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Jupiter - Fruitful
07:18 PM - 08:10 PM
Delhi, India
July 2024
05:37 AM
07:19 PM
Hora July 21, 2024 (Sunday)
Day Hora
Sun - Vigorous
05:37 AM to 06:45 AM
Venus - Beneficial
06:45 AM to 07:53 AM
Mercury - Quick
07:53 AM to 09:02 AM
Moon - Gentle
09:02 AM to 10:10 AM
Saturn - Sluggish
10:10 AM to 11:19 AM
Jupiter - Fruitful
11:19 AM to 12:27 PM
Mars - Aggressive
12:27 PM to 01:36 PM
Sun - Vigorous
01:36 PM to 02:44 PM
Venus - Beneficial
02:44 PM to 03:53 PM
Mercury - Quick
03:53 PM to 05:01 PM
Moon - Gentle
05:01 PM to 06:09 PM
Saturn - Sluggish
06:09 PM to 07:18 PM
Night Hora
Jupiter - Fruitful
07:18 PM to 08:09 PM
Mars - Aggressive
08:09 PM to 09:01 PM
Sun - Vigorous
09:01 PM to 09:53 PM
Venus - Beneficial
09:53 PM to 10:44 PM
Mercury - Quick
10:44 PM to 11:36 PM
Moon - Gentle
11:36 PM to 12:27 AM
Saturn - Sluggish
12:27 AM to 01:19 AM
Jupiter - Fruitful
01:19 AM to 02:11 AM
Mars - Aggressive
02:11 AM to 03:02 AM
Sun - Vigorous
03:02 AM to 03:54 AM
Venus - Beneficial
03:54 AM to 04:45 AM
Mercury - Quick
04:45 AM to 05:37 AM

Horai Timings

In astrology, there are so many important aspects, and among all of them, horai timings is one of the important parts. Just like the importance of Panchang Hora, it is also identified to calculate the auspicious and inauspicious time. With the help or assistance of an Astrologer or Pandit Ji, any of us can calculate the right muhurat. However, sometimes, due to some wrong information or some difficulties, there may be a lot of problems in bringing out the suitable muhurat. To solve all of the problems, the Jyotish Shastra has created the shubha horai. There are so many other important things present that all of the individual native people should know about the Hora Today. If you are interested in finding out the details, then join in this discussion to know more about the thing.

Initially, all of the native people who want to increase their knowledge of Horai Today can also collect information information from this article. We have come up with the maximum number of information that will help each one of the individuals to develop knowledge.

Origin of Hora

The word Hora has been derived from an English word, and it is specially derived from Spanish. According to astrology, the word Hora stands for time, and interestingly, according to the Spanish meaning, it is also referred to as time. As per the Vedic astrology, the word Hora was introduced by Maharishi Parashara. In his creation, we can find the word Hora, and he has mentioned the word in "Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra." On the other hand, it also stands as the scientific study of astrology. Besides that, according to the Maharishi parashara, the word 'Shastra' stands for science. Besides that, the 'Hora Shastra' stands for the scientific study of time. We can also find out the Hora in Sanskrit, and a lot of people have also claimed that it has been derived from the Sanskrit word. On the other hand, in the Tamil Language, the word Hora is also identified as horai. All of the Tamil people also use the Horai word as a synonym of Hora.

What is Hora?

According to astrology or according to Vedic astrology, the word Hora has been identified as the branch of astrology. It is also identified as Jyotish as per the Hindi and Sanskrit words. According to the information of astrology, there are a total of seven different types of Horas. And in a single day, there are 24 Horas. Besides that, it also helps us to understand the duration of 1 hour and the influence of the planets in that particular one hour. Besides that, all of the individual native people can also understand the concept of coming each and every single day one by one in every day. Besides that, to understand all of the important aspects regarding the time, you need to also understand the Hora Chakra first.

What is Hora Chakra?

Generally, all of the native people who want to understand the auspicious and inauspicious muhurat on a particular day take the help of The Astrologer or Pandit Ji. But due to several reasons, sometimes we may not be able to consult with an Astrologer to find out the right muhurat to celebrate our important works or occasions. And in this particular time, we have been introduced to the Hora Chakra by the Jyotish Shastra. After that, by studying the Hora cycle, we can easily understand the right time to do all of our important work. From the start of the day to the end of the day, there are a total of 7 Hora; even all of these horas also follow a certain pattern. Initially, in the whole 24 hours, the Hora also changes and revolves.

Whenever it revolves, we can understand the most ideal or suitable time to perform our important tasks in a day. Besides that, if we properly try to understand the concept of a heliocentric system, then we can also understand the speed of all of the planets. In comparison with the other planets or their positions, the moon has the highest speed. After that, and depending on the speed and the distance from the sun, we can understand the concept of Hora Chakra. We will also have to understand the distance of each one of the planets, including Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mercury, Earth, and Saturn. On the other hand, according to astrology, the moon is not a Planet. Rather, it is a satellite, but it is also considered a planet. The influence of the moon on the Earth is also important to acknowledge.

