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Panchang ( Delhi, India )


Labha - Gain
03:52 PM - 05:35 PM
Delhi, India
July 2024
05:38 AM
07:19 PM
Choghadiya July 22, 2024 (Monday)
Day Choghadiya
Amrita - Best
05:37 AM to 07:20 AM
Kala - Loss
07:20 AM to 09:02 AM
Shuba - Good
09:02 AM to 10:45 AM
Roga - Evil
10:45 AM to 12:27 PM
Udvega - Bad
12:27 PM to 02:10 PM
Chara - Neutral
02:10 PM to 03:52 PM
Labha - Gain
03:52 PM to 05:35 PM
Amrita - Best
05:35 PM to 07:17 PM
Night Choghadiya
Chara - Neutral
07:17 PM to 08:35 PM
Roga - Evil
08:35 PM to 09:52 PM
Kala - Loss
09:52 PM to 11:10 PM
Labha - Gain
11:10 PM to 12:27 AM
Udvega - Bad
12:27 AM to 01:45 AM
Shuba - Good
01:45 AM to 03:02 AM
Amrita - Best
03:02 AM to 04:20 AM
Chara - Neutral
04:20 AM to 05:37 AM

Today Choghadiya - Aaj Ka Choghadiya

Vedic astrology-recommended Hindu Calendar represents Choghadiya as the precious collection of auspicious muhurat. In general, Choghadiya is such a meaningful term which combines two words - 'Cho', which stands for Four, and 'Ghadiya', which means Ghadi. The Vedic Hindu Calendar mentions Choghadiya Muhurat to commence anything new for any Puja or rituals. So, the Vedic Hindu calendar enlists Choghadiya Muhurat as an essential segment of Panchang. In the ancient era, Choghadiya was recommended to mention Subh Muhurthas for travel. Still, due to its simplicity, in recent times, people check Day Choghadiya and Night Choghadiya every day to turn their lives successful.

How Choghadiya Muhurat is Estimated?

A single day is divided into two periods - Daytime, which spans from the Sunrise to the Sunset, and Night-time, which spans from the Sunset to the Sunrise. Both daytime and night-time are divided individually into 8 Choghadiya. In simple terms, each day contains 8 Choghadiya Muhurat, and each night includes 8 Choghadiya Muhurat.

According to Hindu Calendar, 1 Choghadiya = 4 Ghadis. And 1 Ghadi = 24 minutes. Therefore, a single Choghadiya spans for 24 minutes * 4 Ghadis = 96 minutes, which is equivalent to 1.5 hours.

About Choghadiya Chart:

Choghadiya is categorized into four parts as per auspicious facts - Amrit, Subh, Labh, and Chal. In these auspicious Choghadiya Muhurtas, people can start their new ventures, work, and journey. On the other hand, according to inauspicious facts of time, Choghadiya is categorized into three parts - Rog, Kaal, and Udveg. So, people are advised to avoid inauspicious Choghadiya Muhurtas if they are involved in any rituals, puja or new ventures.

Therefore, the Choghadiya chart holds a significant place in the Panchang of the Vedic Hindu calendar.

Amrit Choghadiya

Vedic Astrology represents the term 'Amrit Kaal' as one of the auspicious Choghadiya Muhurat. Any rituals, religious activity, journey, or starting of new projects or ventures should be done at Amrit Kaal. Vedic Astrology considers the Moon as one of the beneficial planets. So, in Vedic Hindu calendar, the period under the influence of the Moon is considered highly auspicious, and this specific period is recognized as Amrit Yog.

Shubh Choghadiya

Ancient Vedic Astrology considered Jupiter as one of the beneficial planets during the calculation of muhurat. So, the specific period under the influence of Jupiter is recognized as Shubh Yog. Shubh Choghadiya Muhurat is always considered highly auspicious for religious rituals, marriage, and other social ceremonies. Shubh Choghadiya carries fortune, and its auspicious elements span from the Sunrise to the Sunset.

Labh Choghadiya

As Labh Choghadiya denotes profit, it is recommended as an auspicious Choghadiya, while astrologers calculate Aj Ka Choghadiya. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury always plays the role of benefic planet. So, the specific period under the influence of Mercury is recognized as auspicious Labh Choghadiya. The renowned astrologers suggest starting educational projects or academic journeys in Labh Choghadiya to achieve a high level of skill sets.

