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Scorpio Facts

Scorpio Facts

Must Knowing Facts About Scorpio
The 8th number of the zodiac signs in astrology is Scorpio. The people, born between 23rd October to 21st November, when the sun transits through 210 degrees to 240 degrees ecliptic path, come under the Scorpio zodiac sign. In general, zodiac people have intense passion and love for their dear ones.
Element By Origin:
The soul element of Scorpio men & women is water, which defines the strength of Scorpio people, as they can enrich their psychological & emotional realm with good vibes, like fellow water elemental sign - cancer, Scorpio people are also controlled by their strong intuitions. The influence of the water sign defines the characteristics of Scorpio people's subconscious mind.
Influences of Ruling Planet:
The underworld God - Pluto, is the ruler of the 8th zodiac sign - Scorpio. The strong planetary influence of power-seeker - Pluto pushes the Scorpio people to invest efforts to grab reputations. On the other hand, according to ancient astrology, Mars, the ruling planet of the Scorpio zodiac sign, enhances the power of determinations and strategies in their character.

Significant Personality Traits of Scorpio People:
Power-seeking Character:
Scorpio people have strong confidence, which comes from their independent character. They prefer to reserve themselves from the outer world, and this type of mentality pushes them to maintain an unknown status in front of strangers. Above all, Scorpio people tend to intensify their character with a tone of privacy. And as mysterious characters, Scorpio people do not disclose their plans like trump cards but find out the gap among their rivals. Then they try to control the relationships or bonding with power.
Strategic to Everything:
Scorpio people set their perspectives in their daily life like a mission. So, they prefer to find relevant points related to their strengths, charms and priorities in life. Then they take time to be sure about what they want. Their lookouts match any maleficent predator, who can instantly turn back, bend, or flick to acquire their objectives. As Scorpio people never share their planning methods, the rivals can not trace their efforts also. 
Endless Curiosity:
When Scorpio men & women do not get any clue of any event or incident, they try to rush to the matters like moths to the fire. They carry an intense interest in digging into the reasons behind mysterious happenings. Often their lifestyle pushes them to do something heroic. 

Strength of Scorpio People At A Glance:
Endless Determination:
Scorpio people are highly focused on their decisions. So, if they decide anything, changing their mind is impossible. The mindset of Scorpio men & women reflects the theory - 'never forget & never forgive' attitude. So, Scorpio people can not reap the positive aspects of determination. Their intense determination often drives their character to dominate their surrounding people or close ones.
The indomitable courage in Scorpio people pushes them to rush into the accidents as saviors without any second thoughts in their minds. So, when matters of danger come to friends or families, Scorpio individuals always take the first initiatives to serve as volunteers. So, if you get a Scorpio friend in your bad time, you are lucky.
Sky-Scraping Ambitions:
Scorpio individuals are counted as the ambitious ones. They are familiar with nourishing high ambitions to acquire their life goals. Scorpios do not want to turn back to limitations in their life. They believe everything is possible in life.

Weakness of Scorpio People At A Glance:
Being Jealous:
Scorpio people have a specific lookout, which pushes them to consider everything with a competitive attitude. They are highly conscious about the level of ability & integrity of their surrounding people. Simultaneously, the combination of determination & intelligence in Scorpio's character makes them restless to chase the targets to be the best among surrounding people.
Scorpio people belong to such characters who hardly disclose their vulnerabilities. They do not allow surrounding people to interfere, even in regular or common matters, until they become good mates and trustworthy bonding. So, in common matters, people often misunderstand them. 
Extreme Level of Grudge:
As one of the powerful characters, Scorpio men & women always accumulate bitterness in their minds. In simple terms, Scorpio people are not ready to forget or let you forget. So, the critical psychological trait of Scorpio people creates distances based on minor betrayals as they stick to their grudges.
The insecure personality's tone turns Scorpio's character extremely stubborn. People often find themselves stubborn individuals as they tend to intensify their opinions. The intuitive mindset of Scorpio people drives them to stick to their ground firmly. As a consequence, their character is tinted with stubbornness.

