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Masik Kalashtami 2026

Masik Kalashtami Dates 2026

India (India)



2026 Masik Kalashtami Dates
January 10, 2026 (Sat)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Magha, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 10/01/2026
Timing: 08:23:56 AM
End: 11/01/2026
Timing: 10:20:18 AM
February 09, 2026 (Mon)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Phalguna, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 09/02/2026
Timing: 05:01:11 AM
End: 10/02/2026
Timing: 07:27:17 AM
March 11, 2026 (Wed)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Chaitra, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 11/03/2026
Timing: 01:54:24 AM
End: 12/03/2026
Timing: 04:19:34 AM
April 10, 2026 (Fri)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Vaishakha, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 09/04/2026
Timing: 09:19:44 PM
End: 10/04/2026
Timing: 11:15:47 PM
May 10, 2026 (Sun)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Jyeshtha, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 09/05/2026
Timing: 02:03:09 PM
End: 10/05/2026
Timing: 03:06:46 PM
June 08, 2026 (Mon)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Jyeshtha, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 08/06/2026
Timing: 03:24:53 AM
End: 09/06/2026
Timing: 03:23:54 AM
July 08, 2026 (Wed)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Ashadha, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 07/07/2026
Timing: 01:25:10 PM
End: 08/07/2026
Timing: 12:21:51 PM
August 06, 2026 (Thu)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Shravana, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 05/08/2026
Timing: 08:42:28 PM
End: 06/08/2026
Timing: 06:52:45 PM
September 04, 2026 (Fri)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Bhadrapada, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 04/09/2026
Timing: 02:25:27 AM
End: 05/09/2026
Timing: 12:13:35 AM
October 03, 2026 (Sat)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Ashwina, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 03/10/2026
Timing: 07:59:38 AM
End: 04/10/2026
Timing: 05:51:43 AM
November 02, 2026 (Mon)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Kartika, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 01/11/2026
Timing: 02:51:42 PM
End: 02/11/2026
Timing: 01:10:31 PM
December 01, 2026 (Tue)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Margashirsha, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 01/12/2026
Timing: 12:11:48 AM
End: 01/12/2026
Timing: 11:13:57 PM
December 31, 2026 (Thu)
Krishna Ekadashi
Krishna Ashtami
Pausha, Krishna Ashtami
Begin: 30/12/2026
Timing: 12:36:36 PM
End: 31/12/2026
Timing: 12:32:33 PM

Masik Kalashtami : The importance and the Vrat Rituals

Masik Kalashtami is observed each month in the Ashtami Tithi in Krishna Paksha. People who are devoted to the cause pray at the feet of Lord Bhairav and also fast during these days to ask for blessings from the Lord. They observe puja, perform rituals, and visit temples to remove the barriers, obstacles, or obstacles that remove the sorrows, sadness, and sorrows from their lives.

What is Masik Kalashtami?

Kalashtami, also known as Kala Ashtami, also known as Kala Pahar, is a Hindu holiday celebrating Lord Bhairav and takes place on the 8th day.

The "Ashtami" Tithi (8th day) following 'Purnima' (full moon) is believed as the most appropriate day to honour the Lord Kaal Bhairav. This day is when Hindu believers are worshipped by Lord Bhairav and keep a strict fast to thank Him. There are 12 Kalashtami ceremonies in a year.

The one in the month of 'Margashirsha' is the most critical and is also known as the 'Kalabhairav Jayanti.' It is also regarded as more sacred if observed on a Tuesday or Sunday since the days of worship are associated with Lord Bhairav.

God Bhairav at Kalashtami is celebrated with full passion and devotion across different country regions.

Kalashtami fast is an extremely important day for those who are people who worship Lord Bhairav. The day of fasting is celebrated on Ashtami time of Krishna Paksha of each month. This day is when the devotees of Lord Bhairav remain fast throughout the day and offer prayers during the days of Kalashtami throughout the year.

Kalashtami is also called Kala Ashtami. The most significant is Kalashtami, also often referred to in the form of Kalabhairava Jayanti. The belief is that Lord

Shiva came to earth in the same year as Bhairava. Therefore, the name of Bhairava Ashtami may also refer to Kalabhairava Jayanti.

It is worth noting that Kalashtami fasting is celebrated by following Saptami Tith. According to the sacred text, the fast of Kalashtami is to be observed on a day of the Ashtami Tithi is observed at night.

Importance of Masik Kalashtami

The importance of Kalashtami is described in the Aditya Purana. The primary God worshipped during Kalashtami is Lord Kaal Bhairav, who is believed to represent Lord Shiva.

The word "Kaal" in Hindi refers to 'time' and Bhairav is a reference to 'the representation of Shiva.' Thus, Kaal Bhairav can also be referred to as the God of Time and is worshipped with complete dedication by Lord Shiva devotees.

According to Hindu legends, in a disagreement among Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, Lord Shiva became angry over a remark made by Brahma. He then assumed the form of Mahakaleshwar and cut off the fifth head of the Lord Brahma.

