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Pisces Facts

Pisces Facts

Must-Knowing Facts About Pisces
The people born between 19th February to 20th March, when the sun transits the celestial span from 330 degrees to 360 degrees, come under the Pisces zodiac sign. Generally, Pisces men & women come with the utmost creative mindset. They are highly compassionate to their friends, relatives, family and surrounding people. They carry liberal outlooks with a golden heart.

Ruling Element By Origin:
The power of the water sign turns the Pisces people sensitive to relationships & their daily life. As water flows spontaneously, Pisces men and women channel their emotions into everyday life. Thus, the ruling element water sign, makes the Pisces individuals centred towards their relationships and family.

Ruling Planet:
According to traditional astrology, Jupiter rules over Pisces, and as per modern astrology, Neptune rules over Pisces. The influences of the ruling planet on Pisces men and women make them full of intuitions and empathy. Pisces individuals carry an extraordinary sense which drives them to reflect compassion in their behaviour according to the present circumstances.

Significant Personality Traits of Pisces:
The important traits of Pisces personality include:
Emotionally Intelligent:
An ideal combination of intuitions & creativity drives Pisces men and women to listen to the problems & complaints of others surrounding them. The compassionate sentiment of Pisces people makes them interested in solving other's problems with their valuable solutions. So, Pisces can input their natural efforts to make things or matters normal around them.
For this particular personality trait of Pisces, they can quickly become successful as advisers, consultants, therapists etc.
Power of Logical Thinking:
Pisces men and women often create charming appearances with impressive ideas, concepts and solutions, making them excel in their workplaces. Pisces people often think first if the surrounding people will reciprocate most easily. So, they do not try to be open up at the first meeting, but when others show interest enough, they appreciate it promptly.
Perceptive Attitude:
Pisces are highly popular as they can assist the surrounding people, who can be their team members or close friends or relatives. Pisces men and women always prioritize their intuitions, which motivate them to confront any challenging circumstances or resolve any problematic phase. Pisces people prefer to follow their zeal to take any decisions.

What Are The Best Traits of Pisces People?
Level of Flexibility:
Pisces individuals can easily convince their surrounding people with logic or charming personalities. So they can easily handle adverse situations in their professional and social life. The caring nature and cooperative attitude without any intention drive the Pisces individuals to develop good bonding with many people around them.
Power of Healing:
As Pisces men & women have high sensitivity about emotions, they generally absorb any energy or impulse from the surrounding environments. The specific characteristics of emotional sensitivity often make Pisces emotionally wounded. But, at the same time, their power of channelling emotions into positive fields helps to flourish their skills.
Artistic Spirit:
Pisces people always carry an artistic spirit reflected in their work, character and behaviour toward others. The intense reflection of emotional intelligence, intuition and gentle attitude make Pisces people highly charismatic. So, Pisces can draw the attention of others quickly. As their selfless attitude makes them able to be connected with others, they can lead a beautiful lifestyle from inside or outside.

What Are The Worst Traits of Pisces People?
Emotional Insecurity:
Most of the time, Pisces men and women feel offended by simple or everyday matters, which creates misunderstandings. As a result, the extreme emotional sensitivity of Pisces pushes them to play the victim card. When they go through emotional insecurity, they can not consider the opinions of surrounding people, and even they do not want to look at reality. So, in some cases, driven by emotional insecurity, Pisces people make illogical decisions.
Sluggish Tendency:
In some adverse situations, when Pisces fail to prove their point of view, they emotionally withdraw their outlooks, ideas, and efforts from the specific field. This type of mentality makes the Pisces men and women lazy to resort to the solution of particular problems. They finally decide that the surrounding circumstances will be wrong despite their earnest efforts.
The extreme level of sensitive mindset pushes Pisces people towards overthinking. In their worst scenario, Pisces people often become victims of overthinking. Most of the time, the overthinking tendency disturbs their mental stability, and they can not forget any unwanted incidents or can not forgive others for any uncanny experiences.

