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Magician Tarot Card Meaning

Magician Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning - Symbolism & Visual Elements

Magician Tarot Card

This Major Arcana represents the basic lessons of life and personal growth.

On a table in front of the Magician are placed - a Wand, a Cup, a Sword, and a Pentacle, signifying the Arcana and meaning Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. As he draws power from above, his desires will become a reality. It symbolizes the harmonious interaction between the conscious and subconscious, idea and feeling, wish and emotion, his head with cosmic lemniscates shaped like a figure 8 on its side symbol of eternal life and dominion.

Our eyes are drawn to the well-known symbol of eternity draped around the Magician's waist, a serpent having its tail devoured. The card has a vine of red roses, a symbol of desire. A red rose and a white lily of abstract thought lie in front of him. The white of purity is his inner garment, while the red of passion, activity, and desire is his outer robe.

A red rose vine represents desire over his head. In addition to the red roses, the table is also decorated with lilies of abstract thought intertwined with white roses. He also wears red and white clothes. The tunic is white, the color of purity, and the outer robe is red, the color of desire, activity, and passion.

One is The Magician's number implies awareness, willpower, and ego. Nevertheless, magic occurs when we can generate and direct energy towards manifestation. It includes the magic of divination.

The right hand of the magician holds a wand above the head with the left hand pointing downward. Spirits and matter are called together by the Magician.

The outer robe is also symbolic. The red is representing activity, passion, and desire. The Magician's hands depict this.0the left hand holds the magic wand, the right-hand points to the earth, almost as if he is subservient to earth's many forces. You could also say that he reaches up with one hand to grasp to lift the lower kingdoms and reaches down with the other hand to unite Spirit and matter in eternity.

Divinatory Meaning: Will power, mastery, organizational skills, and creative abilities. Through desire, the magician can direct the power of Spirit into manifestation.

Upright Magician Card

The upright Magician is a great indicator that it is time for you to get to work on your path or to start your new endeavor. Announcing the beginning of the Fool's dreams and fantasies, the upright Magician is the first time he touches the ground and signals the start of the boat ride with his dreams and fantasies. Having gained self-awareness through conscious awareness, the Magician represents Man's will joining with the Divine to manifest desired things. All the positives indicated in the introduction are referring to the upright magician card.

Distinguished for his eloquence and fertile imagination, he is associated with careers in the arts, humanities, advertising, journalism, sales, and decoration.

The upright Magician can be a good indication that it is time to begin manifesting your wishes and dreams, depending on where it appears in the spread. Put into action plans now to turn your dreams into reality rather than just imagining what you could accomplish.

Your reality may require some skill on your part. To reach your goals, do not be afraid to experiment and try things you have never done before. Trying something new can sometimes lead you to a new path you were not aware of.

The Upright Magician card Symbolizes:




Creative expression

Skill, self-assurance, and power

Talent, passion, and power



Good intent

Using of skills

Love – Upright Magician Card

By bringing two people together, the Magician Tarot card can be helpful in love. As you read, it encourages you to understand that you have the power to create your reality. Having an honest relationship with yourself and with your partner will lead to the relationship you desire. You can create opportunities for love. You choose to be proactive in love.

Career – Upright Magician Card

Through the Magician Tarot Card, we can put original ideas into practice by people who have years of experience and can impart their knowledge to us.

Having the right communication skills and the right skills will help you succeed in your career.

Use your skills to attract wealth. Tap your flow to attract an abundance. You can harness the opportunities that come your way, and spill your magic over them. You have the determination and drive to see things through.

Health – Upright Magician Card

You can accomplish your goals. You are fully capable of transforming yourself. Do you have any natural talents and skills? For now, focus on your strengths and ignore your weaknesses. Put all of your effort and passion into the activities and interests. You are naturally talented and passionate. Focus on what you love.

Find out what is wrong with your health if you are suffering. Continuing to ignore the problem will only make it worse, so you must act today.

Spiritual Meaning – Upright Magician Card

As a spiritual individual, you feel a greater sense of connection to the entire world when you rise above yourself. You connect yourself to the Universe when you are The Magician in your life.