After that, Devas and Humans worship this particular form of Lord Shiva as "Kaal Bhairav'. There is a belief that people who worship God Shiva on Kalashtami are seeking blessings from Lord Shiva.

There is also the common belief that praying to the Lord Bhairav during this time can eliminate all pain, suffering, and negative influences from one's existence.

Masik Kalashtami Vrat Rituals

Kalashtami is an important day for Lord Shiva devotees. On this day, devotees wake up early and have a bath before sunrise. Then, they offer special pujas of Kaal Bhairav to ask for His divine blessings and seek forgiveness for their transgressions.

Devotees are also invited to Lord Kaal Bhairav's Temple in the evening and pray in particular there. It is believed that Kalashtami is an extreme version of Lord Shiva. His birth was meant to end the fiery anger and temper that Lord Brahma had.

On Kalashtami, special rituals and pujas are also performed for the dead ancestral relatives in the morning.

They also adhere to the strictest of fasts throughout the day. Certain fervent devotees remain vigilant all night and spend the evening listening to tales of Mahakaleshwar. The observant Kalashtami Vrat Kalashtami Vrat enjoys wealth and happiness and can achieve all success in their lives.

It is considered auspicious to be able to recite Kaal Bhairav Katha or perform mantras in honour of Lord Shiva.

It is also customary to feed the dogs at Kalashtami because the black dog is thought to represent Lord Bhairav. Dogs are served treats, curd, and milk.

Food donations for Brahmins at Hindu sacred sites like Kashi are thought to be extremely rewarding.

The most important Kalashtami, also called Kalabhairav Jayanti, occurs within the month Margashirsha per North Indian, Purnima to Purnima lunar month calendar. Kalabhairav Jayanti is observed during the month of Kartik within the South Indian Amavasya to Amavasya lunar calendar. But both calendars follow Kalabhairav Jayanti the day before. The belief is that Lord Shiva appeared in the form of Bhairav on the same day. The name of Bhairav Ashtami may also refer to Kalabhairav Jayanti.

It is important to note that Kalashtami fasting could occur during Saptami Tithi. However, following the scriptures of Vratraj Kalashtami, fasting is to be observed when Ashtami Tithi is in full force at night. This is why DrikPanchang ensures that Ashtami prevails at the minimum for one Ghati following Pradosh when choosing a fast day for Kalashtami. In other words, Kalashtami's day of fasting changed to the previous day, when Ashtami Tithi had a higher chance of being dominant at night.

Kalashtami Puja Vidhi

In the days of Kalashtami, the devotees observe a fast for a certain period and then perform puja for Lord Kalabhairav and Lord Shiva and Parvati. The altar is erected early in the morning, following a holy bath, the worship of Kalabhairava is blessed with a holy bath, and the desires of the worshipper perform the puja. The most important mantra to chant during this time is Kalabhairava Ashtakam.

After the conclusion of this puja, Prasad will be offered up to the Lord with prayers of protection. Reciting the tale about Kalabhairava will be considered the greatest thing to perform on this day in the final stage of puja. Other activities performed on this day are holy dips in sacred rivers Tarpan to the deceased's souls and black feeding dogs (Kalabhairav rides on black dogs).

Kalashtami Vrat Story

One day, Lord Brahma as well as Vishnu engaged in a heated debate over the most superior of the two. The dispute was never over, and Lord Shiva needed to intervene in the drama to conclude the debate. To decide the outcome, various gods, sages, and scholars attended. They all agreed that the moment Lord Shiva was present as the supreme godhead, there was no way that anyone else could be competing for the title.

Lord Vishnu was happy to accept the ruling and left the discussion. But, Brahma was far from being convinced, and he continued the debate. Finally, to end his pride, Lord Shiva was revealed in his most violent form, Kalabhairav riding on an animal of black. Brahma's pride diminished in the presence of this image, and he kneeled to Shiva in reverence, asking for forgiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

The worshippers celebrate the ritual on the day of Kalbhairav at home. They also return to Shiva temples, especially where they can see the Kalbhairav sculptures erected. A feast of bread and milk on this day will confer immense worthiness. This is the best occasion to make sweet offerings and black magic. When midnight falls on the day, people observe the all-night wake known as Jagaran. The day-long fast ends in the morning, following Kaal Bhairav puja in the home once again. During fasting, the followers are not allowed to eat anything between the time of dusk and dawn. If possible, then fruits and milk may be eaten.

People believe in Kaal Bhairav for strength and happiness. Kaal Bhairavi is believed to represent God Shiva, who is content by simple offerings. Because Kaal Bhairava is sitting on a dog's back, devotees also feed dogs who are abandoned.

"Hrim vatukaya apadudharanaya kuru kuru batukaya hrim"

"Om hreem vam vatukaaya Aapaduddharanaya vatukaaya hreem"

"Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Hrime Hroum Ksham Kshetrapaalaaya Kaala Bhairavaaya Namaha"

It is an effective method to make God Kal Bhairav happy and ask for blessings.

To achieve the best results, it is recommended to sing Kalbhairav Mantra in the morning, after bathing, and before God Kaal Bhairav Idol.