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Capricorn Personality

Capricorn Personality

Capricorn -The Goat
( December 22 to January 19 )

Capricorn is an Earth Sign
The 10th sign of the Zodiac, Capricorn, is all about work and nothing but work. They are quite happy to work long and hard hours, as it will take them to the top. A combination of the scholarly and intellectual, Capricorns are more than happy to take into account the sheer practicality of matters. Saturn being the ruling planet this trait becomes an asset in shaking of gloomy moods. Thus, though Capricorns do their utmost to maintain a balance, they are generally regarded as being extremists. When they act, they do so in a methodical manner and at the same time strive so that the horizons of knowledge are extended. Preferring to work out matters in solitude, they turn out to be surprisingly good organizers. The Capricorn’s love for quietness is positive, but if overdone tends towards the morbid. A psychic sense if often their forte – and more often than not they are quite conscious of it.

Details :
This genre of people look on life as a major project and their attitude is extremely business like. Saturn is the ruler of this planet and was regarded by the ancient Greeks as the father of many Gods. If he is regarded as the major honcho, the same attitude is quite clearly reflected in the thought process of the Capricorn. At the same time it must be admitted that to achieve this top position, they are more than willing to strive and work hard. They discipline themselves and work to the bones to get where they want to. At the same time Capricorns are very practical and apportion their schemes one step at a time. As a matter of fact Capricorns can dig in their heels and become impossibly stubborn in this regard. It is the thought of victory that keeps the Capricorn going. The goat symbolizing the Capricorn is very apt – they make their way slow but sure to the height they want to scale. Where members of this zodiac sign are concerned, the benefits could be name, fame and money – in no particular order. Some people are bound to take umbrage because reaching the top isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Along with all their positive qualities Capricorns can reveal their ego and their innate desire to dominate even as they move steadily to the top. The members of this sign take it for granted being a natural means everybody falling in with their new ideas. However not too many turbulent waters are raised and the Capricorn is industrious and works very hard. Somewhat conventional in every sphere of their life, they are extremely particular with details. According to them playing safe is the best option of ultimately reaching the top – and to this end patience can be their last name. Unfortunately the goat is quick to take umbrage of others cannot keep up the pace and work just as hard as them. They would be quick to remember that friends, stepping stones and aids are needed on their way to the top. It is also a fact that once their ambitions have been achieved and the peak is scaled all is forgiven and forgotten. According to them playing safe is the best way to get to the top. Capricorns have a natural predilection to maturity as also an abundance of common sense. Capricorns remain old-fashioned (but not quite on the reticent side; however, there is a lurking smile inside. Earth is the Capricorn element and that is not all that astounding either. Unrealistic dreams do not interest the Capricorn – work engrosses them much more. Being the ‘business’ people of the zodiac, they prefer a routine where rising early and working hard to ensure an assignment is executed properly. While material attractions do pull them once in a while usually sheer practicality and innate dignity carries the day. Alongside there is a great desire to remain polite and amiable. During their rare rest periods croquet and golf are the game games they tend to enjoy the most – but, only as long as they are more or less sure of winning. Playing with a crew is enjoyable because it is reminiscent of the work place. Playing with a crew is also nice, since it brings to mind their beloved workplace. Earth brown and khaki are likely to be the colours that are likely to be chosen be chosen for their uniforms. Where love matters are concerned, Capricorns are constantly devoted and yet never over emotional. Their strength lies in a willingness to work hard and resolve to succeed. Though ambitions can be boundless, at the same time they are cautious, responsible and ensure fair-play. Hard work is the other name of a Capricorn. Capricorns begin their hard work early and quite happy to work long hours so that they can get to the top even earlier than scheduled. It is the ambition that is the driving force. Since an average member of this sign regards life as an assignment, they wear a business-like garb in practically every sphere. Life is one big project for these folks, and they adapt to this by adopting a business-like approach to most everything they do. They are an extremely practical sign.

Profile :
Capricorn is taken to be the leader of all the earth signs. They are very stable and can work very hard too. Though they are replete with powers of concentration, it can in no way be termed egoistical. It is what they do that gives them confidence and not who they are. Achieving what they desire is what gives them this confidence. There is no doubting the fact Capricorns are high achievers! Excessive rigidity can transpire however unless a proper balance is exercised. At least a little bit of flexibility should be exercised. If nothing else, it would make life easier for them. The little joys of life can go missing because of excessive focus on achievement. They have a fabulous sense of humour which emerges when they loosen up a bit.


The Positive Side of Capricorn:
Normally persevering and steady, the Capricorn is dependable and ensures the completion of any task set to him; there is never any aversion to work. By nature a Capricorn is serious and honest and any duty is taken very seriously. He is a well-grounded person. There is an inherent ambition and the Capricorn is very conscious of his goals and never gives up till that has been achieved. If the Capricorn decides firmly about some particular matter, winning is practically a surety. He not only works hard, but works keeping all the modalities in mind. Victories unfortunately do not come easy, but he strives till the task is accomplished – without complaining. Good at business, a Capricorn is aware of the value of money. There is full consciousness ad awareness of the necessity of savings unnecessary wastage and loss is anathema. The Capricornian can focus intently on the matter at hand and knows how to make use of his self-control. Almost everything is achievable if the Capricorn makes up his mind it has to be done. Others are astounded by this ability and detailed work is well suited to his nature. Generous by nature, the members of this zodiac generally readily extend a helping hand. As a friend he remains dependable and trustworthy. At the same time it must also be mentioned that he tends to depends only on himself and prefers not to ask for help. If any favour has been extended, they always try to return the favour.

The Negative Side of Capricorn:
However, the Capricorns also have a lot of faults. There is a tendency to be overcritical and expects everyone else to live up to his own standards. These people also have an exaggerated interest in all things material. There is a tendency to focus too much on advancement in all matters material. Greed is another prominent fault, as well as being bossy. Being narrow minded is another fault the Capricorn would do well to try and overcome.