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Virgo Personality

Virgo Personality

Virgo -The Virgin
( August 23 to September 22 )

Virgo is an Earth Sign
Analysis is the hallmark of this sign. Some of the most problematic though accomplished people are born under this sun sign. Mercury could be responsible because it makes hasty people even more hype, whereas a more steady approach would reap dividends. The sharp Virgo mentality usually results in extremely logical people who at the same time are skilled talkers. Of course there is a tendency to be verbose and wring a topic dry. The average Virgos is well aware of how to extract information from people, situations and retain that information without too much effort. The true picture of the situation at hand is accurately analysed. Virgos are inquisitive rationalizing facts. More often than not their memories are outstandingly sharp.

Details :
It is the virgin that characterizes this sign, though not quite literally! Virgos like being the 6th and moist exacting sign of the zodiac. People often scoff at their total focus on detail and the little nitty gritties, but this is usually done with the purpose coming to the aid of others. Serving others does give them true joy and the fact that they are methodical, hardworking and efficient to boot is an additional help. An overriding sense of duty spurs them into working for the good of the majority. Virgos might seem somewhat inhibited, but they themselves would prefer to look on it as a positive rather than negative trait. Primarily Virgos have a thorough enjoyment of practicality and logic. Fact finding is another facet that fascinates them, though this fascination with details could make them seem somewhat pedantic. As professionals Virgins are an invaluable part since they can be depended on to doing the right thing first time round – without overlooking any necessary element. This sign is mutable and results in most Virgins being balanced and fair. Mercury being the ruling planet makes members of this zodiac rather restless, Physical and mental agility is absolutely natural to them. As communicators Virgos are incomparable, though practically constant activity makes them go into overdone – which could be the reason why get so much done. Virgos however tend to be sceptical and question almost everything. At the same time the tendency of the Virgin to analyse with great care merge with a studious nature – thus providing the perfect balance. Details interest the average Virgo whether a friendship or some work project. The fallout of this constant striving for perfection every once in a while is a stumbling block to the normal clear thinking. There is no doubt at all in their minds that their tastes remain incomparable. The normally fastidious Virgo can on rare occasions turn out to be sloppy and careless. A dependable and reliable bunch, they are useful to have in the vicinity. Earth is their element and as a natural follow-up Virgos are the sort of people who are The Element associated with Virgo is Earth, and in keeping with that, most Virgos are not only extremely pragmatic, but absolutely the salt of the earth. There is nothing flashy about a Virgo –their preference is towards flowing with the tide and retaining a sense of humility. However Virgos do enjoy material assets too, though once again they are very picky and choosy. Some say that this is nothing but being self-centred, but they would much rather have around them only what suits them! Where their profession is concerned, this concern for the minutiae helps in the correct choice. Natives of this sign are normally practical and critical at the same time. They are aware of their own tendency to worry about practically everything, but make every effort to keep this swide of their nature under control. If unfortunately this angle of their nature goes unchecked, the result can be undesirable hypochondriacs. Almost a professional knowledge of medicine, health and hygiene is something Virgos remain very conscious about. As a career a medical profession is chosen more often than other sign – though this is a generalisation. They reason that a workout is good for their health and hence the average Virgo is more than happy to work out regularly. The benefits reaped more than compensate for any minor inconvenience. So far as the romantic angle is concerned Virgos take a less rigid stance and are very loving partners, though a tad possessive. The intestines are ruled by Virgo and so great care should be taken of the bowels. Earthy hues are soothing and a marked preference for warm yellows and tan can be noticed.

Profile :
As an Earth sign, solid ground and form is an essential perquisite for Virgos. Mercury the ruling planet spurs them on to work hard towards stability. Working towards building a firm foundation is done to a large extent by organizing and analysing. A good educational background is important to the Virgo. A lot of importance is also placed on a good background. Humility and working behind the scenes with no complaints frequently causes this sun sign to unfairly miss the bus where opportunities are concerned. Virgos can draw attention to what they have to offer by confidently moving ahead. They become nonplussed if too much earthy energy is around them. Trying too hard and not seeing desired results can have the effect of turning them into stagnant nit-picking perfectionists. A predilection for security, Virgo could turn into worry warts about their work from every angle – what if they are not needed any longer …. What if mistakes are made? The only solution is accepting the fact that imperfection too is natural.


The Positive Side of Virgo:
Usually people under this sign of the zodiac keep busy all the time. . He is aware of the right manner of making arrangements and organizing all that needs to be done. Virgos are practical and unafraid of working hard. They are aware of what it takes to achieve their goal. There is an adherence to the job at hand till the goal is achieved. Dependable, the Virgo personality is very trustworthy to say the least. Another characteristic that typifies them is not doing anything half-heartedly, always aiming for the peak. A sense of accomplishment is what propels him forward and not being lauded to the skies. Observant, the Virgo man or woman can empathise and look beyond what appears to be the glitch. This is usually used constructively. The Virgo is open and never sneaky or underhand. Blunt and down-to-earth the Virgo does not find it difficult in the least to give vent to what he wants to say. Nurturing a desire to remain updated, these people are usually strongly interested in literature and the arts. The knowledge garnered is generally thorough and startling in its accuracy. The Virgo prefers moderation and avoids anything that appears to be excessive.

The Negative Side of Virgo:
On the flip side a Virgo person tends to find fault too easily. It would appear that his way is the only way to do anything and the rest are all inferior. There is a tendency to argue over unimportant details. There is a tinge of being tactless and mean at such times, to the extent of seeming to have no emotions. It is belittling themselves to feel any kind of emotional involvement. The desire for tidiness and neatness can be overdone and they can also be penny-pinching. Another undesirable characteristic is foisting their ideas on others.