There is already everything you seek within you. Your big goals and dreams are already within your reach. Rather than missing elements, you are merely hiding them.

Every single moment of every single day, you have a magic all around you. You are responsible for actively channeling this magic or creativity or Source Energy or whatever you want to call it that comes from the Universe through your unique self and out into the world. You can only create and give what the world needs.

Your spiritual potential is revealed by a recent event. You listen to your inner voice and are open to its guidance. A spiritual guide may assist you in finding spiritual counsel and/or joining a spiritual group.

Reversed Magician Card

When reversed, the Magician can also mean that you are using your expertise and skills to undermine or sabotage someone else's achievement. As well as being egotistical, he can believe himself to be a true master before he is ready. The Magician's ego could be let down a few pegs if it blows up in his face and causes chaos.

Keep yourself grounded and realistic with the reversed Magician card. To reverse the Magician, you must have a strong sense of self-awareness.

Do not gamble with your energies or resources

Dispersed energy or resources, wasting your talents

Disgrace and mental illness

Idealism, weakness, incompetence.

The act of using power in a destructive manner

Using your knowledge in less honorable pursuits


Unused talents and abilities



Poor planning

Untapped skill and talent

Need for organization

You should be wary of new business acquaintances.

Fraudulent dealings are very common and prudence should be exercised.

Feeling out of control is a signal to pay attention to your thoughts. As above, so below, inner beliefs shape the reality you experience. There is hope for changing your reality. But it is up to you to take responsibility for your thought.

The Magician upright or reversed represents your higher self.

The lessons he provides can help you develop more spiritually or emotionally. As a result, you may be able to achieve your physical goals, whether they are in your job, relationship, or other conscious endeavors.

Magicians provide positive answers to your questions in tarot readings. Please do not hesitate.

You can reach your goal - the answer is yes.

Love – Reversed Magician Card

You are in a romantic illusion. Do not be swayed by falsehood, seek reality and avoid living in dreamland. You can be tricked in your relationships or aspects of your relationships so beware. You lack willpower for love. You avoid new relationships that are good and hang on to the ones that are not good for you.

Career – Reversed Magician Card

Your current circumstances can change if you change your thinking about them. Hidden beliefs can be empowering and uplifting. Are you sabotaging your progress? Are you fearful?

Then shift your focus to something beautiful about yourself or your life. You deserve a hard-fought achievement. When thinking about a shift, always keep a few things in mind that make you feel comfortable, happy, and in control. On the reverse, he urges you to take control of something within your life that feels out of your grasp.

Your life is a magic show. Always be mindful of the spells you cast.

The reversed Magician card indicates:

How to push yourself beyond your comfort zone

Learning from trial and error and experimentation

The need to set goals and achieve them

How to achieve your deepest desires

Your talent is washed away due to careless behavior.

As you are unwilling to take chances, your career stays in the position that it is in. There are chances of politics and deception in the workplace. Act cautious and activate your potential to conquer. Your missed financial opportunities stand in front of you urging you not to make the same mistakes again. Use your skills for financial gain and success is sure to be yours.

Health – Reversed Magician Card

The power of your thoughts is like a magic spell. You experience life through them.

Magician reversed urges you to organize your mental attic. It's time to let go of the clutter that appears in the form of negative, self-limiting thoughts that make you feel small and powerless. There is so much more power in you than you realize! To see that you have overcome challenges without giving up, look back at the challenges you have faced in the past. Make sure your thoughts support a confident, positive mindset. Therefore, when this card appears, you should be practicing more mindfulness. Beware of mental illnesses that fog your mind and disturb your day-to-day activities.

To get rid of negative thoughts by stopping them as soon as they occur. This thought is worth considering. Feel tight, anxious, fearful, or worthless?

Sometimes, The Magician will try to teach you something important

Spiritual Meaning – Reversed Magician Card

You may feel compelled to use dangerous occult forces if recent circumstances have temporarily restricted your use of spiritual resources. Esoteric con artists should be avoided.

Also, be aware of the tendency you sometimes have to lie, boast, or otherwise attempt to manipulate those around you.

You should now take action on something you have long considered but never followed through on.