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Scorpio Libra Compatibility

Scorpio and Libra Compatibility

Your sun sign is Scorpio
Your partner sun sign is Libra
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Scorpio                 Libra

Match Percentage  26%

Libra and Scorpio are two zodiac signs that are just deep, passionate lovers. However, it is just not enough for these two to be truly compatible with each other. There's a lot of negative emotions between them that come from the place of obsession. There is a fine line between a loving embrace that feels warm and suffocating one with love. 
The over-enthusiastic physical affair doesn't change that they will not connect emotionally and control one another. They will not be able to break free from their sexual adventures while feeling emotionally unhappy. It is not a sign of a positive relationship and should not be continued in the long term.
Maybe they are compatible for some short-term fun, but for anything else, it's a big no. 

Scorpio is so magnetic that they automatically attract people all around them. Serenity and calm is the name of the game for them. Their outward dispassionate appearance hides emotions which are very difficult to gauge. They are enigmatic and cryptic. There is a rigid discipline about them and this is primarily because they have a burning desire and passion to reach the objective that they set for themselves or do what they really want to. The Scorpios take a long time to form opinions, but once the opinion is formed it stays that way and very difficult to change. There is usually a very good reason for any opinion to be formed and conscious decisions are made for following the decision through. Being intensely emotional by nature, they have a tendency to get hurt. They lead a tough life and when they love they love unconditionally.

Scorpio and Libra Water and Air signs. When both – the emotions and intellect are combines, the best possible decision is made; if both the heart and the head are utilized to make any decision, almost no challenge remains unconquered. This of course is subject to the fact that both these signs work together instead of in the opposite directions. As a strategist, Scorpio rules the roost and can very easily guide the Libra who every now and then has scattered thoughts. There are times however when Scorpio can be too emotional and can make the Libra feel depressed and discouraged. In turn Libra too can fluster the Scorpio and stir him a mite too much. It is at this juncture that the Libran tact comes in real handy.

The ups and downs in a Libran’s life are no mystery to a Scorpion, who is more than capable of dealing with the matter. The initial wariness in forming an alliance dissipates very rapidly and in its place is a magnetic attraction. The Libra could make a very good effort in using charm to get their own way, but the suspicious Scorpio is not that easy to get around. However, if the same tactics are used against the Libra by the Scorpion, there are very good chances that they will succeed. Though a defeat might not be conceded, Scorpios can be hurt by the Libran behaviour because neither do they know nor understand what the actual need of the Scorpio is.

Scorpio is rules both by Pluto signifying passion and Mars – the epitome lof Passion. Libra is ruled by Venus, which is the overlord of Love. All the discord and clamour that can arise in the life of a Scorpio is balanced by the Libran’s deep appreciation of romance and beauty. Thanks to the influence of Mars in Scorpio, the relationship between the signs is volatile and exciting. Neither of the signs is interested in arguing – Scorpios because they are plotting a secret vengeance and Libras because they abhor clamour of any sort anyway. They will go as far as backing down and asking for a truce or peace.

Libras have very pleasing manners and aim at being in a position where they can be in a position of authority. What is important to the is their choice to change when they want to and also their independence of course. Libra is always ready to help out when a problem arises, but not until they have carefully weighed all the pros and cons. They have a phobia about winning all arguments and will stop at virtually nothing until they do so. In any debate the Libra will look at any sides of a problem and think of every possibility till they can arrive at a conclusion where victory is assured. If there is no controversy in the argument it is fine, but shades of arguments and rancour annoy them no end. Librans basically have an answer to every query and are considerate and emotional people.

Even beside their romantic alliance, these two signs would gain if they also considered some other project. Emotive powers are combined with cerebral machinations - which makes them an extremely formidable duo. Scorpio is a lot more patient, but also far more controlling than Libra. Never can this relationship be called dull – as both the signs thoroughly enjoy taking chances. Both these signs are charm personified and know only too well how to seduce each other good and proper and enjoy doing so too. There are basic differences between the two – Scorpio is extremely reticent and fervent, while Libra is open and not too difficult to comprehend. The result is sometimes a lack of communication – and both signs have to be vigilant about that.

