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The Star Tarot Card Meaning

The Star Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Star Tarot Card

On one foot, the woman is on land, but on the other, she is in the water. She kneels in front of the small pond and makes a purification ritual, releasing what no longer serves her and embracing life's flow instead.

In all, there are 22 Major Arcana cards. A naked woman is shown sitting in an aquatic environment, with her right foot submerged in the water -- a symbol of her psychic powers and intuitive abilities -- and her left foot on the ground -- a symbol of her cleverness and practical sense.

She holds two containers of water in her hands, representing her conscious and subconscious minds. It is evident from the lush green area surrounding her that she carefully pours water on the earth to ensure that it is nourished and fertile. There are seven different stars behind her representing the seven chakras which represent the blessings and guidance of angels. In this drawing, a bird sits on a branch, representing the holy ibis of thought symbolizing wisdom, creativity, knowledge, fertility, and communication.

It could be the start of something new or the expansion of your relationship? Faith and hope surround you and support you as you embark on a brand new path. As of right now, the universe is blessed with a lot of blessings for you.

Our partner is the one for us if we're in a relationship. When we're single, being single at this time is what we need. Anywhere we are, we are feeling great.

We just got a job that reflects our larger vision, or we got one that we feel is right for us.

We move to a place we feel like home or our place of residence is where our hearts are.

We are in good health or we have recovered from an illness.

Star Card symbolizes:

Intuition & Spirituality


The power of hope and faith

Attitude of positivity




New Start

Upright Star Tarot Card

The appearance of the card 'The Star' upright in your spread signifies an omen of good fortune. The seed represents some new beginnings that will bear fruit. A good career means that you will have the opportunity to explore several opportunities in your life. Angels from all over the world are blessing you. You have the support of the universe and all the stars. Following many difficulties in life, you will find peace in your life, allowing you to grow well. Assuming you are searching for employment or starting a business, this card indicates you will do well. In addition, this card suggests improving your artistic hobby for future benefit.

It seems too good to be true, but do you feel grounded and balanced? Take time to relax, create, and enjoy your creative space.

You want to let go, trust someone, or relax into your circumstances, but you are holding back due to feelings and fears.

Worried that you may be rejected or fail?

Your star card indicates that you are protected. Is it a concern of yours that you might appear vulnerable to someone new? You have the right circumstances and can be relaxed and open without fear of repercussions.

Love – Upright Star Tarot Card

This card asks you to let go of any past hurts to heal fully from the romance of your dreams. When you follow your dreams, you will be blessed by the universe. Whether single or not, your radiant optimism will draw someone equally charismatic to you. During this time, you will be able to heal past wounds and rejuvenate your partnership.

When it comes to romance, the Star is important. Our goals have been achieved. As a result of our past mistakes, we have forgiven each other. The grief over grieving past lovers and the loss of self-identity that we experienced at certain points in our lives are over. In the last few years, we have grown, redefined ourselves, and become better and stronger people. We are more likely to love others as they are if we have mastered self-acceptance and self-love.

The Star represents the right person in a relationship. He is the one who supports us. He is the one who nurtures us. The one who is always there for us, and who grows with us. Having a conscious relationship is beneficial for us at the soul level.

Career – Upright Star Tarot Card

In terms of your career, the star indicates that great opportunities await you. The Star is an indication that things will go well for you or that something even better is coming your way if you have been waiting for the outcome of a promotion or job interview.

You might be better suited to a creative role if this is an indicator. Your tarot reading with The Star maybe inspiring you creatively. According to The Star, there is a way to get your finances under control if you have been having money issues. A Star in an upright position, point to a favorable financial direction, so now is a good time to invest, within reason.

It is a sign of growth and prosperity in the career spread to see the Star. If you impress your superiors, you may be promoted. You may be asked for advice on different topics based upon the quality of your work. Astrologically speaking, your stars are in your favor. When this card appears you are assured of a positive outcome whether you are expanding your business or starting a new one. This card indicates a good grade for students. You may be able to find several job opportunities. A career in the creative field is also indicated in this card.

Health – Upright Star Tarot Card

It may be a good idea to see a doctor if you have been experiencing health issues. In many cases, it is a sign that health issues have been resolved positively. You may even feel more hopeful about your future health as a result.

