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Scorpio Personality

Scorpio Personality

Scorpio -The Scorpion
( October 23 to November 21 )

Scorpio is a Water Sign
The ruling element of Scorpio is water and they are the eighth in the zodiac calendar. This zodiac is characterized by boldness and lack of fear. However, if the situation or time so requires they are self controlled, confident and ready to spring into action. The powerful Mars gives them the necessary boost and momentum. Usually reticent and enigmatic, Scorpions are highly observant. If there is sufficient stimulation and cause, they pack a powerful punch in championing a worthy cause or stand for the underdog. There is a tendency dominate and be somewhat arrogant. At the same time they can scale peaks in trying for the upliftment of others and are truly respected as a result. Remorseless and relentless in the fight for a cause, they are merciless towards those that oppose them. As a matter of fact, they are capable of stretching a point even in a fair fight. Scorpios tend to be outspokenand challenging. The deceptive cool exterior frequently deceives their opponents and enhances their power.

Details :
Scorpio, which happens to the eighth zodiac sign is definitely one to be treated casually or disregarded. The people in this sign, when they so desire are totally focussed in finding out all that there is about any person or group and can sever totally any idle chatter or gossip. It is only what is of the essence and the core truth that matters. Neither does any beginning nor does any ending scare them. The shade has to be black or white – sitting on the fence is certainly not their forte. A Scorpion makes a good detective because they are innately snoopy. They have a tendency to analyse and are extremely skilled at ferreting out secrets. Their sharp intuitive powers are undoubtedly an asset. In keeping with the nature of their symbol Scorpions are in as much control of their destiny as possible. They live life on their own terms and are more than capable of ensuring progress. For others this could seem domineering and at the same time suicidal – that however is typical of the Scorpion. Their remarkable regenerative powers allow themselves to resurrect themselves and carry on persistently till their objective is achieved. This is in keeping with the fixed quality which is a part of their nature. In order to ensure a secure future, Scorpios work as hard as they possibly can. Desire, passion and intensity can be the middle names of these people. If for some reason a Scorpio is suspicious about your motives, he can put an end to any kind of association without too much compunction. If a choice is there, the best would be to refrain from challenging this lot – since they have hidden sources which are very rarely revealed. Mars and Scorpio are the ruling planets of Scorpio. Mars is by far the more ancient ruler and according to Roman mythology the God of War. It was only after Pluto was revealed in the 20th century that it was attached as a co-ruler of this zodiac sign. Being the God of the Underworld in ancient Rome , Scorpions do certainly have a concentrated vitality. As a result of this planetary combination Scorpions are very conscious, incisive and motivated too. Being in tune with the vibrations of others, there is virtually nothing that they miss. Space is what they need since crowding in on them makes them lose their temper and frequently turn vengeful as a result. It is a good option to keep in mind that failure to them merely means an opportunity to succeed even more forcefully the next time and that does not scare them in the least. Water, the element that rules them can be typically described by the phrase ‘still waters run deep’. This simply means that they are not as prone to revealing their emotions as easily as the other water signs tend to do, though they do feel as intensely. They are just hidden facts to be used on another occasion. Sometimes this capacity of insight can also be a curse as a petty issue can turn a major battlefield of sorts. A vindictive Scorpion who feels belittled is not a person to be drawn to. However, they find it just as revert to being gritty and devoted given a little time. A Scorpio will not hesitate to manipulating if the issue is that important to him. However, they would prefer to opt for and elusive and indirect operation. The potent and vortex pool of emotion can be of good use - as long as they are not allowed to become negative and debilitating. A competitive spirit is apparent whether it is in the sphere of play or professionally. Extreme sports are what appeal to them the most as their prowess is tested to the maximum here. Adversaries make it all that more challenging. Scarlet and a deep all pervasive black are their natural choice of colours. Where matters of the heart are concerned, devotion and love are there in abundance, but they to be a mite over possessive. Sexually speaking, lust is the name of the name. That is perhaps a reason for them to take good care of their reproductive organs. A powerful determination is their strength and they never say die! In this they are incomparable.

Profile :
Scorpio is inscrutable – to a large extent because it is ruled by the element of water. There is a combination of opposites – Scorpio has the Plutonian impact it alongside the water element, which is far more introverted and receptive. This might be the reason why transformation to the greatest degree and rejuvenation is an integral part of its make-up. If the depths of Scorpio are tested, there will be a treasure trove of compassion, yearning, emotions and of course love as well. Being of a fixed nature, a movement towards stability comes naturally to them. However a lack of some kind of energy that is positive – Scorpios can push matters to extremes. There is a tendency to wield their supremacy over others. Love can overwhelm even the control of Scorpions, resulting in a rampant display of jealousy and possessiveness. It is independence that can bring about the much desired equilibrium. If the members of this sign feel that internal security, they can much more easily and happily allow their partners to search the horizons and yet remain attuned to their needs.


The Positive Side of Scorpio:
The Scorpio man or woman is usually resolute and aware of what their goal or objective in life is. They are persistent and see any matter through to the end before letting go. Scorpions are blunt and hardly vice what they not mean. Having set any kind of goal, he likes to set about it in a most determined manner. Members of this zodiac sign certainly do not lack in gumption and neither labour nor bottlenecks scare them. Stubbornly they will persist until the goal has been reached. Despite the external appearance being stern and unapproachable, a Scorpio can be very gentle and caring about the people he cares for. What is of the essence is being sincere. Scorpions forge relationships that are permanent and not easily broken. A Scorpio is hardly ever swayed from his belief and principles and will adhere strictly by what he believes. The innumerable positive qualities a Scorpio enjoys is the cause of brining happiness into his own life and the lives of all the people he cares about. They are the sort who understand people and life – making him a constructive person the better part of the time. Discerning and bold, problems act as a goad to spur him on. Scorpios are supremely positive and enjoy the pleasure that winning brings. The best in him can be seen when faced with any crisis or problem.

The Negative Side of Scorpio:
An ultra sensitive nature sometimes eggs on the Scorpio to assume injury where none was intended. There is a firm conviction that his true worth is not getting enough recognition. The retaliation for this imagined neglect is boasting excessively. Scorpios can also be egoistical and haughty. He can even be sly if it means putting a downer on his opponent and establishing his supremacy. If they in full pursuit of some agenda they can stoop to being scheming and cold-blooded and remain unconcerned about what others might think. Insults – imagined or true have them setting out on the path of vengeance. Another negative facet is the vicious and unexpected bursts of temper that can surface at any moment. There is almost always an excessive interest in matters of a sexual nature.