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Capricorn Male

Capricorn Male

What one apparently visualizes as a mild tempered and placid male with an extremely gentle temperament is just a shadow of the true picture of what a Capricorn is all about. There is a very shaprp brain that is tickway all the time. At whatever the cost some kind of solution will be found to any complex problem he is mulling over and then he just escapes into that world. This is the most overworked sign pf the zodiac. Saturn the turler of this sign makes the Capricornian male rather authoritative , but usually there are no personal animosities. What he realizes only too well is that the benefits of success are fame, prestige, money. The only course of action that will bring all this about is perseverance. Capricorn is extremely averse to taking risks – because that might lose him all that he has worked so hard to get. There are no scatter-brained dreams for the Capricorn – he is ambitious and determined and is well prepared to weather any storm as long as ultimately he can reach the top. A lot of painstaking attention is paid to details and that does pay off in the long run. The Capricorn is rather conservative by nature and not only does he not socialize very much, but is very reserved about making new friends.

From a casual quick glance at a Capricorn the impression is that God is in His heaven and all is right with the world. However, the actual picture is very different from this. They are one sign that is always suffering from a great deal of stress and because of innumerable untold reasons. Of course it must also be stated that a large bit of it stems from their sense of responsibility. More often than not they take on a lot of unwarranted tasks which leads to responsibilities. It becomes very difficult to cope with everything that is on their plate and that is when the stress factor begins to creep in and causes absolute havoc in their temperament. One of the major fallouts of this is that they tend to lose sight of the bigger picture. What the Capricorn lacks and what they need to have around them is people who will prod and encourage them into some leisure activities too. As the very common saying goes ---- All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

Capricorn is one of the male species of a zodiac sign that loves an environment that is peaceful and quiet. So, should there work be over and with free time in hand, they would much rather go home than go gallivanting in any other place,. Their choice the better part of the time is to go home instead of seeking adventure elsewhere. A Capricorn truly chases after peace and stability. A Capricorn male is tough but sensitive. He knows when and where to draw the line. Patience is a strong point with the Capricorn male and he'll wait however long it takes to get what he wants. He is loyal, thoughtful, and essentially kind-hearted. This is all very favourable to creating an atmosphere of peace.

A major feature of the Capricorn male is that he is overwhelmingly practical. Especially so far as his financial matters are concerned, it is handled with a great deal of realism. Investments are undertaken only after a great deal of thought. The future is planned in such a manner that there will be absolutely no cause for worry or concern. The financial portfolio will inevitably be sensible and down to earth. The retirement years will be of no concern or worry because the Capricorn male has planned for it years ahead. As compared to all the other signs, he is the most concerned about future financial security. There is an innate sceptical nature to the Capricorns, which proves to be a safeguard; he is not the to go in for ‘get rich quick’ which are more than likely to be shady. The impassive nature of the Capricorn male and the poker face that he can maintain with ease makes it very difficult to gauge his true intentions.

As in almost every angle of his life the Capricorn regards the matter of love with a great deal of seriousness. There is no question of flirting and he will wait for the true and genuine article with a great deal of patience. He will give a great deal of thought to the person concerned before he either makes a move forward or decides to move away for keeps. There are no mind games where the Capricorn male is concerned. Beneath the rough and tough exterior the Capricorn male is a deep romantic and thinks intensely before reaching any final decision. This will remain absolutely unaffected by any other aspect. In his search for a true and devoted partner, he is actually looking for a steady relationship that will bolster his strength. The Capricorn male will ensure that his family is well looked after and all bills, taxes etc are paid on time. Playing the role of protector comes very naturally to him. Fidelity is never held in question and he always remains faithful to his partner. A long term partner and steady emotional commitment is all this goat asks for from life. Since the decision has been taken after a lot thought, there is no cause for him to change his mind.

The Capricorn male may surprise you in the bedroom, turning from tame goat to wild satyr in the space of time it takes you to turn the lights down low. In between the sheets, he will apply the same attention to detail he demonstrates in the boardroom to lovemaking and can be surprisingly passionate if and when he loses his inhibitions. He's not a fan of role-plays, massage or fantasies – the Capricorn is more of a "do one thing, and do it well" kind of lover, which makes for an extremely satisfying experience for his partner, as long as they don't expect candles, drama, and ornate costumes from him. However, a Capricorn male is very interested in pleasing his mate, who may be able to convince him to let down his guard and indulge in some fantasy.

The deep earth colours of brown and deep green is normally the choice of the Capricorn male. This is not only a reflection of his pragmatic nature. They are conservative dressers, but have a style of their own. The male of this sign buys clothes out of necessity and not out of choice. Whatever kind of apparel might be bought. The purchase always remains realistic and no money is squandered on unnecessary articles. An expensive cell phone might be purchased, but that would be more out of necessity and there would no additional gizmos. If the product is worth it, money will definitely not be a deterrent.

The Capricorn male is characterised by high driving ambition; it must also be admitted that he does not sit back and works very hard to excel at what he does. The cause for his sometimes appearing aloof in relationships with his colleagues is because of this very reason i.e his total and absolute focus on what he is doing. Among the professions most suited to him are - teacher, investment counsellor, coach or even land developer. As it is very unlikely that a Capricorn male will wear his heart on his sleeve and display his emotions, he would make a very good professional poker player. It might come as a complete surprise, but there are a great number of Capricorn comedians as well. They slowly but surely climb the ladder to success and it ought to come as no surprise that by the time they reach the age of retirement, they are at the top of the organization that they have been working for. Not prone to outbursts of emotion, a stone faced Capricorn male would make a good professional poker player! There are many Capricorn comedians as well.

The Capricorn male has an understated attraction and is staunch to boot. He exudes an air of confidence, though he might not always feel that way. He is very particular about taking good care of himself and ensures that a healthy diet and balanced food intake is a regular part of his regime. Of course, exercises also are a natural part of his daily routine. There could develop a tendency to melancholia. This is simply because he is so very practical and pragmatic that sometimes he tends to lose sight of the beauty and delicacy of life.

The apparent lack of outward emotion is easily understood by those close to the Capricorn. However, it is this very quality that makes him seem aloof to the world at large. This is the reason why Capricorns are most comfortable with those who make the first move. Capricorn is very careful and cautious with his feelings and does not want to disappoint someone he truly likes. Thus his preference is to building a relationship slowly and surely.