The appearance of this card in a health spread indicates that your past health concerns will be resolved soon. As you change your attitude, you will notice a positive change in your emotional, mental, and physical wellness. A new routine is also indicated so that you can improve your health.

Spirituality – Upright Star Tarot Card

Spiritually, the Star is a great omen. According to the card, you are highly tuned in to the spiritual world. In your Tarot reading, you may come on leaps and bounds if you are interested in psychic development. You should also be very open to healing at this time, so you should start getting involved in energy work.

Reversed Star Tarot Card

It can signify that you have lost your faith in the Universe if you see a reversed Star card. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges right now and wondering why you have to cope with them. Even though life can throw curveballs, how can you handle it? Why is this happening now? Despite desperately asking the Divine for some relief, you may struggle to discern how the Divine can help you. Look harder and you will see it. The Divine is always with us. Taking a moment to think about how this is a blessing, not a punishment, can help you understand.

When the Star is reversed, it is often used to test one's faith. If you face a challenging situation, you can either crumble like the Tower or stand firm in your belief in the Divine. Furthermore, you will learn to trust yourself as well as the Universe. When you are confident and believe in yourself, you connect with the Divine.

Reversed Star tarot card also suggests a lack of engagement and inspiration in life or components of your life, for example, work, hobbies, relationships, personal projects, etc. Initially, your vision and enthusiasm were immense, but now you find yourself overwhelmed by routines that make you drowsy and boring. You may use this card to ask whether it's the right time to change careers or move on when you feel disengaged with your job or work. Take the time to reconnect to your soul's purpose for this lifetime and to what is truly important to you. Find new sources of inspiration by aligning your daily life with this purpose.

Reversed Stars encourage you to take time out for self-care and nourishment on both a deeply personal and spiritual level. If your energy reserves have completely run out, then make time just for you rather than pushing yourself further. Take a warm bath, schedule a massage, reconnect to your daily spiritual practice, or do whatever you need to do to reconnect to your spirit. Engaging in a purification ritual or being near water will help you to nourish yourself.

A reversed star is likely to leave you feeling inspired. Either upright or reversed, this card presents the calm that comes after a storm. Reversing the situation, you should still be feeling more hopeful about your future, and more confident that whatever you need will be met - whether it is financial or emotional. It is also likely that your prospects are bright and you will feel optimistic about your future.

Look closely at your feelings and determine whether you could be more positive and helpful if you explored them further. This card often appears in reverse to represent our tendency to see the dark side of things. Bring your eyes to the sky! No matter how bad things may seem, you can always find something to be thankful for.

Love – Reversed Star Tarot Card

Love relationships will still flourish when the star is reversed, particularly those in which several people are already involved. If one or both sides have stumbling blocks and can solve them, there may be a great chance for the relationship to bloom. Take a look at what might be blocking you (the only side of the equation you can truly change) and figure out how to overcome them. You might consider what may be standing in the way of attracting the person you desire if you are still single and ready for love. Is your self-esteem low or high, bordering on arrogance? Get out, mingle, then think through it. A new relationship may begin soon. Nevertheless, you should examine and/or remove any blocks first.

Career – Reversed Tarot Card

Reversed, this star signifies that you may miss out on a lot of powerfully positive opportunities. Think not only about how to make the most out of the current situation but also about your ideal situation in five years, for example. Create the "perfect" scenario and then take action to make it a reality.

Health - Reversed Tarot Card

Health-wise, this is a very good time, even if the Star appears reversed. There is a high probability that you will receive very good test results if you await results of some kind. It will calm you down and inspire you. You can trust your body's wisdom and strength.

Spirituality – Reversed Star Tarot Card

A reversed star can also suggest neglecting your inner eternal self. You could be overlooking the situation from a transcendent place by pouring all your energy into the dry earth. The time may have come to dip into the pool of inspiration, reclaim your wisdom, and begin to see yourself as a luminous and eternal spirit embodied in human form. Engaging in activities that inspire, energize, and engage your spirit may be beneficial. This is a great time for sharing your wisdom and joy with others, as you are so in touch with your spirituality. You will reap many rewards if you do so. When this card appears, you can trust that your spirit is coming through strongly. The numerological translation of this card is a strength.