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Leo Female

Leo Female

The Leo Female – what makes a Leo female beautiful and worth knowing :
What makes a Leo female unique is the actual person that she is inside. All the external dimensions of a Leo female that are internalised are basically just manifestations of their weakness. She is actually extremely vulnerable and that makes reaching out to them that much easier. It is not just romantic love that comes to the fore, but also a more generalised picture of her. One unfailing key to get close to the Leo female is to always be there for her. The trick is constant encouragement and positivity. It will take her a surprisingly short time to mature and blossom.

When the times are good for a Leo female, there will be major personality changes in her. This is particularly because of the influence of Saturn as it begins to rise through Leo. The immediate year that has gone by, Leo female might have taken quite a beating. However, in the coming months the old sense of confidence will start to return. This is good news for the Leo female for two primary reasons. When the Leo female starts feeling better, she will automatically start being a better person to be around. Secondly even as the situation changes, new opportunities will also begin to surface. This will have a major impact on the personal and professional life.
Jealousy and the Leo Female Personality .

It is taken for granted that the most predominant streak of the Leo female is her inherent jealous nature. The reality is somewhat different. The Leo female at periodic intervals suffers from a deep rooted insecurity. This becomes even more apparent during the early stages of a love affair, particularly with Gemini, Scorpio or Aries. They become worry warts and insecure about what the other side might be feeling about them. This instigates them into behaving in a strange manner that is completely irrational. At such moments she needs continuous reassurance that she is loved and wanted in just the same manner. This will be of great help in helping her to take it easy. The Leo female will have to learn to accept that she has good traits and bad; once she acknowledges the fact that she cannot possibly be all good, a lot of peace will come to her.

The Leo Female - Love Life and Human Relationships :
A Leo female always has an abundance of male who admire her and are passionately in love with her. So a male has to be ready for competition if he is interested starting a permanent relationship. As well as being beautiful and sensual. She is characteristically elegant, very lively. They love and expect their partners, but the question of hero worship does not come into the picture. There are a certain category of Leo who appear docile and mellow and absolutely gentle. But, keep in mind that appearances are deceptive. During the period of courtship any gift that is to be given to her should not only be classy, but should be handed over in a manner that is befitting the impression that she has of herself. Further, always keep in mind that the compliments that you pay her should be sincere and genuinely meant -- she has a knack for discerning the genuine from the make-belief.

It is a fallacy spread that the Leo female by and large is prone to bouts of temper and aggression. The primary reason behind this is that Leo female tend to be a lot more assertive than most other signs. If one truly analyses it, it is also a fact that in the rat race of the 21st century being assertive is actually a very positive quality. There is surely no surprise in the fact that it is to a major part the male who give rise to these fallacies about the Leo female.

Even a Leo female who is known to have a hot temper, but who is cherished and respected, will display lamb like qualities of kindness and agreeableness. The lioness combines being intelligent, talented and witty. One sure fire way of getting her to do what you want is to tickle her ego just a little and flatter her . You will find to your utter amazement that she will be more than willing to do all the chores that you had assumed you would have to do by yourself. It would be a very foolish decision to stop her from having an independent career after marriage.

The Leo female and career :
On the face of it a person who is highly motivated and pushy and confident at the same time, will have a brilliant career graph. Unfortunately this does not happen all the time. There are exceptions so far as specialized management roles are concerns. In other spheres, the hard-headed attitude of the Leo female can be a major put off. The outcome of this is very simple – the Leo female has a very difficult time finding and getting the kind of job that she is looking for. What is very essential for the Leo female to understand is that she also has to act as a facilitator and be a team player. Orv else, even while getting promotions and being lauded for all the work that you are doing, the professional satisfaction that once looks for is just not there. There is a very simple explanation for this. In her continued bid to assert herself, the Leo female gets typecast and stereotyped.

