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Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Two of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Two of Wands Tarot Card

A man holding a small globe is depicted in The Two of Wands equipped with red robes and turbans. As he begins to expand his horizons, the world literally becomes his, indicating the enormous potential which awaits him. Although he is pondering significant opportunities, the man is still in the planning phase; although he is contemplating them, he has not yet left his castle and taken any action. The hand that holds the upright wand rests on the wall of the castle, a sign that he still isn't willing to leave the castle walls. Although the land is fertile and rocky, it offers the prospect of good fortune, provided he is able to overcome the challenges that might arise.

The two Of wands represent the second step in your journey when you have to plan a real course of action. You may have to step outside of your comfort zone, but the Two of Wands asks you to be realistic, think big, and plan for the future. In addition to decision-making, the Two of Wands often indicates a deadlock as a result of conflicting energies. You might feel that you need to decide "whether to do it or not," or like you've taken on too much. In Tarot readings, if the Two of Wands appears, gather your bearings before dealing with the concerns you have... Avoid regrets by taking action now!

As a result, this card is indicative of creeping self-doubt -- the kind that develops when you bite off more than you can chew. Consider your situation for a moment. Start over once you've regained your bearings. Address real concerns now -- before they become regrets!

A two of Wands turns the spark of inspiration from the Ace of Wands into a clear action plan. It is time to figure out how to manifest what you discovered during the discovery phase. Your options are being explored and your path is being carefully planned, taking into consideration all possible outcomes and challenges. Growth and exploration are possibilities, so long as you remain certain that your efforts will succeed.

Upright two of Wands

The Two of Wands signifies that you aren't yet ready for your move - you should instead establish a precise plan before moving forward. Discovering new worlds and experiences, especially stepping outside your comfort zone, is also the theme of the Two of Wands. This card gives you the confidence that comes with self-knowledge as you embark on your journey. Your goal is clear and you are confident of achieving it. You should let your passion and intuition guide you in making a decision.

Two of Wands shows that long-range goals are being considered, and you are ready to make plans on how to achieve them. It's time for a change. Now that you have come so far, you want to make changes that will enhance your long-term prospects. If you want to expand your horizons beyond where you live, you may be considering overseas travel, higher education, or changing careers. By planning and approaching the problem moderately, you will increase your chances of success.

Two are often associated with decisions in Tarot. In this scenario, you can either stay the course or take a risk. You understand that the world has something more meaningful to offer you, but you also know that you must leave your familiar surroundings to take advantage of it. You should explore your options even though you have already invested a lot into your current situation.

The upright two of wands signifies:



Making decisions

Comfortable surroundings


Love – Upright Two of wands Tarot Card

Your romantic life is going well, but what are your current goals? It suggests that you're contemplating changes, and making plans to make them. Right now, you have the chance to make adjustments in your relationship. When you are contemplating taking your commitment to the next level, this card suggests great promise, as long as you do the work to envision exactly what you want and act accordingly. Work together with your partner to plan your future, and communicate your goals together. Together, you can make profound decisions that can strengthen your relationship.

Career – Upright Two of Wands Tarot Card

The two Of wands upright in the career position indicates that you are planning for your future. Your ambitions may be on your mind and you are charting a course to achieve them. You can be thinking about what company to work for, what your specialty may be, or how to start your own business. You may be experiencing an exciting time as you begin to realize your dreams. These first steps should motivate you to continue along this path.

Health – Upright Two of Wands Tarot Card

Two of Wands represent two paths in terms of health in a Tarot reading, and you will need to choose one of them. A person may have to choose between two possible treatment options for an illness or injury, or whether to stick to an exercise regime or to stop and return to old habits. Choosing the right path for your health and life is up to you.

Spirituality – Upright Two Of Wands Tarot Card

The Two of Wands in a spiritual context indicates you may be curious about another spiritual path or find yourself wanting to learn more about another religion. Explore all your options, even if one isn't for you. Learning about another path, even if it isn't for you, could prove useful someday.

Reversed Two of Wands Tarot Card

Choosing the safest option, doubt, disappointment, anti-climax, cancelled or delayed travel, choosing a boring life, sudden arrival or return are often associated with fear of change, indecisiveness, limited options, and a lack of planning.

In general, the reversed Two of Wands represents indecision, fear of change, and fear of the unknown. Reversed, it represents a lack of planning, restricted options, disappointment, and feeling held back. The term refers to staying put, deciding not to travel, or canceling emigration or travel plans. Reversed, the Two of Wands symbolizes choosing safety, a mundane life, anticlimax, and self-doubt. In addition, it can signify an unexpected arrival or return of a loved one.

Love & Relationships - Reversed Two of Wands Tarot Card

The reversed Two of Wands indicates that despite finding your relationship mundane and boring, you or your partner remain together because you see it as the best bet. Reversing the card can also imply that you fear the unknown and are afraid to leave the relationship because it is holding you back. In this case, too, the reversed travel card indicates that one person wants to relocate, while the partner wants to stay put. Your Tarot reading could reveal that you are going to break up when this card appears. Alternatively, if your partner has been distant or withdrawn from you, the Two of Wands reversed could indicate a sudden turnaround where your partner reengages with you. In a reversed Two of Wands, if you are single, you may have to decide whether to stay single or get back with your ex. Though you might feel that you have limited options right now, there are more options available than you imagine. Alternatively, as in the upright version, the reversed Two of Wands may represent a choice between two lovers, with the upright version indicating the safest option.

Career - Reversed Two of Wands Tarot Card

The reversed Two of Wands indicates that you are perhaps limiting or restricting your options or choices at work. The Minor Arcana card of the month reflects your tendency to take the safe route in your career and now regret it. It is possible that a decision you made did not work out well for your business. It could have been detrimental to your business to a partner or expand. The Two of Wands reversed is a sign of financial instability in a Tarot reading. Your finances may be out of balance when it appears.

Health - Reversed Two of Wands Tarot Card

A reversal of the Two of Wands in a health Tarot reading can mean getting a second opinion about a health issue currently on your mind. This can mean that more information about your illness has yet to be discovered, or that you need to find the root cause of your illness to determine the best treatment. Getting a second opinion may not necessarily hinder your recovery, but if it would not adversely affect your recovery, you may want to get one if it's possible.

Spirituality – Reversed Two Of Wands Tarot Card

As a spiritual symbol, the Two of Wands reversed implies that you are sticking with your current faith or spiritual path not because it inspires you, but because you are afraid of change and the unknown. Invest some time in exploring your options!