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Capricorn Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn and Capricorn Compatibility

Your sun sign is Capricorn
Your partner sun sign is Capricorn
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Having the same zodiac signs, the Capricorn couple enjoys similar tastes in life as they both have the same outlook and take towards common things in life. They have deep and meaningful conversations with each other as they know they'll be able to understand each other with the least amount of effort. Even if there are disagreements and fallouts out of an unexpected situation or a fight, they tend to take each other's feedback and criticisms positively. One of the partners may have an outburst, but the other partner tries to handle it better by placating or easing the stressful situation. 

Capricorn and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Capricorn-Capricorn couples tend to follow their passion and gut instincts very clearly when it comes to love. However, as careful planners as they are, they are also aware of letting it go for the sake of being practical and strategic for each other. Thus, this mishmash could sometimes result in the non-fulfilment of desires for each other. The urge to satisfy each other's wants and desires decreases over time, resulting in frustration and emotional distress. 

Further, being slow partners who love to take their sweet time results in unhurriedness which could mean endless waiting and unrealistic expectation for the other partner to take the initiative. Hence, there is no confidence in proposing to the person they like or expressing a public display of affection. They need a push from their friends and family to make the first move, and once that is done, it could create a forever deep and long-lasting bond.

Expressions of love, affectionate words, caressing and touching each other are necessary for a relationship. However, being the slow burners that they are, not following such a range of expressions or emotions will lead to doubt, mistrust and question the sanctity of their love in their heads. 

Capricorn and Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

The sexual compatibility of a Capricorn-Capricorn couple is quite intriguing yet inexplicable. Both of the partners have a strong sense of desire and lust towards each other, resulting in strong sexual energy. Adding that with their strong sense of following their instincts, you have the perfect recipe for strong sex life. 

However, Capricornians are also quite reserved and take things slowly, denying them a basis for a strong setting in a relationship. This could also be seen in the way they approach to sex - while they both want to enjoy each other and partake in the carnal desires, none of them is willing to start first and wait for the other person to take off and even undress. This awkward sexual connection might be seen as amusing or funny at first but could lead to inhibitions and doubts about the future of this relationship in the end. 

However, all is not lost, and with a bit of effort and planning, the sex sessions could turn out to be great if one musters up the courage to keep trying something new and different in the bed every time. It may not be easy at first, but practice could set the trend in their relationship. 

Capricorn and Capricorn Frienship Compatibility

Capricorn and Capricorn Trust and Communication Compatibility

Capricornian men and women are self-absorbed, filled with pride, have a steely resolve and are deeply focused on their lives. Further, they are also compassionate, empathetic, loyal and caring towards their partners. To break into their exterior to find out who they are, it is important to know how they operate in their life. For starters, if the otherwise reserved Capricornian persons show their funny side, reveal personal details, confide or act fun and silly, it means they are willing to open the channels of communication and are interested in the other person. Hence, talking freely, laughing, expressing through genuine emotions translated into developing trust and opening up communication channels. It's important to open up, share personal details and be more honest and real with the partner to create that bond. 

Again, Capricornian couples need to be aware of the body language and facial expressions to gauge what the other person is thinking. If you're hanging around with someone and notice your partner being jealous, step back and be mindful that this could escalate quickly. 

Again, if one of the partners takes you out, spends heartily for you, lends you their belongings or makes you feel comfortable and homely, the chances are that there's a factor of trust and communication that is being developed. 

Capricorn and Capricorn Emotions Compatibility

Capricorns are responsible, upstanding citizens who cherish and uphold their values to the core. Being Earth signs, they are practical and organizational people. They love to be patient and work from the way up. They are grounded, stable and always think about making things work in a given timeframe. 

Not many understand that while they appear to be cold, calculated and mechanical in their approach, in the beginning, they can be extremely sensitive and invested for a friend and a partner if the stars get aligned. Once the caring starts, the sharing starts. Their emotions are deep-rooted in caring, and once they start to care, there's no looking back. 

Their strong values are also encoded because they are less likely to dole out rude and insensitive comments to their partner once invested. That's why the emotional intelligence and sophistication overtake a Capricorn person's rough, unpolished demeanour once there is confidence in the relationship.

Furthermore, they value notions of integrity and truthfulness and conduct themselves with professional aplomb and consistent behaviour. They like to win the race and win everyone's hearts with their genial nature. Capricorns are most supportive when the heart takes over the mind. 

Capricorn and Capricorn Relationship Compatibility


The competitive and cut-throat nature of a Capricorn individual makes it difficult to soften one's stand when it comes to matters of love and relationship. There is a sense of protectiveness of ego, pride, and self-esteem - this makes them feel invincible, sometimes not making them realise their weaknesses or submissiveness toward their partner. 

Capricorn excels best in commotion, confusion and chaos. They are the world's leaders, and these aspects make them attractive and increase their sex appeal in front of others. Thus, Capricorn couples are made in the toughest situations when their back is on the wall, and a challenge (fitting to their calibre) excites them to work. 

Not just as lovers but Capricorn-Capricorn relationships as friends too are all about being invested, loyal and committed to the core. From running household chores to working on academic projects, they will be by your side and take the extra steam or pressure off you. This could also mean that they expect the same level of competitiveness from you. 

While 'being good' parents with their kids is an objective statement, what's common is that Capricorn parents are quite serious and committed towards their children. This means demanding a fair amount of excellence and expecting achievements from their outcomes. This also shows how Capricorn parents deal with their kids daily (making sure the kids finish the meals, eat greens, excel in all subjects, learn new hobbies, participate in extracurricular activities, or just set up their beds and clean up the rooms). 

It's true - being mature, individualistic and careful while treading the path of any relationship, Capricorn relationships are a bit hard to chart out. It takes a lot of perseverance, hard work, some great investment and serious intention to peel off the rigid exterior and create a better tomorrow.