Char Choghadiya

Vedic Astrology represents Venus as one of the beneficial planets. So, the specific period under the influences of Venus is considered as auspicious Char Choghadiya. Moreover, ancient Vedic astrology prioritized Char Choghadiya as the most appropriate muhurta for travelling based on the 'Chanchal' nature of Venus. The meaning of 'Char' is Spiritual Guide. So, people can grab the guidance of fortune in this muhurta.

Udveg Choghadiya

Ufveg Choghadiya is one of the inauspicious Choghadiya in Panchang of the Hindu calendar.

The influence of the Sun is considered a malefic force in Vedic Astrology. So, the specific period under the power of the Sun is regarded as inauspicious Udveg Choghadiya. Though Vedic Astrology explains that during Udveg Choghadiya, the work or ventures can be affected due to extreme levels of anxiety, based on some exceptional reasons, Udveg Choghadiya is considered the appropriate time for government-related projects or experiences.

Kala Choghadiya

Kala Choghadiya is one of the inauspicious Choghadiya in Panchang of the Hindu calendar. Ancient Vedic Astrology remarked Saturn as one of the malefic planets. So, the specific period under the influence of Saturn is recognized as inauspicious Kala Choghadiya. Astrologers do not suggest any rituals, religious activities or social ceremonies in Kala Choghadiya.

But, in some cases, ventures or projects to improve wealth can be done in Kala Choghadiya.

Rog Choghadiya

Rog Choghadiya is known as one of the inauspicious Choghadiyas. In Vedic Astrology, the role of Mars is considered as malefic. So, the specific period under the influence of Mars is recognized as inauspicious Rog Choghadiya. People are advised to stop any religious rituals during Rog Choghadiya.

But, due to some exceptional facts, Rog Choghadiya is considered an appropriate time to defeat the enemies on the battlefield.

Frequently Asked Questions

The people who prefer to follow today's Choghadiya suggestions should know about the methods of Choghadiya calculation according to the influence of ruling planets. The 1st Muhurta of each day is ruled by the specific Lord of individual weekdays.

An individual planet star rules each weekday. The Moon rules on Monday. So, the beneficial influence of the Moon impacts the first Muhurta of Monday. The ruling planet of Tuesday is Mars. So, the malefic effect of Mars affects the 1st Muhurta of Tuesday. Mercury rules on Wednesday. Naturally, the benefic influences of Mercury impact the first Muhurta of Wednesday. Jupiter rules on Thursday. So, the beneficial effect of Jupiter affects the 1st Muhurta of Thursday. Venus is ruling on Friday. So, the beneficial influence of Venus impacts the first Muhurta of Friday. Saturn is ruling on Saturday. So, the malefic effect of Saturn affects the first Muhurta of Saturday. Sunday is ruled by the Sun. So, the malefic influence of the Sun impacts the first Muhurta of Sunday.

In ancient times, while the entire universe's solar system was evolving, Rahu attempted to eclipse the Sun. So, Rahu is always considered a malefic planet. During Rahu Kaal, Rahu spikes the power of thinking and weakens the mind. So, the malefic influences of Rahu can ruin the auspicious purposes of social rituals and religious activities.

Due to the malefic planetary roles of Rahu, astrologers always check if any Choghadiya Muhurat is overlapping Rahu Kaal or not while they recommend Today's Choghadiya suggestions.

So, if you are following the Panchang of the Hindu calendar to check Choghadiya today, you need to avoid the auspicious Choghadiya if it eventually overlaps the Rahu Kaal. According to Vedic Astrology, Rahu Kaal is not appropriate to start any prosperous ventures, projects or rituals.

While astrologers calculate, they always check if Choghadiya Muhurat is overlapped with Vara Vela, Kala Vela or Kaal Ratri or not. These turn the auspicious Choghadiya Muhurat into inauspicious by the influence of malefic planets, so if the presence of Vara Vela, Kala Vela or Kaal Ratri is observed, the specific Choghadiya Muhurat should be avoided as any rituals or prosperous ventures can not be successful at this time.