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Different Planets And Their Positions In Astrological Charts

  • Jan 29, 2024
Jan 29, 2024

Talking about the Vedic astrological study the most essential part is the planets and their movements. Each planet has its own influence and mark on an individual’s life, and the movement of the planets can change the destiny of a person. As knowing the universe planets have their own path and they keep on shifting their positions, and these movements of position shifting’s also brings a huge difference in destiny of a person and even a nation.

The ancient Vedic astrology follows the pattern and positioning of the planets, and the Panchang’s are based on the thorough calculations of the planetary-positions. From age old format of astrology it is seen that these planets have helped in forming the tabular formatting of time, effect and positions. There are many facts on these changing of positions which actually help in making of an astrological reading from the panchang through these planets.

The Essence On The Ephemeris Of The Planets And Their Positioning

Now the first question may arise in mind that what are these ephemeris and how they influence on an individual’s life. To be quite precise the ephemeris of the planets are the records of the positions of the twelve planets in a geocentric way of a particular day.  This record further helps in finding the working of the entire cosmos from the birth time of an individual to the present day where they are living now. Also the ephemeris can calculate each of the planetary transits with their particular movements in the whole zodiac family.

Each of the ephemeris can also list the planetary positions, and the technique is quite modern and unique. Using the spherical polar coordinate system which is also known as the (SPCS) in the astrological field the correct ascension and a perfect declination of the planetary positions can be calculated, resulting in an accurate reading of the astrological chart of any person or place. While getting a better look through the telescope, one can find these coordinates through the star maps. Any astronomical study is inevitable without the proper readings of the timings for knowing any form of astronomical events such as the solar or the lunar eclipses, the retrograde of the planets or even the time sidereal formatting. So it can be concluded that the ephemeris astrological calculationsreally helps in predicting a proper way of horoscope reading and also helps in clarifying the current planetary position and the impact of it on human and terrestrial beings and events of life.

The Different Planets And Their Positions In Astrological Charts

Planets whenever we think of them the first picture which hits our mind is the round objects moving in its own orbit, but so less we know of how these different planets can affect our life and destiny. In total there are twelve planets in the astrological charts which depict the life path and destiny of an individual and also a nation. They are namely,

  • Sun – sign is Taurus, Rohini is the nakshatra and Moon is the lord here
  • Moon - sign is Sagitarius, PurvaAsdhadha is the nakshatra and Venus is the lord here
  • Mercury - sign is Taurus, Rohini is the nakshatra and Moon is the lord 
  • Venus - sign is Gemini, Punarvasu is the nakshatra and Jupiter is the lord
  • Mars - sign is Capricorn, Shravana is the nakshatra and Moon is the lord here
  • Jupiter - sign is Libra, Vishakha is the nakshatra and Jupiter is the lord 
  • Saturn - sign is Sagitarius, PurvaAsdhadha is the nakshatra and Venus is the lord here
  • Uranus - sign is Aries, Ashwini is the nakshatra and Ketu is the lord here
  • Neptune - sign is Aquirius, PurvaBhadrapada is the nakshatra and Jupiter is the lord 
  • Pluto - sign is Sagitarius, UttaraAshadha is the nakshatra and Sun is the lord 
  • Rahu - sign is Cancer, Pushya is the nakshatra and Saturn is the lord here
  • Ketu - sign is Capricorn, Shravana is the nakshatra and Moon is the lord 

Generally each of these twelve planets have their own form of placement for any given time in the whole day and does represent the particular position at that very moment with the ease in calculation.Further each of these casting helps in understanding the position of the twelve planetsor to be commonly known as the rashis. In an astrological chart there are total twelve squares each of them representing ach of the twelve rashis or the zodiac signs. It starts with the Mesharashi and is situated in the 2nd square in the top left position of the chart. These planets or the rashis are calculated in a clockwise pattern, which ends with the last rashi which is the Meenarashi at the bottom. The fact still remains that at any point or moment of the day each of these planets and their positions would be coordinating with any these rashis, so it can also be explained as the planetary positions controls the rashis and their effects on people and life.

The Different Positions Of The Planets And Their Effects 

It is said that during birth the planetary movements and positions does effect on own destiny building. And the position of the Moon in the astrological zodiac chartshelps in determining the rashi of a new born child. Further if the Moon is positioned  in the Dhanu Rasi Square of the astrological chart, then the new born child would be under this rashi and its influence. Another essential aspect in the planet’s position is the time of birth or commonly known as the lagna. The actual ascendant sign which is calculated during the birth of a child is the lagna, for example if one has their rashi as Mesh then the calculated lagna of the child would be Meena.

Also it is estimated that each of the houses of the planets or the rashi’s do represent the aspect of an individual’s life, basing on their true self and dignified lifestyle. Further this can help in calculating the person’s character, health chart, ambitions and career, fame and wealth, mind and soul, heart and vigor and finally their life longevity. So it is obvious that the planetary- positions help us to understand the deep science of qualitative and the hyper quantitative time frame of a particular period, representing the day of a particular individual basing on their birth chart and calculations through the positions. 

So each of the movement of the planets and their shifting positions bring a vast change in the calculations of the life chart in the astrological studies and thus the panchang also changes according to these planetary shifts.