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दीपक चोपड़ा का संदेश

We can advance in technology as much as we can, try to make our lives faster, easier and use technology to make things simpler for ourselves. However, the Sun, Moon, the constellations, the planets have an impact on our lives. Our behavior, status, thinking, success, talents, behavioral patterns are all determined by the day and time we were born. The earth keeps changing, based on earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, etc. Natural calamities occur; seasons keep changing which influences our lives. ...

There are millions of stars we see in the sky. The stars and planets determine your life. Human beings have always wanted to make decisions knowing what the future holds for them. Many ancient civilizations have relied on cues provided by fortune tellers, crystal ball experts, and the like. Astrology is concerned with only those stars that fall on the belt of the Zodiac.

The science and study of analysis and interpretation of all this is astrology. A combination of science, physics and each system of astrology uses the zodiac to predict the future.

Zodiac / Rashis

So what is the Zodiac then?

Zodiac is the belt comprising the path of the dun. There are twelve zodiac signs.
The sun seems to rise and set. But it is the earth that is rotating. The earth travels around the sun and that makes up a year for us. That path is known as the ecliptic. From time immemorial, astrologers have identified apparent belts in the zodiac as constellations. These are nothing but the Nakshatras. Detailed descriptions of these are given in old texts of Hindu astrology. The calculations of all these stars in the constellations are important for astrologers to make predictions.
The science of astrology has changed and grown over the years. It plays an important part in determining how people can make sense of their lives and the world around them. Various civilizations had their systems to determine life-based on planetary positions. They started relying on stars when they did not have a solution to a problem.
Hindu astrology is a vast and wide subject that has originated from the Vedas. It gives religious and spiritual answers to the relationship between man and the world around him. It gives human beings the logic that all that happens in their lives is a result of past actions. How we should conduct ourselves and perform present deeds is also advised. It is not one particular sign that determines our character. It is a combination of our Sun sign, Moon sign, Venus sign, etc.
Astrology is treated as a trusted science. Astrology began with star gazing where the impact on our lives was noted with the changes in stars. This phenomenon was delved deeper and deeper to bring about what astrology is today. These celestial observations became the basis of both astronomy and astrology.
Astrology could be mundane, interrogatory,or natal.
Natal out of the three is the study of how the tool could be used based on the date and the time at birth.


Astrology revolves around planets. They are the primary factors in determining a person’s natal chart. The planets are namely - Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto.


The word house or “ghar” is referred to the residing position of a certain planet. This can change from time to time in a person’s life.

Birth Chart

The birth chart is a sketch of the planets and their positions at the time of one’s birth from the place of birth. Hence, the elements that are required to make a birth chart are

  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth


The word Ascendant means attached to. In Sanskrit, it is called ‘Lagnam’ or ‘Lagna’. This is the start that is rising at one’s birth. This is one of the most important aspects of a birth chart. This is one of the most defining and representative aspects within you that represents your natal energy. It is the most misunderstood end goal. It is not given the importance it needs to get. Your personality and energy as a person is determined by the ascendant in which you were born.

Meaning of an astrologer

An astrologer looks at a person’s natal horoscope, which is primarily a map of the skies the moment someone is born. So, they look at the planets, the signs in which they fall, and the houses in which the planets and signs fall to make a meaningful interpretation to determine a person’s life, character, strengths, weakness. Now, each of the planets represents different aspects of our character in the astrology zone. All of the signs in which the planets fall represent how those aspects of our character get expressed. The houses represent different aspects of character and have an environment where the planet and sign behave. They practice reading horoscopes and master that art and science put together.

There is a shift in the way people think. Today more and more people are interested in their horoscope. They want to consult the best astrologers to get results in their lives. How astronomy affects a certain person becomes what an astrologer will do to predict one’s future.

In the astrology zone, astrologers have worked for thousands of years and this career option is one that dates way back.

As an astrologer, they need to be positive and engaged with the clients they are working for. The practice of reading online horoscope is they need to put themselves in their client’s shoes to understand what that person is going through. The astrologer needs to be practical in providing solutions.

If you are looking for any astrology-related information in your chart provides you with extensive software options to look at if you want any ready calculations.

Also our CEO and astrologer who gives personal consultation on appointment is Astrologer Deepak Chopra. He gives astrology online consultation as well. If you need an astrologer for marriage, he is the go-to person.

Astrologer Deepak Chopra needs no introduction. Currently, he is one of the world-renowned astrologers. A person with humble beginnings Astrologer Deepak has made a name in the world of astrology. Today he is a name everyone knows in this field. He commands respect wherever he goes.


