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Virgo Gemini Compatibility

Virgo and Gemini Compatibility

Your sun sign is Virgo
Your partner sun sign is Gemini
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Virgo                 Gemini

Match Percentage  35%

When Virgo and Gemini fall in love, there has to be an understanding of what the other wants if their relationship is to survive and grow stronger. It is important that the attitudes of both be understood. Twins are symbolic of Gemini; both sides of any question can be clearly visualised by them. Since they sometimes keep wavering about what decision to take, it might appear that they have a split personality. If Virgo which is stable allows for a steady anchor for one twin, then the other can run riot without any problems. Gemini can find Virgo a little too grave and demanding – especially when the relationship is in its initial stages, before true commitment by the Gemini. If Virgo manages to give a bit of time, then everything will sort out in its own way.

Most Virgos have an appearance of appealing modesty. This is what incites them into accepting a victorious Gemini. Though the externals might appear truthful, Virgo is conscious of the fact that there could be scope for some kind of mistake. Gemini is extremely skilled in the art of manipulating words to make the situation appear in their favour. However, Virgos are sensible and down to earth and manages to come up with unlikely propositions that ultimately wins them the battle. That reality cannot be manipulated is proved time and time again by Virgos. Though Geminis like to win, Virgos are so charming and polite that they are automatically become more sedate and settle down. Geminis are high strung, but do not feel it necessary to win all the time.

Virgo being an earth sign is pragmatic and down to earth. They are prone to ask the question --How will my present actions help to achieve my goals in life. Gemini is an Air sign who are more cerebral than anything else. No focus on any goal is important for them; they would rather move as and where and when their mind takes them. Since Virgo can be hyper critical and Gemini might appear distant and aloof, trouble might brew for both. Geminis flirtations are just that – nothing serious; Virgo must understand that. In turn Gemini must take trouble to nurture the feelings that exists between them.

Virgo will not further instigate any argument that has already started. Their preference for calm and peace shows in the hesitation in aggravating a tense situation. On the contrary Geminis do not hesitate to jump into the fray and provoke a quarrel over the slightest of issues. This can happen even when there is very slight cause for irritation. For a Gemini a heated argument is more in the nature of a puzzle to be solved; but for a Virgo, it is upsetting on a much deeper level. Virgos are assisted in being less of introverts by the more outgoing Gemini; Virgos in turn show that winning every single argument is not really necessary. The relationship between Virgo and Gemini is positive and beneficial for both the signs concerned.

Since both are Mutable signs, they are not only flexible, but also adaptable to change at very short notice. Both the signs can be a little insipid –Virgo because of a tendency to excessive analysis and Gemini due to constant intellectual brooding. Virgos are very grounded people, retaining die-hard values. An advanced logic and dependability makes them very conscious of the responsibilities that exist. Though they are very loving and loyal to the people they love, they can also be hyper-critical and analytical. Virgos are not very skilled at masking their feelings—whether it be anger or happiness or worry. However, if they are able to bring their feelings into the open and discuss any issue that is bothering them in any way, it would benefit them in every way.

Gemini and Virgo look on life with such differing attitudes that mutual acceptance is an extremely difficult proposition. This is primarily because Virgo tends to be hypercritical and this makes the freedom loving Gemini feel extremely constrained. Virgo carries practicality to the heights and so Gemini’s flighty ways grate of their nerves. But, both these signs can teach the other a lot. Gemini can be helped by Virgo to be more involved in life to the depths instead of skimming the surface. A Virgo’s life can be made livelier and more fun thanks to the extrovert Gemini.

By nature Geminis are foot-loose and change is just a part of routine. They are charming in every aspect of life – whether it be socially, career wise or even romance. Instead of settling down with one specific thing or person, they are far more at ease flitting from one point to another. Gemini and their child-like antics can be interpreted very easily. Neither guilt nor perfection appeals to them very much. Their personalities can change with the drop of a hat. It is a sense of acute curiosity that keeps them constantly on the move.

Mercury signifying Communication is the overlord of both these signs. However Virgo represents the feminine angle, while Gemini is representative of the masculine side. Since Virgo seeks a partner who is reliable, clear communication is the preferred mode of getting to know the other partner so that a perfect relationship can be built up. Gemini has a more cerebral focus and is also gifted in communicating with others.