When bonds are formed between a Libra and a Scorpio, they are sturdy and applicable in almost every walk of life. There is enjoyment of each other’s company and their differing natures as well. As siblings or where family bonds are concerned, they, there is an equal amount of merriment of fun. There is virtually no poking and prodding unless the proximity becomes far too close. If the relationship is that of romance, then the bonds between husband and wife it is a strong and loving bond – particularly if it is a Scorpio man and Libra woman. Where parenthood is concerned, Libra children would do better with Scorpio parents – discipline and patience is better learnt; but it also works well the other way round too. So far as earning money is concerned, they make a deadly combination because both are extremely able; the only exception is when Libra tires and Scorpio is more than capable of covering this up well. When they are side by side, there is always some occasion or the other to rejoice their togetherness.

When Scorpions are upfront to the extreme about their opinions, it can cause the Libra to become very upset. Since fairness and a common ground is high priority with Libra, discordance or difference of opinion with the partner can cause turmoil. There are also instances when there is an upraise in the feelings of bitterness of the Scorpio towards the Libra because of their scatty nature of thinking. It must be aditted though that the Libra have an inherent energy that allows them to reach their goals – as long as the energy and momentum remain. If this should run out due to whatever reason, then laziness and sloth steps into the picture. What is needed in this instance is time to recoup and recover the energy levels. They are then back into their usual energetic selves. A passion for debating leads the Libra to argue in favour of both sides of the case – this also to their way of thinking ensures a win. They have an admiration for the Scorpion wisdom and pushes them to pass on the secrets and thereby further replenish their victory.

When Scorpio falls in love, their togetherness is very fulfilling and satisfying. Scorpio tends to brood and sometimes gets lost in this morass of emotions. This is where the balance and harmony which Libra has in plenty comes to the fore and helps to restore balance. As a return favour Scorpio helps the Libra to retain focus – which can be somewhat of a problem for them. Their matching needs make them a very compatible match. Partnership is symbolic of the Libra and it makes him most happy when the relationship is intimate and yet well balanced; on the other hand the Scorpio prospers when there is sexual and emotional intimacy with their mate. Both these signs have a great deal of loyalty between them and the partnership is satisfying to say the least.

However, relations between the two is not always smooth—because of both – Libra and Scorpio. When Scorpio expresses doubts about the Libran sincerity and optimism, the Libra tends to look deeper into the problem which arises. There are forceful debates between the two and the Scorpio can become extremely aggressive – whether in the positive or negative sense. Whatever the relationship between a Scorpio and a Libra, the amiable relationship that exists between the two blankets any discord or controversy and the bond grows even stronger. Scorpios have the strength and ability to truly understand and rectify the goof-ups that Libra occasionally makes. They are patient enough to wait until the natural intelligence and organizational capability of the Libra surfaces. This give and take allows their bonds to grow stronger and more harmonious.

In every single relationship of theirs, Libra and Scorpio cherish the sense of togetherness and commitment. Libra is more emotion, while Scorpio is a lot more intense. However, both are more than capable of mutually appreciating the attention the other requires. Both try very hard to find common arenas of interest and believe very strongly in fairness and that is equitable.

What is best about the Scorpio-Virgo relationship is the influence and authority that they find in being unified. When they work together for a cause or a particular issue – be it romantic or professional, a great deal can be achieved. Both can be categorized as winners. Neither of them will even think about giving it up until what has been visualized is achieved.

Scorpio and Libra Love Compatibility

Libra and Scorpios' love compatibility is quite complicated and not that simple to summarise for anyone. You might even have to search for the dictionary to search for what love is?

If love is the high sexual compatibility, then they are completely on top of the world. They both bring out a side to one another that they had no idea about. Everything about the sex between Libra and Scorpio is animalistic. The physical attraction is extremely palpable and quite intense between the two of them. 

Can it be described as deep and longing love? Probably not. Infatuation is often just as pure as love, but it doesn't last long as things fade. There's a chance of it turning into love if other aspects were strong, but they aren't.

The trust required is not they're extreme insecurity issues are ever-present. What they value is completely different in life, and emotion building beyond physical aspects is difficult.

They will be deeply unhappy with one another but won't leave them because of their possessive nature. There is no conduit available to channel all they feel for each other into a solid love foundation. Relationships like this just end with a whimper instead of a bang than many might think it might. 

They evolve and mature in ways where the physical aspects are not enough, with primary emotional needs.