Astrologer Deepak Chopra belongs to a reputed Khatri family of Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir – India). He has 23 years of experience in this field. All his clients approach him and get such amazing results. He churns out the best solutions for his clientele. He is an expert at Ruling Kundli , Gem Need analysis, ‘Jyotish’ knowledge, and Prashna kundli, auspicious dates for marriage, construction, and property advice. He had an innate talent in the field of astrology and helped it grow. He enhanced his knowledge as he grew, and today he is one of the most experienced astrologers you can find in India and the world. He has in-depth knowledge and coverage of these areas. He gives clear answers for you to understand. He helps you with the smallest to the biggest of issues.


His potential was seen very early, and today he is known the world over and clients waiting to get an appointment with him worldwide. He is one of the most sort after and best astrologers in India.

He is an award-winning astrologer with more than 85000 personal big profiles under his belt. He is well- read, and has extensive knowledge on the Panchang, the Kundli, Vaastu, all aspects of astrology, numerology, and even Tarot. His website is one of the most visited websites. He has made it easy for anyone to access the software and get results. Astrologer Deepak Chopra’s predictions and calculations are always precise. He offers practical solutions and doable remedies. He has given numerous predictions which have been always on point. People from across the globe come and seek advice from Astrologer Deepak Chopra.

He has traveled all over India as a guest for astrology advice. He was also called as a guest of honor at the 4th international astrologer’ Conference which was in India

Awards & Accolades

  • Jyotish Aur Samman Award

  • Awarded best astrologer by the International Astrological Convention
  • Awarded for contribution in astrology and allied sciences by the Jyotish Research Institute at the 3rd International Convention and award ceremony.
  • Has been recognized in the Sita Jyotish and Vastu Anusandhan Kendra.
  • Felicitated by the French Clun Jammu as the “Famous astrologer of J&K”

Multi-talented Personality

Astrologer Deepak Chopra has put in so much effort and has so many achievements to his credit. He spans across clients who speak to him from The United States of America, The United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland and the Middle East. He tries to schedule a time for all his clients despite a busy schedule.

He is talented in so many spheres and can give you holistic advice looking at all aspects of your life.

He knows a balance between ancient practices and the practical latest methods. He gives solutions based on what the person can do. You need someone to advise you as if they were analyzing their chart. Astrologer Deepak Chopra does just that. The personal touch, the comfort you can have talking to him about any problem will amaze you. He will almost guess all that you have to say by looking at your chart. Even though he has a clientele that is far and wide, he is the most humble and approachable person you will ever meet. He will address your issues one by one and find solutions that help solve the problem soon, if not immediately. He helps you identify your strengths and tells you what is doable in your life.

He is a strong believer in the Vedas. He explains the concept of the preconceived events based on birth in a very simple manner for one to understand.

He is a well researched professional in this field. He is well-known the world over and coined a world famous astrologer by all due to his large list of international clientele. He maintains the highest standards.

When you schedule a meeting with Astrologer Deepak Chopra you will get your birth chart analyzed, your life predictions, your need for any gems, what works, what does not, all the details of how you should go about doing certain activities, what would bring luck and what would not.

He says he believes in ‘karma’. He will advise as to how your past actions might have resulted in the current situation or problem and encourages his clients to cope with their problems. He is the most preferred astrology in today’s day and age.

He had predicted all major events that were going to occur and had advised as well for them.

A leader par excellence

He leads a team with various designers, engineers to have a website for people to be able to view the various calculations one wants to do at the click of a button. His website covers extensive details on various aspects of astrology, numerology, tarot, world astrology, zodiac, and the Panchang in depth. He is an expert in this field, a specialist in Vedic and allied sciences. He is accomplished skillful, and a true genius who gives you easy tips for complex problems. His marvelous vision to improve others’ lives is commendable. That masterly quality is rather rare.

His approach is old-school and his solutions modern and practical. When you consult an astrologer you expect to be guided and hand-held so one succeeds in life.

Prior bookings are always advisable due to his busy schedule. In life for a decision that gives you solutions for your life. You should opt for the best.

Computerized Horoscope

Making astrology charts is quite a task for many. Astrologer Deepak Chopra has introduced the automation of these charts and now has all this available on the website.

Mobile App

You can access the Birthastro App on Google play so that you can access your reports online. This app reaches out to individuals who need these charts.

You Tube presence

You can see the Astrologer Deepak Chopra channel for videos on astrology.

Deepak Chopra Expert Astrologers

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