In any relationship that Virgo and Gemini might share, there is a great deal of mental stimulus and same interests shared. The company is mutually enjoyable and both are appreciative of the other’s company. As neighbours or relatives, there is an even better opportunity to share all the positive qualities. Should Gemini contribute by their intellect and Virgo by their perfectionist attitude, then any business venture is more than likely to be successful. There are different shades of happiness in any relationship of love they share, but time will be needed for the expression which is very different the better part of the time. When parenthood comes along, both these signs are very caring about their children; Gemini is a more friendly, while Virgo tends to be a little stricter.

There is a great deal of mental compatibility in any relationship shared by Virgo and Gemini. Their intellectual level is at par in enjoying and learning from each other. However, for the Gemini, freedom is absolutely essential; Virgo is a lot more reticent and does not like too many people around.

Though Gemini is playful in almost every aspect of relationships, the bonding with a Virgo is not in the least like that. It is unlikely that that there will be a full understanding between the two, but since there is a mutual compatibility and respect too, there is a warm companionability between them. There is hardly ever any tension because of an underlying affection between both. Their serene friendship continues to grow in every aspect. Gemini is able to show Virgo how to be more sociable and keep jovial company. Virgos are just as brilliant as Geminis, but they are not as unstable. They like to keep to the straight and the narrow and rarely stray.

The security that Virgo and Gemini can give each other is the best factor about their relationship. This is of course when Gemini is allowed by Virgo to commit to the relationship without any sort of compulsion. If the powers of their overlord Mercury is used wisely, the relationship will be very fulfilling.

Virgo and Gemini Love Compatibility

Virgos don't compromise on their routines for anyone. They are sure about their likes and dislikes and don't like branching out or trying new things in their relationship. On the other hand, Geminis love to explore, and they hate their partners' monotonous lives. Virgos don't understand the need to experiment, and they assume that the ways they have already discovered are the best ways to find pleasure. 

But Geminis get easily bored, and they hate repeating the same routine every day. They look for enjoyment and excitement in their love lives. Geminis have a habit of breaking free, but Virgos love to stay in their comfort zone. Their fellow earth sign doesn't share Gemini's idea of fun and unpredictability. 

When these two come into a romantic relationship, they have many clashes. They have a really hard time trusting each other and their judgements. Virgos look for a reliable partner who can be their constant support, but Geminis require their freedom and are not easily tied down. This brings in a lot of tension between the couple, and Virgo's don't seem to rely on their partners. Geminis don't show interest in a monotonous relationship, and they love to explore new things and flirt around. 

So overall, the Gemini and Virgo relationship is interesting as they do have good communication and share some common interests intellectually, but they tend to drift apart easily. 

Virgo and Gemini Sexual Compatibility

Mercury is the ruling planet of both the zodiac signs, so they might not be the perfect romantic couple at first glance. But since Gemini is a masculine sign and Virgo is a feminine sign, they have a certain level of compatibility in their sexual lives. One is extremely outgoing and ready to explore, whereas the other is quite sensitive and shy, 

Even though their sexual relationship is not very promising, if they can find ways to communicate, they can agree to have a stable sexual life. But in most cases, the chances are that they will be caught in endless discussion, and they will not have any mutual understanding. So the highest chances are that they become distant and don't share any sexual experience with each other. 

But if they miraculously fall in love, they will try to offer each other the required respect and tenderness to help their sex lives work. But there are still very few chances that they will be satisfied with each other. They are both curious, but one is an extrovert, whereas the other is an introvert. 

Geminis can overcome their fear and run around naked, but Virgos prefers to keep it hidden. So to have an engaging sex life, they need verbal stimulation in their lives, but in most cases, they say something doesn't appeal to their partner. 

Virgo and Gemini Frienship Compatibility

<p>The friendship compatibility level of Virgo and Gemini is again not recommendable at all. Together, the native personality shares only 32% of the friendship compatibility level. Again, like the sexual compatibility level, the friendship compatibility level between Virgo and Gemini is challenging and complicated. Building a good friendship bond with each other may help the partners find a lot of problems and conflicts. The partners also have different personalities and different behaviors in style and approaches. The native people of Virgo are very analytical and reserved in their personalities. But the people of Gemini are very much spontaneous and excited about everything.</p><p>The Virgo Gemini Compatibility for friendship compatibility level for Virgo and Gemini are not observable or appreciated. Initially, the people of Virgo also want to enjoy their time with their family members and close relatives or friends. On the other hand, the people of Gemini like to enjoy social events and fun. In friendship, the partners do not share any common interest, and they do not even engage in intellectual or interesting conversations. Due to these personality traits, the partners are not able to develop a strong friendship compatibility level. Even the friendship between Virgo and Gemini does not become long-lasting. Even the partners also find a lot of difficulties and problems in expressing their ideas and thoughts. They do not share any meaningful conversations with each other to make the friendship powerful.</p>

Virgo and Gemini Trust and Communication Compatibility

Virgos, with their trust issues and Gemini's trickster nature, make a very complicated pair. The best thing about this couple is that they don't get jealous easily. Otherwise, they might have driven each other crazy. 

