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Scorpio Female

Scorpio Female

A Scorpio female is regarded more often than not as the sexiest and most enigmatic of all the zodiac signs. There is absolutely no predictability about her moods – which can swing wildly from being calm and serene to wildly abandoned. For her find a solution to any problem that might crop up, he occult and various facets of the esoteric are a big draw. It would be a very big mistake to take the Scorpio female lightly or take her as a flaky creature, dependent on the male to take the decisions. They like clear distinctions, with boundaries clearly marked –black and white, with no shades of grey in between. Though Scorpios are intuitive, they are sometimes self-destructive, but their beauty has a kind of magnetic attraction. Home and family remain sacrosanct to the Scorpio female. Should the action of anybody be regarded as threatening or as a attacking mode, she will defend her loved ones blindly without any thought for possible negative consequences in the future. While a lot of care is taken of the children, as a mother who keeps her eye on the future, she teaches them the value of independence and always remains proud of their achievements. Even from a very early age, they are always treated as individuals.

Bye and large it is truly difficult for a Scorpio female to be rested and at peace. The reason for this is very simple – there is always some problem or the other that she has to contend with and sort out. The best way to put it would be to say the Scorpio female is most likely to feel the shades of peace when the strength that is inherent to her fiery nature finds a safe haven. The person would have to be someone who calms her spirit and the thoughts that keep buzzing through her head all the time. A Scorpio female who is at peace will love her partner so deeply and intensely that it will probably be beyond her own logic and understanding.

During times of stress a Scorpio female turns even more possessive than normal. It truly stresses them out if important information is withheld from them or they are not intimated of secrets that could possibly be important. Whether married or single, Scorpio female are very independent. Should they start feeling shackled or hemmed that could give rise to a lot of problems within the family. They will pick fights and quarrels and in general family life becomes extremely unpleasant for anybody else who is part of that set-up. The best idea is to give her all the freedom in the world to make mistakes or find a pattern that suits her best. During times of stress a Scorpio female is irritable to say the least and then her volatile temper reaches epic proportions. At the time it is best to leave her alone till she calms down. After all, nobody wants to land right in the middle of explosions, does one? There can be controversy if the Scorpio female feels that she is being pushed and probed. Especially when a Scorpio female is troubled, one ought to take very good care about not making fun of them. They are hurt and sensitive and there might be big time trouble. Under stress, Scorpio can become moody, withdrawn, self-pitying, unstable, and overwrought.

A controlling streak becomes very prominent when a Scorpio female falls in love. They are difficult to please and are most comfortable with a male who neither attempts to control them and neither is he a submissive sheep. A Scorpio female highly respects the institution of marriage and family and will traverse any length to protect the interests of her family. The children are taught to be bold and independent. They are taught to be individuals and the children learn very soon to stand on their own legs. If a Scorpio female due to any reason whatsoever is deceived by a lover, she is the veritable spirit of vengeance and will make sure that he rues the very day he was born. The Aries are most comfortable with male who are Aries or Virgo. The female in love will be highly supportive of her male and will extend every support to help him move forward inn his career. There will be no unnecessary criticism and a serious boost will be given to his confidence by praising wherever possible. Though not always classically beautiful, male are magnetically attracted to a Scorpio female. However she is without any doubt whatsoever a one male female and will not even consider looking at another male. In bed and where physical intimacy is concerned, the Scorpio female has enormous sexual energy and almost animal like appetite. Such a partner is appreciated who can keep up with the vim and energy.

Sex with a Scorpio female is not just a physical experience, but also one full of passion and earth-shaking intensity. The love making can continue with all vim and vigour all through the night with equal intensity. Any fantasy will be enacted out with all the enthusiasm possible. If the average outlook is taken, almost all Scorpio female are not only forceful and direct, but also extremely skilled at everything they do. Even during the actual act itself, the game of seduction can still continue -- that is an extremely difficult act to follow. It is not an experience for the faint hearted. The sheer joie de vivre and sexual prowesssexual prowess and drive are the chief features of this sign.A Scorpio female can set alight any space full of people on fire with just one sensually replete, come-hither look. The levels of libido are very high the Scorpio female positively adores not only giving pleasure but receiving it too. If there is a male who has the guts and the gall to step into her territory, it is best to keep in mind that - Scorpio female are absolute amazons between the sheets.

Most Scorpio female regard money as nothing but a tool which can be used either for spending or for investing. There is also a genre among them who secret away the wealth in the hopes that no one will be able to gauge the quantity or where ithas been hidden. If making us of the money by entertainment comes into the picture, intimate dinners are far more preferable to big and glitzy social occasions. Money is generally managed very well by the Scorpio. Sometimes however, the complex nature of this female leads her into over spending. There is an inherent feeling of guilt when the Scorpio female spends somewhat extravagantly on items that she really does not need – accessories to suit her outfits and the like. In all other instances there is shrewdness about money. A major balancing factor is that the Scorpio female can switch from wild spending sprees to very serious and sedate discussion with the banker about possible investments and the like.

It might appear on the surface that the Scorpio female wear the pants in the relationship. This could possibly destroy the balance and bring about a lot of unpleasantness. Usually, even at the very last moment the balance is restored and all is well. The Scorpio female is basically looking out for a balanced relationship and a male who can stand up to her and yet have the broad shoulders to shelter her and keep her protected. If in a relationship, the Scorpio female wants to give so much in a relationship that her partner is well protected from all storms and is happy and his career also gets a very big boost. Though a Scorpio female is caring and devoted, but crossing her will bring about unnecessary injuries. Scorpio do not have much interest in superficial links, seeking out depth and passion in their relationships. They are immensely giving and loving, passionate and caring, loyal and unswerving.

The Scorpio female can can come out at the top of any career and be ideally suited to the job being a doctor or surgeon, scientist or leader, where her sharp and penetrating minds mind can be used to its full potential. It is her inherent strength that suffices to carry her through difficult and demanding situations.

The Scorpio female will create an impacty in any job that makes a difference in the world, and her ambition and persistence will ensure that she succeeds in whatever enterprise she decides to focus on. Someone who has a Scorpio female siding with them in a venture has a powerful ally. The smallest kindnesses extended to her, will be remembered and reciprocated in full.

Another career option for the Scorpio female could be psychiatrist, psychologist, police officer, detective, or social worker. It is her analytical mind that is perfectly suited for research and analysis positions, especially in medical and scientific fields.She further excels at supporting and developing other people's talents and resources, making her more than suitable for jobs in banking, talent scouting, insurance, promotion, and agencies.