Behavioral Patterns of Scorpio:
In general, Scorpio's fierce, sensitive mindset, keen attitude of independence and intense emotional cravings represent their character as demanding & commanding. And the surrounding people often misunderstood Scorpio men & women for these behavior characteristics. 
Controlling Nature:
Scorpio people do not allow anyone to control their decisions in any situation. Instead, they prefer to control the decisions of the people in their life with their thumbs. In general, Scorpio people often start to control when anyone captures a place in their heart.
Regarding activity and aroused emotions, Scorpio men & women are highly unpredictable. They are prone to switch between happiness & anger. The intensity of Scorpio's emotions and fierce determination always turn their characters into houses of unpredictable traits.
Highly Decesive:
Once Scorpio men & women decide anything, it means they have already considered every pros and cons about the relevant matters till the date. So no one can force them to change their decisions. In general, Scorpio people do not allow little room to others for discussions or negotiations, while they stick to any matters.

Specific Traits of Scorpio Men:
What Are The Typical Traits of Scorpio Men?
As Scorpio men have a highly intuitive mindset, they can sense your mood swings and try to cheer you up. So, as a friend or lover of Scorpio men, you never feel bored. The male Scorpios are interesting due to having several positive values such as a higher confidence level, passionate mindset and mysterious personalities. Moreover, Scorpio guys believe in an independent lifestyle and enjoy life per their conditions.
The common traits of Scorpio men include: reserved & introverted, intuitive & psychic, possessive & dominating, confident & competitive.
Are Scorpio Men Perfect Husband Material?
The Scorpio men are fiercely protective of their loved ones. Scorpio men carry a soulful attitude as a husband. As a part of romantic gestures, Scorpio men love to surprise their wives. The wives of Scorpio husbands experience the charm of intense love as their husbands carry old-school-type commitments. Scorpio husbands have a laser-like focus on their wives.
What Qualities in Women Scorpio Men?
Scorpio men prefer such women, who can spend quality time with them discussing significant theories for long hours. Scorpio men find lots of excitement in her character if any woman is interested in digging into the uncommon reasons behind a common matter or incident.
How Scorpio Men Treat Their Partner?
Scorpio men are considered passionate & sensual lovers. Scorpio men prefer to develop spiritual bonding with their partners and enjoy romance based on deep bonding of love. In a nutshell, Scorpio's husband is quite obsessive about long-run marital relationships. They take care of their spouse, but at the same time, their wives have to face the abrupt attitude of Scorpio husbands.

Specific Traits of Scorpio Women:
What Are The Typical Traits of Scorpio Women?
Scorpio women never ignore sentimental matters. So, she is eager to maintain or justify good relationships with surrounding people. The Scorpio women tend to make decisions based on their intuitions, which they never disclose to anyone. Scorpio women want to feel love like a dream. So, they want to execute random plans such as a sweet dating weekend tour and romantic dinner.

Is Scorpio Women A perfect Wife?
The qualities in Scorpio women can melt the male ego in different ways, such as sharing feelings and opinions with consistent support, assurances and the utmost level of care. The sparkling energy of Scorpio women always drives them to connect their life partner with their new ventures.
What Qualities in Men Attract Scorpio Women?
The guys have strong personalities and can take an ideal stand for relationships can easily attract Scorpio women. Scorpio women want partners who allow them to judge and control their decisions.
How do Scorpio Women Treat Their Partner?
Scorpio women want to enjoy random excitement through regular plans with partners. Moreover, Scorpio women expect their partner always to keep her on his priority list. 
Relationship Compatibility: Scorpio Men Vs. Scorpio Women:

How Scorpio Men Manage Marital Relationships?
Scorpio men carry intense emotions in relationships and can not navigate the heightening of anger inverse moments. So, the spouse of Scorpio's husband often has to face volcano-like obsessions, anger, controlling attitude & stubbornness. If the wife tries to hide anything, the intuitive mindset of Scorpio's husband always chases her to dig for the truth.
How do Scorpio Women Manage Marital Relationships?
The Scorpio wives always expect deep bonding from their husbands. They love to enjoy the intense charm of the marital relationship. The Scorpio woman is fiercely protective about their love life. And in adverse situations, she always stands for her loved ones. Like her intense passions, Scorpio women can go to any end to protect their relationship.