Significance Hora

Talking about the importance of Hora, it is important for everyone to understand the timing. We cannot perform our important occasions or festivals without making the perfect time to celebrate all of these things. There are present both auspicious and inauspicious muhurat on a particular day. Whenever we will celebrate our important works at an auspicious time, we will get a positive result. However, on the other hand, if we celebrate our important work at an inauspicious time, then we will not achieve success. Therefore, bringing out the perfect Hora is also very important for each one of the individual native people.

Patterns of Hora

Before understanding the seven different types of Hora, first, you need to find out the patterns of horas. Each one of the different types of horas is ruled by a particular planet. Initially, each one of the horas is also identified as unique. The seven unique and different types of Horas names are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn. Each and every day, all of these seven unique horas come and follow a particular pattern. As we all know, the weekend starts on a Sunday, and it is also ruled by the planetary Sun from sunrise to sunset. After that, the moon is the lord of Monday, and from Sunrise to Sunset, it also ruled. And by depending on the sunrise to the sunset, it also changes its position. Therefore, all of the patterns of the Hora follow us like this: Sun Hora, Venus Hora, Mercury Hora, Moon Hora, Saturn Hora, Jupiter Hora, and Mars Hora.

Again, from the next weekend, the pattern follows the same thing and continues for the whole year. Whenever a particular day starts with the sunrise and ends with the sunset, the particular Hora also starts with the sunrise and ends with the sunset.

Hora Predictions

Now, here we are going to present the Hora prediction according to the influence of the seven different horas.

Sun (Ravi/Surya) Hora

As a native person, if you want to do any kind of political work, then the sun Hora is the most auspicious to celebrate all of the political-related works. Under the influence of the Sun Hora, as a native person, you can do a meeting deal with other political personalities. You can also visit government officials and can also apply for government jobs. Court-related deals can receive positive results, and you can also buy and sell anything. As a native people, you can also go for adventurous activities equally. To bring out more positivity, you can also wear Ruby gemstone.

Moon (Chandra) Hora

As a native person, if you want to change your location or residence, then Moon Hora is the most special for you. Under the influence of Moon Hora, you can also meet with your elderly family members and join services. Besides that, you can also start traveling and can also buy properties as well. This time is also perfect for making love and buying and selling ornaments. To bring out more positivity, the native people can also wear pearls.

Mars (Mangal/Kuja) Hora

For all of the native people who want to deal with agricultural property or any kind of agriculture things, the Mars Hora is the perfect one for them. Even this time is also perfect for buying or selling vehicles for the native people. Under the influence of this particular Hora, people can also take or give loans. This time is also perfect for materials, art, and physical exercises for the native people. All of the native people can also wear coral to bring out more positive results.

Mercury (Budha) Hora

For all of the native people who want to start a business or want to trade, the influence of the Mercury Hora is the best time for them. Any kind of work related to medicine is also best under the influence of this Hora. Besides that, learning and teaching, learning scripture, painting, writing, and astrology is also very good option. This time is also perfect for telecommunication and accountant work. All of the native people who want to bring the best and positive result under the influence of Mercury Hora can also wear Emerald.

Jupiter (Guru) Hora

All of the native people want to do any kind of auspicious work or things, and the Jupiter Hora is the most suitable and ideal time for them. This particular Hora is also the ideal time to meet with older people, start a new business, or join a job. Even the native people can also get positive results if they deal with any court-related things. This time is also perfect for celebrating all of the religious occasions, and this time is also perfect for learning new things or courses. On the other side, the native people can also wear yellow Sapphire to get positive results.

Venus (Sukra) Hora

All of the native people who want to complete marriage and love the Venus Hora are the perfect time for all of them to complete the task. Besides that, for the native people who want to buy new clothes and ornaments, this time is also perfect for all of them. All of the native people who want recreation or want to be involved with the entertainment world can also get positive results. Buying new cars or vehicles is also an ideal thing under the influence of this particular Hora. The native people who want to bring out the most positive results during the influence of this Venus Hora can wear diamonds.

Saturn (Sani) Hora

And lastly, the Saturn Hora is the ideal option for dealing with labor-related work. This time is also perfect for the native people to start a business with iron and oil. However, for the rest of the other important things, the Saturn Hora is not an ideal time to do that task. Initially, this particular time is also an ideal option for purchasing a factory or land. To get instant positive results under the influence of Saturn Hora, people can also wear blue Sapphire.


Here, we have mentioned the maximum number of beneficial details for the native people regarding the Hora. Those people who want to know all of the specific and major details regarding the Hora Chakra can also get all of the details from here. Read out the whole content from the beginning to the end, and you will surely understand the whole concept easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

According to Vedic astrology, each and every hour of every day from Sunrise to Sunset is identified as hora timing. And in each and every hour, the native people can face the influence of multiple planets in their lives.

According to astrology, Hora is a measurement to help the influence of the planet in each one of the individual's native people and their life. It can also help us to understand the strength of the planets.

According to Vedic astrology, the Hora Venus is good for the characteristics of desires, emotions, material comfort, fun, prosperity, recreation, entertainment, buying clothes and jewelry, arts, music, romance, and beauty-related work.

According to astrology, the word Hora in Indian means hour.

To the Vedic astrology, the Hora of Venus is good for luck.