Scorpio and Libra Sexual Compatibility

The sexual connection of a Libra and Scorpio can be extremely intense, challenging and exciting emotions, all coming in waves. Both bring out the wild side of each other, and the clash of opposite planetary powers can be impactful. On paper, they are made for each other; however, there's a lack of strong natural elements to connect them. Air and water do not particularly gel with one another, making it a complication.

Once they both become animals in the sheets, their sex sessions can be incredibly gratifying and satisfying to witness. Just the physical urges can overpower the emotional void they feel in the relationship. A constant sense of possessiveness and obsession can make them hysterical for each other. The demand to be at their sexual and physical peak can lead to periods of burnout for both of them.

Too much of a good thing can become a problem for them. If the partner refuses to indulge in a sexual act for any emotional reason, they might lash out at them. It is almost too physical for them, and the lack of emotions can make it a toxic relationship.

A relationship between Scorpio and Libra is best when short-lived or limited to friends with benefits. 

Scorpio and Libra Frienship Compatibility

Scorpio and Libra Trust and Communication Compatibility

Scorpio has a distinct lack of trust in Libra and is constantly worried about infidelity. Libra likes to be the life of the party and be the center of attention wherever they go. Scorpio, who is possessive about Libra, cannot bear when Libra shows off their sexuality. They will act in a vindictive and jealous manner towards Libra leading to screaming matches. 

Libra won't accept any attempt to stop them from being more independent and expressing themselves. Scorpio will try to woo other people to make Libra jealous, further pouring fuel to the fire.

There is little room for trust in this relationship.

When it comes to communication, Scorpio is not particularly very good at saying and doing things rationally. They are very impulsive, and this can be frustrating for many zodiac signs. Luckily Libra's are quite wise, and they can understand Scorpio's viewpoints easily. They have a highly rational mind which helps them connect the necessary dots to figure out their actions. 

Libra's Saturn influence gives them the ability to be aware and sense emotions. They might disagree with each other on many things, being able to express themselves is not a problem. 

Scorpio and Libra Emotions Compatibility

They both hold being loyal and committed to the relationship they are in with high regard. Other than being committed, they have polar opposite views in just about everything else. Libra's tend to be much more simple and conservative, so they don't like scandalous behaviour. Scorpio is much laid back in their thought process and enjoys being scandalous with questionable friends. 

At the same time, Scorpio will feel that Libra also enjoys a good amount of attention and call them hypocrites. Libra will defend their outgoing social selves as more pure-hearted than Scorpio. Both will feel they hog the limelight away from the other one. 

The real problem with them, it seems, is how much they care about what others think. 

The emotions between Libra and Scorpio are quite fiery. Everything they do is quite intense, whether it is for each other or against each other. The sexual tension between them is always palpable as they're a lot of release happening, whether through words or action. Libra, who's much more conservative in their emotions, will follow the Scorpio to the underworld. Scorpio will enjoy being dominant, but they will grow into a furious rage when Libra might challenge it.

A couple can rarely carry such intense emotions through a long and fulfilling relationship. As quickly the emotions grow, they can also potentially fade just as easily. 

Some maturity in them might make things clearer between what is love and what is infatuation?

Scorpio and Libra Relationship Compatibility


The way for Libra to be in a long and loving relationship is to take it extremely slow. If the couple can't go slow, at least give time to bond emotionally for a few days. Work on building trust with one another, communicate your feelings. Go out on a trip to the mountains or near the sea where the both of you are only present. It's important for the couple to spend alone time and not think about what other people think.

It is important for Libra first to realize that the idea of indecencies is quite outdated. A strong and loving relationship can only be built if one doesn't factor in the societal aspects. One shouldn't make the other one feel like they have no freedom to express themselves. One can set some boundaries and rules around how much one can go out? The boundaries one cannot cross.

Neither of them is more likely to cheat on their partner, and this fear is an issue. You should build relationships with a sense of security and companionship. A healthy amount of fear is good for a relationship; an obsession with the idea of infidelity is quite detrimental. It shouldn't be the first and last thing you think about daily. 

The short answer is you don't and shouldn't get involved in a relationship unless it's abusive. Both of them are extremely obsessive individuals, and they should learn through their relationship mistakes themselves. 

Relationships where both parties are aware of the physical attraction and infatuation for one another. A one-night stand or friends with benefits relationship where there's no emotional component to it. Their sexual chemistry is the only thing good about them and can help them go through repressed feelings.