Behaviour Patterns of Pisces:
Clingy attitude:
While Pisces men and women get importance from others, they feel a craving to be affectionate to them. They prefer to cherish their love and caring nature for the special persons in their life. In these cases, they become emotionally dependent on the people who make them happy in any way.
Follow Own Instincts:
Pisces always give effort and energy to develop close bonding with others. But, at the same time, they never ignore their intuitions about surrounding people. So, when they notice their close ones are facing problems or becoming upset, they can find a probable solution immediately. They can easily consider or evaluate the outer versions of the issues based on their instincts. 
Pisces people are full of mystical thoughts, flexible thoughts and psychic stability. So, they can utilize their presence of mind and high level of consciousness when confronting adverse circumstances in life. They never hesitate to take firm decisions for the future when they feel something is not working. 

Typical Traits of Pisces Men:
What Are The Typical Traits of Pisces Men?
The primary characteristics of Pisces men include emotional sensitivity, lack of sense of reality, tactfulness, and prone to indiscipline. 
In general, Pisces men are dedicated to their professional life. They follow particular tactics with tons of patience in the workplace. So they can quickly build a good team.
Pisces men know how to balance their words and actions perfectly. They try hard to keep promises in their personal life.
Moreover, Pisces men can heal sentimental issues as they have good psychological knowledge and often suggest natural solutions.
Are Pisces Men Perfect Husbands?
Pisces men can be responsible husbands as they know how to care for their loved ones. They enjoy family time a lot. So, they often hold the hand of their spouse in tough times. Moreover, being an emphatic soul, Pisces men give their best efforts to resolve the problems of their spouses.
What Quality in Women Attract Pisces Men?
The tender and compassionate attitude of women often attracts Pisces men. As Pisces are emotionally sensitive, the flame of affection in women easily captures the heart of Pisces men. Generally, good listeners and supportive women are the best choices for Pisces men.
How Pisces Men Treat Their Life-Partners?
Like an ideal soulmate, Pisces men show interest in strengthening the relationship with their partners with romantic gestures, compassionate attitudes and sensible words. In simple terms, Pisces men are passionate enough to embrace their partner's feelings to increase intimacy.

Typical Traits of Pisces Women:
What Are The Typical Traits of Pisces Women?
Pisces women are famous for their soft-hearted attitude. Profound emotions and sentimental behaviour make Pisces women separate from other women. The charismatic personality of Pisces women always makes others feel special. Simple but passionate gifts can make Pisces women happy. In general, Pisces women are mysterious, spiritual, romantic and sensual. Strong observation power and level of experience make Pisces women highly decisive.
Are Pisces Women Perfect Wives?
Pisces women can be ideal life-partner as they carry profound values of generosity, family-oriented perspectives, patience and reality in their character. The inherent emotional sensitivity makes Pisces women care as they can ensure comfort for their families and husbands.
What Qualities in Men Attract Pisces Men?
If the guys can reflect a spark of compassion in their conversation, they can easily win the heart of Pisces women. In some cases, men brave enough to fulfil women's fantasies are the best choice for Pisces ladies. In simple words, supportive nature, thoughtful behaviour and gifts, level of understanding in men attract Pisces women immediately. 
How do Pisces Women Treat Their Life Partner?
The Pisces ladies are prone to prioritize the needs of their husbands. Their emotional character always prefers to share advice and supports with their husbands. In challenging moments, Pisces women always stand for their life partners.

Relationship Compatibility: Pisces Men Vs Pisces Women:
How Pisces Men Manage Marital Relationships?
The men who hold Pisces zodiac sign have a golden heart for others. So, they often express high devotion to their marital relationships. Pisces men prioritize intense excitements and romantic impulses to create bonds of love with their wives. Pisces men prefer to share their profound feelings only with those who carry the same feelings for them.
How Pisces Women Manage Marital Relationships?
Pisces women prefer to turn relationships intimate with gentle gestures. Pisces ladies are highly responsive as they want to nourish their marital bond. Pisces wives are empathetic, which drives them towards self-sacrifice while they want to protect their marital relationship.