Where the issue of career stops, the facts and pointers about money begin. A deep-rooted sense of insecurity leads them to equate money in emotional terms. In essence what does this mean? To put it very simply –there is a need to continuously keep buying material good to plug the holes that exist emotionally.Here, it is not the actual good that you bought that makes the Leo female feel good, but it is the fact that she is actually capable of spending that amount of money. For some unknown reason or constellation of the stars, at some point in their lives, the Leo female has to gp though a lot of suffering. It can also almost be observed that in keeping with their nature, they have a fat bank balance, which gets depleted so fast that they begin to have problems with debt and might even have to declare bankruptcy.

Leo female and family :
One fact is crystal clear and there should be no ambiguity about it. No one should have the audacity to meddle with and cause any discomfort to a Leo family, with the protective lioness around. If any problem is caused to the children, there will be absolutely hell to pay. If a broad picture is taken of this scenario. As the Leo female comes of age, she realizes that the reason for all the aggression is a basic insecurity from which she suffers. Families and children belonging to them are always worthwhile protecting.

There is however also a fallout to this. The Leo mother can carry over protectiveness to such heights that the children tend to become insulated against any kind of vagaries of the outside world. Insulation against reality can never be a very good idea. A Leo female with children should realize that the world cannot be controlled by them. Matters can be re-arranged to a certain point and then life has to be allowed to move at its pace. One of the best lessons to be taught is that the children learn how to protect them own selves. That in itself will act as a good insurance for the future.

One of the passions of a Leo is that they like to advise people and counsel them on a wide range of issues. Any kind of employment that allows them to be in the public eye suits them greatly. They are excellent as therapists and counsellors. Of course it must also be stated at the same time that they are also in need of very good pragmatic advice – especially if they happen to come under a great deal of stress. The Leo female has a tendency to become smug and self-satisfied and become very easily disinterested in details and routine. There is no doubting the fact that she is very generous and given. However, under conditions of stress and strain, she can just as easily turn selfish, demanding and volatile. Leo female can also become very lazy when stressed out. When these faults are pointed out to them, they become overly dramatic and extremely dogmatic and intolerant. Gossiping is second nature to the Leo female . There is nothing better she enjoy than discussing the business of other people and can be quite a reference point to all that is going on around them.

In the normal run of things a Leo female is very playful and lively. However it must be admitted at the same time that they can be stressed out over a lot of issues. A very good façade usually prevents anyone from penetrating the mask of inner turbulence and doubt. They are usually good at giving vent to the issues that trouble them, but that does not really reach the core point of the issue. The result is just a quick release of anger. The Leo female needs to surround herself with the kind of people who know them genuinely.

In the normal run of things a Leo female is very playful and lively. However it must be admitted at the same time that they can be stressed out over a lot of issues. A very good façade usually prevents anyone from penetrating the mask of inner turbulence and doubt. They are usually good at giving vent to the issues that trouble them, but that does not really reach the core point of the issue. The result is just a quick release of anger. The Leo female needs to surround herself with the kind of people who know them genuinely.

Leo Female Characteristics :
If romance has a positive development, there is also a positive overall impact on the career as well. Thanks to the Saturn continuing to rise, the Leo female will be offered opportunities which will take her completely by surprise. The primary and instinctive reaction is to grab the opportunities with both hands. The Leo female is a strong personality and one who likes to be in the driver’s seat. In a professional ambience, the Leo female commands respect. The problems arise when the male around are weak. There are a lot of males who are completely turned off by a strong female at the helm. The result is very simple - a major part of the time the Leo female has to battle long and hard against opposition.

This kind of reaction is difficult to handle because usually it is a whispering campaign. The colleagues of the Leo female try to manoeuvre around her. In such situations the Leo female is usually so entangled in their own projection of strength and courage and courage that it is very easy for them to marginalize themselves.

In other words, it doesn’t take much effort for them to be contained or to be neutralized. The Leo female is pure gold inside and that radiates an aura of gold around her when one can really get to know here. The apparent confidence could actually be hiding irritability when she is in a bad mood. There is a desire to spend money even when she knows that she should not be doing so. There will be total and unstinting support if there are genuine feelings of love for the other person. The attention that she needs is just from the special people in her life.

A Leo female is basically a free spirit and there is absolutely no intention of changing. Although a Leo female might seem somewhat reckless, she remains what she is in her entirety – free, alive and full of life.