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Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between daily, weekly, and yearly horoscopes is connected to how planetary moves are calculated in astrological charts.

Daily Horoscope is correlated to the position and accurate translation of the planets that influence us.

A weekly horoscope looks at the horoscope maps for the week of a distinct sun-sign or moon-sign and then makes predictions based on them.

A monthly horoscope is more specific than a weekly horoscope. It is determined through the multiple positions and transitions of planets during a month for a distinct sign.

An annual horoscope can help people plan out their long-term pursuits and approaches in every sphere of life.

Horoscopes for today can be accurate to a certain degree, but it's better to take them as notes and general inclination of what might or can happen. Even within a Zodiac sign, there are many people and personalities; everyone has a different situation going on in their lives. So we cannot take it as a completely accurate prediction. If one wants an accurate forecast, get a proper astrological prediction based on your tailor-made needs.

One should maintain an intricate balance about planning their day around daily horoscopes because it can lead to a certain amount of paranoia.

For example, in today's Horoscope, it's written that there's a chance of getting ill now you might go through the rest of the day thinking about this aspect only. It might create an unnecessary burden, and, likely, you were never going to get sick. As previously mentioned, a daily horoscope is like a general inclination; it would help if you kept it back of your mind until a situation or circumstance arises that might be similar to what the Horoscope said.

One can focus on a weekly or yearly Horoscope, but ultimately, it is challenging to take the advice and integrate it into your life. Still, daily Horoscope is much more straightforward and applicable. Focusing on today's rashifal will translate to the week, months, and years timeline.

To a certain degree, yes, because you're somewhat prepared or have an inclination of what happens day to day, will it go away absolutely forever? No, because horoscopes are too wide and broad for them to give you an individual perspective. Life will always stay unpredictable, but with a daily horoscope, you have a general sense of in which direction life will flow towards.

Daily horoscopes are a way for one to tap into the science of astrology that has been around for many millennia and use it to help us build the blocks of life by the daily bricks we put into achieving our goals and helping us deal with life. To become an overall better person