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Scorpio and Aries Compatibility

scorpio and aries Love Compatibility

Your sun sign is Scorpio
Your partner sun sign is Aries
Scorpio                 Aries

Match Percentage  45%

Scorpio and Aries Compatibility

Aries and Scorpio are not a good match as the core natural elements are incompatible with one another. Fire and Water are the most damaging of all relationships. Both are out to hurt each other's pride and ego. There will be a lot of resentment and fighting that will lead to an eventual breakup. Relationships require the opposing force that creates the spark between the two, but these two personalities are radioactive for one another.

It's best to stay clear of this relationship.

Personality Traits of Scorpio and Aries

Aries can be often described as people who are off the handle and yet live an organised life. These are born leaders who inspire others by their passionate arguments and charismatic behaviour. Ambitious, competitive and prone to outbursts, they are the most difficult people to deal with. They will also be your closest friends and roughest lovers in bed. 

Tender at heart but with a rugged exterior shell around their core emotions. They are often misconstrued as arrogant or mean but, in reality, just trying to protect themselves from emotional hurt caused by relationships. 

Personality Traits of Scorpio Zodiac

Scorpio's are born leaders and possess capabilities of the highest level to achieve any goal they set their eyes to. Fearless and dedicated, these people lead with a drive that attracts everyone in their surroundings. They have a spiritual and calming demeanour due to their water element, which further attracts people to seek them out. They also express their flowing thoughts might include the tree outside and the cosmos in the same breath. Drawn to the metaphysical, ethereal, otherworldly aspects of our existence, they use these aspects as a guide to change society.

They have a strict moral code which makes them hate the cheats and liars of the world. Their personalities make them suspicious of people and can often alienate some of their loved ones. They can be very obsessive over small details and will let them drive crazy over it. Letting go is not their strong suit, and it is something they would have to learn, at least in their interpersonal relationships. 

Love Compatibility of Scorpio and Aries

These are deeply incompatible horoscopes and don’t have any love compatibility with one another beyond raw sexual needs. The union between these two is not meant to be, and they might confuse sexuality with love.

Sexual Compatibility of Scorpio and Aries

Aries and Scorpio is an entirely incompatible relationship, but they are both explosive when it matters of Sex. They both feed into each other's sexual lust and physical needs. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, representing a need for sexuality and sensuality, shared by Aries. However, Scorpio is also governed by Pluto, which is connected to deep-seated sexual repression leading to very twisted sensibilities when it comes to Sex.

Aries will take on Scorpio's wild side, and it will lead to fireworks between the two. They both are committed to exploring their wild side with a mission to topple every sexual encounter they previously had. Aries will come in with their raw, passionate energy, and Scorpio is playful with a lot of twisted foreplay. Their union will be so life-affirming that it will lead to an emotional bond and deep soul intimacy. 

Trust And Communication of Scorpio and Aries

Their deep sexual compatibility leads to a fit of jealousy and possessiveness that might scare most people to death. Their trust is built on an active volcano, and one lie might blow this relationship to hell. Aries is hugely egotistical in their sexual prowess, and Scorpio would rather wish them death; than see the other one find another mate. This relationship is raw, honest and fragile, which is why there's a low chance of it ever becoming a long term relationship. 

Scorpio is a deeply spiritual soul who enjoys musing about life and the universe they live in. They have darkness to them that spills over their personality and their need to fight injustices of the society. Aries finds all these spiritual and cosmic conversations as frivolous, and they would rather have a normal or no discussion. All this obsession with the metaphysical aspect is stupid in their eyes, and Scorpio will see them as more primitive. These two shouldn't have a conversation and get back to some action. 

Values and Emotions of Scorpio and Aries

The core values they share are reasonably similar, standing up for what's right and being objective in your goals, values. However, going further down the rabbit hole, things shift for these two regarding how they perceive what is valuable?

Aries tend to be reasonably straightforward in their conflict resolution strategy, but Scorpio is more an explorer than an objective. Any subject that is closed in the mind of Aries will be brought up with more and more nuance that will drive them a bit mad. Whatever psychological problem Scorpio is dealing with, whether career-related or personal, they will exert their opinions on Aries, who couldn't be less bothered with it.

Aries likes to think of themselves as your typical knight in shining armour, ready to fight face to face when it comes to taking a stand. Scorpio has a more subtle tactic of attacking the problem from a more objective stance. They believe that classical bravery is foolishness, and it's essential to act strategically.

They might have the same values from a surface level, but their ideological rift appears once one digs deep.

Emotionally these two are pretty dysfunctional, and they have an unhealthy outlook over it. Both of them are incredibly stubborn about having a hard shell exterior of being solid and unemotional. They might exert a very alpha attitude, but inside they are soft as a baby's heart. 

To exert a rough exterior, they will swing swords of words at each other, never showing the wounds caused to each other's hearts until one of them is hurt enough to sever the bond entirely while the other one is shocked over this sudden reveal.

Not showing emotional weakness is a sign of deep unresolved repression that will plague this relationship as no one here knows how to deal with feelings.


It might seem like a good idea on the surface level, but many emotional complications come with it.

Once you have such a fiery sexual relationship, can one go back to having more tender sex with other zodiac personalities? You won't be able to maintain that relationship but also not forget about it. Is it a good idea to burden your future relationship with baggage like that? Ultimately you'll be doing a disservice to yourself and your prospective partners. 

Short-term pleasure might not be worth it.

To understand why they are so suspicious in the first place.

You would have to understand that they have self-esteem issues and can't reckon with their fears of infidelity. There's also the fundamental distrust of society and a need to fix their flaws. Scorpios have a lot of thought and expression flowing through, which must be dealt with sensitivity and understanding. 

Try to encourage them, show them your love, and listen to what they say about the world.

This is a difficult question to answer because both their personalities are perfect for taking over leadership positions. Aries instill pure energy and passion that can be infectious to everyone around them. Scorpio has a magnetic ethereal personality that will invoke feelings for worship and loyalty.

Ultimately the leadership stature will depend upon the goals they have to accomplish. If you plan to finish a time-based task, having an Aries lead charge would be better. If one is trying to protest peacefully, Scorpio might be more appropriate.

Never say never on anything, but the real question is, should you even try for that kind of relationship? Some might be willing to take part in this messy, potentially dangerous relationship. In contrast, others might not be willing to take this kind of risk. 

Ultimately it is a personal choice that one has to take for themselves and set for wherever this road might take.

Create a whole new identity and get Z-level security. All joking aside, breaking up with any individual, let alone a Scorpio, can be tricky. It is essential to be as clear and concise about why you have to break up. One is bound to get heartbroken, but at least you were sincere, and both of you have gotten emotional closure to move on with your life. 

Try to be as respectful as possible not to give emotional damage to the person on the receiving end.