appeals to him in no strong terms. There is a very unusual combination that he has – a very lively imagination coupled with a great deal of initiative and courage. This is a combination which is usually bound to bring about success. So far as practicalities about money are concerned, he is at the peak of his form. There is not much that can persuade him into speculation. In short it is very difficult to cheat a Scorpio.

Scorpio male are always on their guard and it is practically impossible for them to trust anybody. A strongly developed and inborn 6th sense enables them to see through the actual motives of people very easily. They are not ones to forgive and forget in an instant. If an injury is done to them, they will strike back – and most probably at a time when it is least expected. The offenders end up paying very heavily for any injury inflicted. So the best course of action is not to meddle with a Scorpio unnecessarily.