Geminis are not someone Virgos can trust, and when Virgos start to analyze and doubt their partners, they make the distance in the best-case scenarios. Still, in the worst-case scenarios, if they touch through other maleficent planets like mars, they might end up having endless fights and conflicts on their infidelities. 

The only way that Geminis and Virgos can be together is if Geminis respect the sensitive nature of their partner and build a source of security and be free at the same time. Virgos also need to pay their share in the relationship, open up to their partners, and find a way to stay together. 

Both these signs generally have great communication as Mercury rules them, the planet of communication. They may have many drawbacks, but they will surely have great communication. Even if they get into multiple fights, they are sure to have a lot of things to talk about. 

The Geminis are superficial, and their nature seems quite foolish to their Virgo partners. This might turn off Geminis and make them irritate their partners on purpose. The Geminis also tend to see Virgo's obsession for details and a schedule foolish. 

Virgo and Gemini Emotions Compatibility

Geminis are not emotional, whereas Virgos are sensitive but rational at the same time. But both of them have an interesting emotional aspect in their characters. Gemini is placed between strong feminine signs Taurus and Cancer that means that they have strong emotions but tend to keep them to themselves. 

Virgo's biggest downside is that they are scared of speed, and they fear almost everything. Geminis are always dynamic and hate staying together to build a long-term emotional bond with their partners.

Venus tends to push away Venus and all the love with it along with the earthly pleasures that come with it as they feel that they don't deserve it. Both of these signs are ruled by the same planet, and if they can find the spark in their relationship, they can understand each other and need to run away. 

They are both intelligent and resourceful and have a practical approach in life. But their approaches are quite different from one another, and they can't recognize each other's way soon. Their relationship is a clear example of relative intelligence, and they can only find a balance in emotional intelligence. But their love for rationalism brings them together, so they like the ability to reason and have a fondness for the practical use of knowledge. 

Virgo and Gemini Relationship Compatibility

<p>The relationship compatibility level between Virgo and Gemini is a balanced kind of combination for them. All of the people of Virgo and Gemini share only 50% of the relationship compatibility level. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for both of the partners to enjoy a stable and balanced married life. They may also have to face the conflicts and complications of married life. Miscommunications and arguments also remain in their married life. Due to the different styles of approaches and personalities, they also face the problem of clashes. The people of Virgo like to maintain a deserved kind of personality, but the people of Gemini like to be spontaneous and excited.</p><p>The Virgo Gemini Compatibility for the relationship compatibility level of Virgo and Gemini are not that much of an appreciated or mixed kind of combination. However, the partners can also appreciate each other&#39;s weaknesses and strengths to enjoy married life together. If they forget about all of their differences and make compromises and adjustments, then they can also enjoy their married life and make it successful. The partners will have to embrace life together and need to make open communications without any hesitations. They will also have to actively part in each one of the things, whether in the house or outside. Then, only the partners can enjoy a stable and happy married life together.&nbsp;</p><h4><b><span style="font-family: Arial;">Conclusion</span></b></h4><p>Those people who are eagerly looking forward to knowing about the Virgo Gemini Compatibility can have a quick look at this whole piece of content. Initially, the native people who are born with Virgo and Gemini zodiac signs can also find out other important details regarding their partners and even themselves. Do not miss any one of the paragraphs to get the maximum number of information for yourself.</p>
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Geminis and Virgos can build a stable relationship intellectually as they have quite a lot of common interests. They are both flexible and need mental stimulation, but at the same time, they are generally an on and off couple and have various obstacles on their path. 

These are both mutable signs, and they are adaptable to the situation and are interested in learning new things. Mercury is the ruling planet, and they are known for their wisdom and communication. They are both talkative and love to observe and learn. 

Both of them are extremely intelligent, and they work well to teach others and help overcome each other's shortcomings. One of the main reasons why Gemini is attracted to Virgo is its intellectual and witty nature.

Gemini’s hate being pushed around, and Virgos love to show their domination over their partners. The couple may be together initially due to certain mutual attraction, but in most cases, they drift apart. 

Gemini and Virgos can be soulmates if they put in enough effort. Their natural enthusiasm and carefree nature can help them stay together. They may have a lot of hurdles on their way, but they can overcome them with dedication.